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Good quality sleep is one of the most essential attributes to a full life. Alongside water, food, physical exercise and other important healthy habits, sleep may become one of the most challenging ones for a modern day person. This article is aimed to help you understand the way CBD influences your nervous system to achieve that well-desired restful night sleep.

It is a well-known fact that a good night sleep must be at least 7-9 hours daily. Since we spend a great deal of our life sleeping, literally, and while the age, the place of living, one’s habits may influence this time a bit, it is proven by numerous studies that when the person constantly sleeps less than 7 hours, the degrade of health is massive and actually quite critical. Once you stabilize your sleeping schedule, such as going to bed at approximately the same time each day, sleeping for the same amount of time, sleeping in the same surrounding temperature and follow other circumstances, these healthy habits create the feeling of inner peace, help you think better, influence every organ positively and so on, the benefits are just endless. 

Apart from feeling brand new and having a more positive mindset, proper good night sleep also helps you to concentrate better, have better memory and concentration, and in fact strengthens your immune system. One must know that sleep is one of the factors leading to a better and a fuller life experience, it is also followed by healthy eating habits, regular exercising, excluding every stressful event in your life, and so on, but having a healthy sleeping schedule drastically improves the biggest part of our life, definitely.

Having trouble falling asleep?

Falling asleep or having a full night of restful sleep may be a challenge to anyone, it is very human and normal to sometimes experience troubles sleeping, it may be triggered by a stressful event, like worrying thoughts about your job, family, or relationship. Whenever sleeping is interrupted by other things, it becomes a real problem. And the saddest part is that there are not many solutions to such a critical problem, when more than 60% of the world’s population is having trouble sleeping normally and regularly.

One of the best solutions to any triggers in your sleeping schedule would be by far a CBD intake. CBD is very popular when it comes to improving sleeping patterns, eating habits, lowering anxiety and stress emotions and other important things. You can learn more about how CBD influences your body here.

Now that you know about CBD and its difference to THC, it is now time to dive deeper into what happens to your sleeping patterns once you start taking CBD and moreover, CBD products by Marry Jane.

Cannabis plants and derivatives that contain less than 0,3% THC are classified as legal in most European countries, you can learn about your country here.

Marry Jane offers finest European CBD from indoor grown hemp, guaranteeing the best quality and mild relaxation you deserve to experience on a daily basis, without being stressed or taken away on an unwanted psychoactive trip. CBD is a safe and natural solution to most of the health problems* (*please note to not self-medicate with CBD, and consult with your doctor before adding CBD of any form into your daily routine), one of the best CBD’s benefits is that it doesn’t lead to potential dependency or any risk of abuse.

What does CBD look like?

CBD comes in many forms after extraction. In stores you may find so many types of CBD and choose the one you fancy the most. However, please note that you must proceed with care when choosing the CBD producer. Learn more about how to get good quality CBD product here

CBD may be used orally, inhaled, eaten, applied on skin, as a diffuser and so on, there are so many ways of using CBD. Most common ones and offered by Marry Jane are:

  • CBD oil;
  • CBD hemp flowers;
  • CBD joints;
  • CBD gels;
  • Vape and e-liquid;
  • CBD tinctures;
  • Water-soluble CBD.

The list is quite long, from cookies to pills and other exciting ways, the only difference Is what you prefer to use and how. Make sure to always check for the documents of the products and that the brand of your choice isn’t hiding anything, that whatever is on the label is an actual truth, because some unreliable CBD producers may put false info on the label, indicating that the THC is within norms, for example, while in fact it can be higher and lead to unpleasant consequences.

What will you gain with CBD intake?

CBD is famous for its calming effect on the nervous system, it helps to lower anxiety and stimulates serotonin production. The actual effects may vary among different age groups, the way of intake and dosage too. One of the greatest things is that regular use of CBD won’t lead to any withdrawal feelings, but will surely relax you and help you sleep better, deeper and fall asleep faster, in an anxiety-free mode.

CBD helps with a number of sleeping disorders, such as insomnia, sleep paralysis, excessive daytime sleepiness disorder and others. Overall CBD helps you to finally take control over your sleeping pattern and turn it into the one you prefer to have.

