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The artesian CBD flower is more about how it is grown than which hemp flower it is. Artisanal hemp growers focus on small-batch, hand-tended high-quality flowers. These hemp farmers pride themselves in cultivating craft flowers to sell. They always maintain a close relationship with every plant that they want to develop into an artesian CBD flower. 

These hemp farmers start their hands-on process at the cloning or seeding stage and then through the transplanting phase. Often the artesian CBD flower is grown indoors so that the fertilizing, watering, pruning and inspecting can be done on a precise schedule. Finally the harvesting, curing, storing, and hand trimming are carefully managed on a rigorous time schedule.

The Artesian CBD Flower – Considering Time and Patience

This artesian CBD flower requires considerably more time and patience through the entire growing process. Only the hemp farmers who are committed to operating on a smaller-scale community-oriented operations can deliver the artesian CBD flower.

Hemp is poised to dominate the CBD bud market because breeders are hard at work with selective breeding developing new terpene and high-CBD flowers which very much can be classified as artesian worthy. The hemp flowers may fall under the category of industrial hemp but because of the extremely low THC, artisan hemp is a more accurate terminology.

Marijuana cultivators are doing the same thing, but hemp breeders are working with a different cannabinoid – CBD. The evidence is all pointing towards whole-plant medicine that CBD rich artesian hemp flower can provide. There are far more medicinal and health benefits than “pure” CBD oil isolate CBD oil.

The artesian flower approach has breeders focusing on promoting terpene and CBD levels as they explore ways to create more artisan CBD hemp flower strains. It is all about the “whole plant” medicine. 

The Artesian CBD Flower — Growth of the Artesian CBD Hemp Flower

In order for a hemp grower to produce an artesian level hemp flower, they must be watchful over each part of the plant’s growth. From world-class growing facilities to measured specially-formulated fertilizers and organic handling, the hemp farmers are on the look-out continually for ways to eliminate man-made chemicals in the product.

After harvest, each of the artisan flowers are hand-trimmed, dried and cured for about 60 days in a managed environment which includes air-tight jars to protect from bacteria or other contamination. For a flower to be in the class of “artesian” it will demonstrate exceptionally high CBD-content as well as being well below the 0.3% limits of THC.

The artesian flower must be cultivated with precision during every part of the growing process and be handled individually through post-harvest preparation. Quality control makes for the highest level of care and precision.

The Artesian CBD Flower — The Benefits 

The artesian CBD hemp flower was developed with the specific goal to further increase and enhance the benefits of hemp flower.  The cannabinoid profile is more complex and robust compared to every other hemp flower. The artesian CBD flower aims to further improve the entire smoking experience to be exceptionally hard-hitting, above average potency and magnified effects even after using smaller amounts.

The Artesian CBD Flower — The Artesian CBD Hemp Flower Use

The beauty of the artesian CBD hemp flower is in the most raw and natural form rather than putting it through additional processes which could deduce the entourage effect.  The best way to derive the true artistic quality of the artesian CBD hemp flower is to put it in a pipe or vape and delight in the purest experience.  Other uses could minimize whole-plant advantages.

The open market for CBD hemp flower strains is bringing the artist out in all hemp farmers as they increase the range of CBD flower strains with additional rich flavors from new and more plentiful terpenes, ripe trichomes and copious amounts of CBD. The whole-plant market is coming into its own.

Hemp growers of artesian CBD flower have one goal. That is to process small batches so they can handle the flowers individually. The hemp farmers desire to craft a flower through a close relationship with each plant from seedling through the hand trimming of the flowers.

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