Does All EJuice Contain Nicotine? Your Ultimate Guide



When selecting an e-liquid, the nicotine intensity will usually be presented in two ways: proportion of the total e-liquid or milligrams (mg). But have you ever wondered how nicotine strength in various vapes juices differs and how it affects your entire experience?

Various e-juices feel different regarding how nicotine is delivered, so if your e-liquid isn’t quite perfect, switching to a different strength may make all the difference. Everyone’s body responds differently to nicotine. Even if you’ve been a regular smoker in the past, it’s not an assurance that high strength will be appropriate for you.

But still, the question remains, do all the e-juices contain nicotine? And how does the varied nicotine strength impact your senses? Well, if you’re new to vaping, you must know about the essentials of vape juices and their content. Continue reading to learn about various types of e-juices and your complete guide to nicotine in vape juices.

Is nicotine a part of all e-juices?

Vaping is a very effective nicotine replacement treatment trending among ex-smokers and users trying to quit smoking. What you may not realize here is that several e-liquids contain no nicotine at all. Also, many vapers have successfully utilized nicotine-free e-juices to stop smoking and now vape occasionally for recreation.

People looking for a more robust experience also use a detachable silicone bong to get their regular dose of nicotine. The best thing about such bongs is that they can be disassembled once your smoking session is over and stored in a sizable space.

What are the contents of e-juice?

When it comes to trying e-juice, the options available today are endless. Therefore, you must understand the constituents of it before you decide which one to try. Besides nicotine, here are the other contents you can find in your bottle of e-juice:

Propylene Glycol (PG) & Vegetable Glycerin (VG):

An e-juices bottle’s most essential components are VG and PG. Odorless liquids called PG and VG are mixed with flavoring and nicotine to make vape juice. Both PG and VG are classified as alcohols; however, they are not addictive. They are a kind of sugar alcohol that may be found in a variety of foods. A higher VG content means the e-liquid has a more robust flavor, whereas a lower VG content means the e-liquid has a potent throat punch.

The majority of vape liquids have a VG/PG balance of either 4:1 or 1:2. Those with a greater VG (such as 4:1) are ideal for vaporizers with more power since they need a higher wattage to bring out the flavor. Giant vape puffs and a significant throat impact are other features of these e-liquids.

Lower VG e-liquids (such as 50/50) are better for low power devices, although they can work with any vape device.


Another essential component of e-juice is flavor. Manufacturers use food-based flavors to make the vaping experience a lot more fun for the users. Given the wide range of flavors, you might find every flavor available today, ranging from fruits to desserts, snacks to mocktails, and much more.  Fruit, nicotine, and peppermint are some of the most popular choices.

How to choose the right level of nicotine?

Vapers benefit from knowing precisely what components are in their vape juice and how much nicotine is in it.

Fortunately, nicotine levels in e liquids are consistent throughout the industry. The most common nicotine levels in commercial vape juice are zero dosage, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg, with the highest nicotine vape juice reaching 36mg. These numbers represent the quantity of nicotine in each 1mL of e-liquid, often stated as a percentage (for example, 1.8 percent instead of 18mg/mL). Fundamentally, there is a simple method to determine the various nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes.

Nicotine levels in e-cigarettes may influence how pleasant vaping is for you. When deciding on the best choice, there are many things to think about:

Taste and throat pressure:

Vape juice e-liquids with higher nicotine levels have a more robust flavor and throat impact. Some vapers prefer a lower nicotine dosage in their vape juice because it offers them a smoother hit to ensure they appreciate the taste more.


A person who infrequently vapes during the day may benefit from a greater nicotine content. Individuals who vape for longer periods, on the other hand, may find that the increased nicotine levels in vape juice are too much for them, producing dizziness or nausea.

Equivalency of smoking:

For many vapers who smoke, finding a nicotine dosage that offers them the same amount of pleasure as smoking is crucial. Someone who used to be a regular smoker may prefer a higher nicotine dose. On the other hand, vaping is not the same as smoking, and even some chronic smokers prefer a lower nicotine dose.

In conclusion

Vaping is emerging as a popular recreational activity now. But, only a few people have a thorough understanding of nicotine, how it is added in e-juice, and how it affects your entire vaping experience. If you’ve been curious about nicotine and other crucial elements of e-juices in particular, the points mentioned above will explain what they are. Besides that, you will also be able to determine which sort of e-juice you’ll need to get the perfect hit!


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