H-City Hemp – Jack Frost 18% CBD Flower Overview



H-Town Hemp – Jack Frost 18% CBD Flower Review

This week’s CBD flower critique and up this time we have the remarkable high-quality Jack Frost from H-City Hemp.

H-Town Hemp are a British isles primarily based premium CBD retailer with a vast vary such as CBD Oils, CBD Gummies, CBD Hemp Tea, CBD Vape goods and significantly extra.

They have a large vary of CBD strains at present instock these as Amnesia, Mr Good, Strawberry (Indoor), Mango, Lady Scout Cookies, Mimosa, B4 and many others.

H-Town Hemp describe their Jack Frost as:

Jack Frost is a astounding hybrid, Jack Frost makes a flavor reminiscent of pine with undertones of refreshing earth, citrus, and skunk.

Buds are inexperienced in colour with yellow pistils, having a obvious, crystalized layer of frosty trichomes – hence its title this is a stunning evening time strain to finish the day with.

H-Town Hemp – Jack Frost 18% CBD Flower Review

H-Town Hemp – Jack Frost 18% CBD Flower Review

H-Town Hemp – Jack Frost 18% CBD Flower Review

H-Town Hemp – Jack Frost 18% CBD Flower Review

H-Town Hemp – Jack Frost 18% CBD Flower Review

H-Town Hemp – Jack Frost 18% CBD Flower Review

H-Town Hemp – Jack Frost 18% CBD Flower Review

H-Town Hemp – Jack Frost 18% CBD Flower Review

The CBD Blogger Review

For starters I would like to begin off the assessment by once all over again stating a large many thanks to H-Town Hemp for the new latest samples to evaluation and for the ongoing aid in this article at The CBD Website.

H-Town Hemp are one particular of my beloved stores of CBD flower and the high-quality just retains surpassing itself everytime.

This present-day batch of strains have been far better good quality than alot of the true flower that goes about at this time and for CBD even produces a improved influence.

The Jack Frost reminds me of the pretty effectively treated, old university skunky euphoric sativa heady strains from the 2000s era.

Visual appearance:

The Jack Frost is some of the greatest healed CBD flower I have reviewed to date here at The CBD Blog.

My camera photographs really really do not do the Jack Frost justice as it seems to be even better in man or woman.

Quite compact, tight, dense, resinous buds with practically no trim or leaf at all.

The Jack Frost has a really “Cali-esque” overcome to it, but also resembles the old school skunky weed strains from the 2000s era.

Awesome vivid inexperienced buds with lots of orange pistils and caked in trichomes.

Heading to give the Jack Frost a 10 out of 10 as far as overcome and overall look goes.  Top rated high quality flower.

Flavor & Flavour:

The Jack Frost has a delicious citrus and orange terpene profile.

I have vaped the Jack Frost the two making use of the Arizer Air 2 dry herb vaporizer and my typical go to Volcano, and the flavour is huge utilizing each.

At times the flavour does not always occur as a result of with hemp CBD strains, but the Jack Frost has a pleasant intense citrus orange terpene profile.

Certainly just one for the citrus/orange terp enthusiasts out there.  Comparable in lots of ways to the flavour of the Mr. Nice and Sherlato, but much more rigorous orange/citrus from the Jack Frost.

Going to give the Jack Frost a 10 out of 10 right here for flavor and flavour as the flavour would rival any top rated genuine flower out there.

Flavour profile: Orange, Citrus


The Jack Frost is the final euphoric CBD flower strain.

Getting reviewed a good selection of H-Town Hemp’s current strains from Mr Nice to Sherlato to Pineapple, they all have quite exceptional and different qualities.

The Jack Frost is the most euphoric and “heady” pressure out of them all.  Extremely uplifting.

A lot like the outdated school 2000s skunky weed strains these kinds of as Jack Flash/Jack Herer and these, the Jack Frost has that mood boosting, euphoric and creativity maximizing outcome that I really pass up and do not appear to be to get from real flower these days.

It definitely designed me want to get creative with work, which is some thing as I say I haven’t got from any real THC flower in numerous many years now since the flower has changed to the Cali dominant strains.

Really impressed with the impact on the Jack Frost for a CBD strain listed here, particularly for how euphoric it is.

Excellent outcome overall.


Another top high-quality and incredible CBD strain from H-Town Hemp.

Everything from the excellent/cure of the flower proper via the to flavor/flavour and impact is absolutely place on.

In many techniques as I mentioned above the Jack Frost was a lot more fulfilling and pleasurable than substantially of the serious flower that goes about as much as effect goes.

It blows my intellect that CBD strains can now be extra euphoric, mood elevating and creative imagination boosting than the supposed THC flower and “Cali” that goes about.

I have reviewed H-Town Hemp’s solutions for a extended time now, suitable again from when they in the vicinity of commenced and have normally been thoroughly impressed with the good quality.  Definitely one of the finest United kingdom vendors for CBD wants.

We also have much more evaluations coming before long for H-City Hemp’s awesome solutions including their Sherlato and Pineapple flower, alongside with their delicious 25mg Broad Spectrum Neon CBD Gummy Bottles and their D8 25mg Gummy Squares.



£8.00 for every gram or savings for larger sized quantities.

Additional Information:

  • 100% organic
  • Hermetically sealed, superior excellent resealable foil luggage
  • Eco-helpful
  • Swiss cultivated
  • Whole spectrum cannabinoids
  • Inside < UK government’s legal 0.2% requirement
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • UK legal industrial hemp


  • Strain Name: Jack Frost
  • Vendor: H-Town Hemp
  • CBD: 18%
  • THC Content: <0.2%

Where To Purchase

For more information or to purchase H-Town Hemps products, check out their website at: H-Town Hemp

For informational purposes only. Not intended for any other purposes, implied or otherwise.


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