Distinctive Magic Mushroom Strains – Which Ones Are the Strongest? 



If you’re a cannabis consumer, you are familiar with the subject of distinct strains. But when it will come to magic mushrooms, all the distinctive strains are less commonly reviewed. What are the dissimilarities concerning Psilocybe cubensis strains, and which kinds are the strongest?

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What just are “strains”? 

Strains can occur in a natural way or selective breeding can be made use of to generate new strains that boost unique qualities and outcomes of the plant. In biology, a “strain” refers to a subtype, genetic variant, or culture in just a biological species. A group of similar strains can also variety sub-species in the species. In that case, the sub-species would come right before “strains” and immediately after “species” in the scientific classification. Here’s a few examples of the correct orders when it comes to both of those cannabis and mushroom forms:  

Cannabis: Kingdom (plantae) – buy (rosales) – loved ones (cannabaceae) – genus (hashish) – species (sativa/indica/ruderalis) – possible subspecies – strain (blue desire).

MUSHROOMS: Kingdom (fungi) – division (basidiomycota) – course (agaricomycetes) – purchase (agaricales) – relatives (hymenogastraceae) – genus (psilocybe) – species (P. cubensis) – probable subspecies – strain (Penis Envy). 

Now, let us zero in on psilocybe. Just about all species of mushrooms within just the psilocybe genus have the psychedelic compounds psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. Narrowing it down even even more, the most well-known species of psilocybe is cubensis. There are very well more than a hundred species of p. cubensis by itself, and many distinctive strains as well.  

A cube’s a cube 

Yet again, psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are the most sought-right after magic mushroom species, so if you have eaten psilocybin mushrooms, but had no notion what species it was, prospects are it was a cube. That is because “cubes” are the simplest magic mushroom to cultivate indoors. In fact, due to a long time of selective dwelling breeding, there are now 60 diverse strains of P. cubensis (that we know of), like Golden Lecturers, B+, Penis Envy Mushrooms, and Pink Buffalo. You may have listened to the phrase just before “a cube’s a cube”, due to the fact all the cubensis strains are psychoactive, but which is not automatically precise, as efficiency can vary.

Distinct types of cubensis strains expand easily in the wild and can be found all about the world, significantly all over the southern US, into Mexico, Central American, and South The us, but they also expand in Cuba, India, Southeast Asia, and Australia. While these can be really strong, indoor-developed strains are known to be more powerful since they’re bred for efficiency and cultivated in very particular situations (specific substrates, clear ecosystem, dependable temps and humidity, and many others.).  

As for the healthcare rewards of various mushroom strains… it’s tricky to say. Though some medical trials testing the efficacy of psilocybin for psychological health have emerged in the latest decades, the topics in these scientific tests basically obtain artificial psilocybin, somewhat than psilocybin extracted from the complete mushroom. Recognizing what we know about the entourage influence, it’s protected to say that the outcomes of using natural, full-spectrum mushroom extract (or just feeding on the full mushroom by itself) could have vastly various outcomes than the isolated compound.  

Potent mushroom strains 

The versions, or strains, fluctuate in how very well and how rapidly they develop, what ailments they want, their shade, sizing, and condition, and in the excellent and intensity of the encounter they give to customers. Psilocybin focus does differ from a single mushroom to the following, and it’s probably that each strain does have a distinct usual potency. Even so, the distinction is probable delicate, and there is a good deal of overlap concerning strains due to person variation. 

That stated, let’s acquire a seem at a handful of the extra common dice strains that shroomers are far more very likely to come upon:  

Penis Envy: Named for their noticeably phallic form, Penis Envy mushrooms have grown fairly a adhering to simply because of their exceptional potency. I’m also partial to them mainly because they are the initial and only strain of shrooms that I’ve grown myself. As the story goes, Penis Envy mushrooms have been discovered by Terence McKenna in 1971, when he discovered a flush of mushrooms increasing on a pile of cow droppings in the Amazon.  

A tiny, freshly pulled Albino Penis Envy mushroom from my very last flush

He brought some spore prints back again household with him and the relaxation is history (a difficult historical past that we’ll preserve for a afterwards time). Nowadays, Penis Envy mushrooms are the 2nd most searched P. cubensis strain on google, and the best-selling among the spore stores.  

Golden Lecturers: Golden Instructor mushrooms are an additional sought-right after pressure that are mentioned to be especially effortless to develop, as opposed to other strains that want much more certain ailments and are more simply contaminated. As such, they’ve been the most broadly utilized and cultivated magic mushroom pressure for very some time, and they’re generally referred to as a “beginner strain” because numerous folks try out Golden Lecturers for their initial time shrooming.  

Liberty Caps: Liberty Caps (also known as Blue Legs, Pixie Caps, and Witches Hats) are yet another pretty widespread pressure of P. cubensis. My initial soiree into the environment of magic mushrooms was with Liberty Caps lots of a long time back, and it was a lot of enjoyment. They improve in fields and pastures all around the world and are partial to a bit colder temperatures than other strains.  

Liberty Caps have one of the most comprehensive and colorful histories amongst shroom types. They had been documented for the initial time in 1799, after a family members picking mushrooms in a London Park accidentally ate them for meal and started experiencing signs and symptoms of the psilocybin. Nearby chemist Augustus Everard Brande wrote about the family’s experience in an write-up titled “On A Poisonous Species of Agaric”, that was published the London Health care and Physical Journal.    

Ultimate ideas

While there could possibly not often be a huge variation concerning strains, there are some versions that are apparent more than enough that men and women are still equipped to create choices. I’m partial to Penis Envy mushrooms, generally for the reason that I’ve developed very acquainted with them and I enjoy the outcomes, whilst other mushrooms I’ve tried out at times didn’t do a great deal of nearly anything at all. It’s challenging to say what or if there are any therapeutic rewards to employing particular magic mushroom strains, but much more investigate on natural, total-mushroom drugs will one particular day support us to make perception of it all.

Do you have a favourite shroom strain? Is it your most popular strain to increase, consume, or both equally? Drop us a line in the comment segment underneath, we’d enjoy to hear your ideas!

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