My Journey By Nepal: Discovering Community Drug Laws



In just the digital nomad way of living, occasionally it demands you to try out some thing new and go locations you considered you’d hardly ever go. Nicely, as I produce this, I’m sitting down in a compact hostel cafe in the quiet cobbled streets of Bandipur, Nepal. It is a little village on the highway to the Himalayas, with a populace of about 5000. I prepare to continue to be in this state for about a month.

Why did I arrive? Effectively, there are several motives why persons journey: to expertise new cultures, to breathe new existence into their existing just one, to check out the insanely tasty food stuff and, in my scenario, to discover extra about how Asian international locations deal with prescription drugs. While many nations in the continent have built cannabis and other recreational substances illegal, there is also a further lifestyle that exists. A person in which medications are made use of for non secular and spiritual functions, as nicely as for rural duties. I strategy to master extra as I go, but in this article is what I know so far about drug rules in Nepal. Namaste. 

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Legislation vs Lifestyle

In every single region there are two realities that exist, oddly, facet by facet. If you were a lawyer, you could possibly label this dichotomy as: de facto and de jure. De facto suggests the real truth that will take location on the streets, irrespective of what the law might permit. De jure signifies what a nation allows by legislation, by the reserve. You’d suppose, with law enforcement enforcement, that these two things would be the very same. Nevertheless, as several individuals will be aware, what is created in the regulation, does not normally get put in reality. In point, usually, it is pretty the opposite.

Throughout the civil rights motion of the 60s in the US, it took a extended time right before the legal change marketing African American legal rights turned into everything authentic on the streets. With racism and inequality even now quite a lot existing, regardless of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A adjust in law does not specifically result in a improve in folks. At The very least not instantaneously. In a unique sense, the ‘war on drugs’ has also failed. Nixon’s conclusion to demonize those people working with medicines, as nicely as the substances themselves, has not and never ever will halt output and use. The UN has just lately berated this consensus, and known as for an end to it, stating that the war on drugs…

“Undermines overall health and social wellbeing and wastes public means when failing to eradicate the demand from customers for illegal drugs and the illegal drug current market. Even worse, this “war” has engendered narco-economies at the nearby, countrywide and regional ranges in a number of cases to the detriment of nationwide enhancement. This sort of guidelines have much-achieving unfavorable implications for the widest variety of human rights”

Rules – for good or for even worse – do not normally immediately affect the real world. In the environment of medications, this just about never ever takes place, until enforced by a dictatorship. While, even then, Hitler was supposedly a cocaine abuser. Think about, for a 2nd, the hashish regulations inside the United kingdom. While the compound is unlawful and classed as a sort B drug (the second most intense), there are however 1.4 million cannabis buyers within the British isles. Two realities exist side by side. De jure vs de facto. Legislation vs culture. This is what is also becoming verified to me as I travel via Nepal. Whilst several drugs are nonetheless unlawful listed here, it doesn’t end them remaining an significant portion of society. 


Nepal is a landlocked nation that is positioned involving the two substantial looming nations of China and India. With a inhabitants of 30 million, it is marginally more substantial than the point out of Arkansas or the European country of Portugal. In point, it is the 25th smallest nation in Asia. Most of Nepal finds alone in the Himalayan mountain ranges, residence to, of program, Mount Everest. This stunning land of mountains, jungles and hectic cities is exactly where I will be residing for the next month of my travels. Nepal is thought to have existed again in the historic periods of the 30th Century BC. While India seasoned the pointless imperial rule of the British isles, Nepal remained unscathed. Document Nepal writes:

“There was minor panic of British military intervention in Nepal from the second the British acquired its recently conquered territories of Kumaon, Garhwal and parts of Sikkim soon after the Anglo-Gorkha war the issues of a military expedition in the hills of Nepal were being obvious to the British.”

It is awesome, for a modify, to stop by a nation in which the United Kingdom has not laid its filthy colonial palms. Nepal is a non secular country, with some extraordinary foods and lovely landscapes. But as I enjoy the fusion of Chinese-Indian food items, thukpa and masala, I simply cannot assistance but ponder where medications sit in the lifestyle of this area. 