How exactly CBD helps with sleeping disorders

CBD is still quite a new and not very researched area in the world of science, but numerous studies and people’s reviews prove that CBD influences the nervous system in the most natural and calming way, leading to many areas of health improving rapidly, such as sleeping schedule, appetite, overall chronic pain feelings, the list goes on. Different dosages may lead to different effects, the bigger the dosage – the stronger the effect, the longer you use CBD, the more the spectrum of positive influence on your body is. 

Insomnia is a disorder that is either not letting you fall asleep at all, or doesn’t let you fall asleep for a good amount of time. People who suffer from insomnia are very affected mood wise, can’t concentrate much and experience other unpleasant difficulties. Since CBD is influencing the nervous system in a calming way, leading to decreased anxiety, which is considered to be the main reason for insomnia, it is safe to assume that CBD directly helps with excluding insomnia from your life, or at least altering it to a minimum. 

Marry Jane offers a wide spectrum of CBD products, it always depends on your choice of what you prefer to use. It is considered to be one of the best ways to handle insomnia with CBD oil and tinctures, actually. 

Marry Jane has a wide range of natural and derived from indoor grown hemp high quality oils and tinctures, of different concentrations of CBD and flavours. You can find the one you fancy the most here, whether you’re a proficient user of CBD or just starting to use it, it is also recommended to start gradually, with time increasing the amount of CBD and its percentage. 

These CBD oil drops will be a great start for a CBD beginner, use them a few drops under tongue, take a calming bath before bed, add drops to your water glass, or any other way you see fit, and mild relaxation alongside quiet mind will follow within the next hour. 

Regular CBD drops will be a great addition to your daily routine, whether you are a new CBD user or an experienced one, just use the same methods described above, or use drops during daytime too, and it will lead to insomnia’s symptoms slowly fading away. It is reported by many CBD users that good quality sleep comes back within a month of regular usage. 

As mentioned above, anxiety may interfere into every sphere of life, and CBD directly cancels any anxiety and stress feelings, leading to lowering anxiety at its core and panic feelings. With mild nervous system relaxation, these products may be of help when dealing with anxiety:

Perfect drops for an experienced user, added to your body lotion, water, food and in other ways you prefer. 

Also, you can actually use CBD flowers and carefully pre-rolled joints of different flavours, just a few puffs during the day and\or before bed, and you will witness how overtime anxiety levels went down to a minimum. 60% of people proved anxiety lowered within a month, after starting using CBD products by Marry Jane.

Sleeping paralysis is a very uncommon yet very realistic disorder, followed by people waking up at night in some sort of actual paralysis and experiencing hallucinations. CBD has shown in a few studies that after taking CBD the actual dream time is getting deeper and stronger, and you won’t wake up as easily in the night time, leading to less stress reaction from the brain, excluding sleeping paralysis. Further studies are necessary, however you can try these products to help with such a problem:

THC-free E-liquid for your vape, different concentrations and wide range of flavours will make it easy for you to choose one, just vape a few puffs a day to deliver all the beneficial CBD’s qualities straight to your bloodstream, leading to a calm and restful sleep.  

Spray a few amounts of this rich in aroma terpenes before going to bed, in your room, so that you can fall asleep in a restful atmosphere while CBD relaxes your brain and helping you get that great quality sleep you deserve. 

  • Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Disorder

This disorder is haunting people who can’t stay awake during the day and are always drowsy, and neither coffee, nor activity helps. CBD may be the solution, reducing sleepiness and will help you co concentrate better to stay awake and be more present during your day. 

Try these products to help you deal with excessive daytime sleepiness disorder:

  • 20% CBD drops will be a great solution to your problems. Mild relaxation will achieve the right centers of your brain, leading to a better concentration on a daily basis.
  • Use water soluble CBD drops that are THC free to experience the true nature and science working together for your best experience with CBD. Just use the drops under tongue or add to your favourite meal, take proper care of your mind and body.

Remember, that before any CBD intake you must consult with your doctor to achieve better results. If your doctor is aware and you feel like it is time to explore, then it is recommended to start step by step gradually increasing dosage and frequency of use. 

Never stop exploring with the way your body reacts to a certain CBD dosage and frequency of using, just watch and enjoy your sleeping patterns going to a regular level of feeling good, instead of having more stress in your life. 


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