The ABC’s of CBD Hemp Flower



The ABC’s of CBD hemp flower is like a magnifying glass on just a small part about this flower that has grown in popularity like a rock star. We can never tell all about this amazing flower because more and more is being uncovered. Even the medical world is taking notice as people are realizing significant benefits with multiple chronic conditions. 

The ABC’s of CBD hemp flower definitively must include a conversation about pain. It is no doubt one of the most important reasons that people try CBD oil, creams, gummies or if you are a smoker then have a smoke or dry vape with CBD hemp flowers. A recent survey showed that over 80% of people who had tried CBD products, did so because of pain. Inflammation stands right alongside pain because much pain is perpetrated first by inflammation.

The ABC’s of CBD Hemp Flower – It’s All About the “A” Flower

The Abacus hemp flower strain is an Indica dominant strain. The breeders crossed Alien Sour Apple and Pebble OG to achieve a literary masterpiece that looks striking and also tastes with considerable jazz and the first crop was harvested in 2017.

The ABC’s of CBD hemp flower has a winner for “A” in the Abacus hemp flower. Abacus provides users pleasure and medicinal benefits. It is measured between 14 – 20% CBD content.  Dark green nugs scream sexy as the Abacus CBD hemp flower announces itself with a lasting perfume impression.  

Purple-tinged buds and strong aroma hit the nose sharply with a pungent finish.  Abacus has a complex profile with a terpene rich strain high in many cannabinoids resulting in a full-bodied smoking experience.  Floral with a hint of musk leaves a strong impression. The flavor of the Abacus hemp strain has an earthy smokey savor with contributing tastes from the terpene-rich profile. 

Abacus therapeutic benefits are intensified due to its high-CBD content, Abacus is great for helping with stress, anxiety, nausea, migraines, and other chronic pain from arthritis.  If trying to alleviate pain from osteoarthritis, sublingual drops may not be the best application. However, a roll-on or cream applied directly to the pain location will be more effective. 

The ABC’s of CBD Hemp Flower – It’s All About the “B” Flower

Greatest discoveries often happen as an accident. And that is true regarding the strain called Bubba Kush. Kush lineage secured its spot with the distinct aromas of earthy wood and fruity-sweet citrus. 

The Bubba Kush CBD plants grow as little bushes with a stout center stem and leans indica but still shares 30% with sativa.  The color of the Bubba Kush plant is unique in that the strong color is green but when flowering, leaves and buds may exhibit a tinge of purple, giving the plants a lovely colorful look.  It has a triad of spices such as fennel, clove and licorice and aromas of sweet sugar cake. 

The ABC’s of CBD hemp flower has the right to boast of a great many therapeutic benefits. The ones of Bubba Kush is effective in some cases as an anti-anxiety agent, an appetite suppressant and is recognized improving nighttime sleep. It also provides relief of chronic pain and other chronic imbalances. 

The ABC’s of CBD Hemp Flower – It’s All About the “C” Flower

CBD Moon Rock Asteroids provide medicinal benefits and pleasure effects with a range of 15 to 20% CBD content after a dip in Broad Spectrum CBD distillate and a roll in CBD kief. 

Those who love “the smoke” will be delighted with the CBD Moon Rock because it gives the relaxed pleasure much more quickly. This fact is great for those using the moon rock as a way to receive high content of CBD for medicinal purposes as well.

Creating the moon rock asteroid starts with a hemp bud flower with a close machine and hand trim. It is the triple combination of:

  • hemp flower or bud
  • hash oil or honey oil
  • kief

The flower is coated in hash oil to create the sticky binding for the end product.  The sticky flower gets treated to a roll in fine kief.  The result is the perfectly composed moon rock asteroid.

The medicinal benefits span from inhibited growth in cancer cells and reduced inflammation to providing better sleep and regulated blood sugar levels as well as: 

  • Reduced risk of artery blockage,
  • Reduced nausea and vomiting,
  • Appetite stimulation.

The ABC’s of CBD Hemp Flower – Benefits from A to C

Anxiety is probably next to pain for effectiveness when consuming CBD hemp flower. Anxiety and panic attacks plague many people of varied ages.  Anxiety can be debilitating as people are unable to hold down a job or have any type of significant social interaction. CBD is changing that for many with consistent use. Blood sugar levels which are too high are problematic for a high number of people in the United States. Some individuals who have used CBD hemp flowers in one of its many forms have found their blood sugar better regulated.  Cancer cells have their growth inhibited by CBD hemp flowers. It can also be beneficial for the side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting.

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