Drug Guidelines in Nepal 

For the duration of my 1st day in Kathmandu, the Nepalese money, I wandered the vacationer streets of Thamel and was possibly asked about 50 situations no matter if I wanted to purchase hashish or psychedelics. The hash I was anticipating, but LSD and magic mushrooms l was not. On the other hand, I was also knowledgeable that this was a tourist region, and potentially these dealers were just catering to their Western, drug-loving guests. Let us consider a search at the drug legal guidelines in Nepal, maybe this will aid us recognize a lot more. 

Anybody who is identified getting, advertising or consuming cannabis or hash in Nepal will be issue to a jail sentence and good. The size and whole rate will rely on the sum of this compound in concern. For case in point, up to 50 grams can end result in 3 months in prison, with a 3000 NRS good. This is around 25 dollars. Even so, if you are identified with 10kg or around, this can consequence in a 2-10 year jail phrase, with a 100,000 NRS fantastic. This is about 800 dollars. It is intriguing that, according to Nepalese law, no matter what quantity of hashish or hash you are associated in, it will supposedly direct to a jail sentence. This would seem a bit severe and not likely to me. As prepared in the Narcotics Drug Command Act of 1976, substantially is the very same with any other leisure substance:

“Anyone who consumes opium, coca or any other narcotic prescription drugs manufactured therefrom shall be punished with imprisonment for a time period of up to a person year or with a fine of up to Rs 10,000… Any individual who consumes any pure or synthetic narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and their salt and other substances… shall be punished with imprisonment for a term up to two months and with a high-quality up to Rs 2,000 or the two.”

Nevertheless, even though the laws on drugs are demanding and have been for some time, there is an inbuilt societal relationship to particular substances which cannot be changed. Moreover, the mountainous and numerous wildlife that Nepal has, will make it tricky to limit the sort of natural prescription drugs that expand – these as hashish or hash.

Drug Tradition in Nepal

Cannabis, or charas, has developed by natural means in Nepal for centuries, some believe it grew in prehistoric times. In truth, it is at times considered that the ft of the Himalayas is the place hashish to start with derived. Could it be that Nepal grew the initially ever joint? However, the compound does develop there normally in the wilderness and isn’t stopped by the government. Himalayan Trekkers writes that whilst it is illegal to cultivate, have or take in cannabis…

“It is explained that the wild-grown hashish in the mountains of Nepal is the finest among the cannabis found in the world… Nepal was regarded to be heaven for Cannabis lovers in the late 60s and early 70s as cannabis, hashish… had been legal ahead of that period of time. The federal government of Nepal illegalized the use of Cannabis in 1973 Ad mainly because people today began migrating to Nepal because of the lawful creation and trade of Cannabis. “

It is real, right before the cannabis ban, Nepal was definitely on the hippie trail hotspot record. Furthermore the compound is also a element of spiritual and religious celebrations. 80% of the Nepalese populace follows Hinduism and the pujari and sadhus of this religion have an unofficial exemption from the cannabis ban. It is highly regarded that they use hashish to aid their meditation, which is them imitating Shiva. During Maha Shivaratri – the terrific night of Shiva – sadhus appear jointly, as properly as quite a few others, to smoke cannabis in pipes. You can witness this incidence in temples all around Nepal, like Kathmandu. 

Last Feelings

In Kathmandu the scent of hash was generally in the air, with holy guys holding some questionable pipes. Having said that, as I go further more into the mountains and closer to the Himalayas, I be expecting this variety of sight to enhance. I’m however waiting around to attempt some myself but I’m selected I will. With the spiritual connection It would seem unavoidable that Nepal will 1 working day legalize cannabis, but probably also it is not for the most effective. The reason they banned it in the initially location was to quit drug tourism – I admit the irony of this. However, given that 2020, there have been a lot of politicians in Nepal who have been advocating a carry of the ban. Maybe only time will explain to. 

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