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Have you tried out the Triangle mints strain yet? If you haven’t, then you have no clue what you are missing out on. Yes, we have tried several strains, but this one? This one hits you so differently that there’s no going back once you start consuming this. It doesn’t matter why you consume marijuana – the strain is ideal for both recreational and medical purposes!

Keep reading for a detailed review of this all-elusive strain.

Experiencing The Triangle Mints Strain: A Complete Review

The Triangle mints strain has a mass appeal that has only been growing exponentially for some time now – but why? Today, we will check out all that you need to know about this strain!

  • Genetics,
  • Appearance,
  • Aroma,
  • Flavors, and
  • Effects.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!


Genetics triangle mints weed strain

The triangle mints weed strain is a blend between the Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. It also happens to be a hybrid and Sativa-dominant strain which is often referred to as ‘Octagon Kush.’ Moreover, several users say it uplifts you, keeping you focussed and making even the most boring tasks enjoyable.

However, if consumed, then the strain can have a potent effect on the consumer, leaving them feeling sedated and euphoric.

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appearance of triangle mints weed

Forget about those fruity lemon mints strain or even those breath mints strains – instead, let’s talk about the lovely appearance of the triangle mints strain.

If you actually take note of this strain, you will be able to spot multiple golden trichomes, all of which even saturate nugs in shades of dark green accompanied by long pistils in hues of amber, responsible for the fiery glow of this strain. These buds are beautiful, round in shape, and even dense, considering these are pretty hard to break. 

Aroma And Flavors

When grounded, the triangle kush mints strain releases a herbal, earthy fragrance, well-accented by hints of spices, diesel, and even mint. The primary terpene you will find in this strain is known as Beta-Caryophyllene, best known for releasing a gassy and spicy scent. The strain has a complicated aroma that carefully blends earthy, herbal, and spicy flavors. 

Accompanied by diesel undertones, the OG Kush and GSC influences are fairly evident in the Triangle mints strain. In fact, if you end up consuming a little too much of the strain, then you will experience a potent punch that might just leave you completely slumped on your couch. 


triangle mints strain effects

So you know about the genetics, appearance, aroma, and even flavors associated with the strain – let’s talk about the triangle mints strain effects now!

Thanks to the very high levels of THC, between 29 to 31%, the Triangle Mints strain is well known for packing a very potent punch. The strain’s effects onset almost immediately after you have consumed the strain leaving you feeling happy, euphoric, energetic, and very focused. It is also highly likely that you might feel deeply relaxed.

While you will be anchored to this world, your mind shall fly high. At the same time, the strain is ideal for treating multiple conditions like-

  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Chronic pain,
  • Cramps, 
  • Stress, and
  • Mood swings. 

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Consumer Review Of Triangle Mints Strain: Is The Strain Legit?

Is Triangle Mints Legit?

Any strain review is incomplete without the opinions of actual consumers. So naturally, the triangle mints strain review is also incomplete if I write about only my opinions. As a result, I decided to scan the web and get hold of some consumer reviews of this strain – at least, you would know I am not the only one reviewing this strain!

So, here we go – scroll down and read some consumer reviews on this all-elusive strain! 

Review By FlowerLuvr

Great strain, body completely relaxed while the mind is in outer space. Almost instant hitting, euphoric, cerebral, relaxed, warm blanket feeling from head to toe. I love The Real Wedding Cake, aka Triangle Mints. 

It’s the real shit. Great for outdoors, being one with nature, movies, music, or whatever indoors. Perfect for Pacific Northwest. Any time of day, instant mood elevator. One puff from pocket herb vape makes everything better.

Review By Meet2x4

This has been the holy Grail of cannabis for me. Meditation with this is literally out of this world if you know what you’re doing. I take on this at lower temps in my dry herb vape throughout the day. It keeps me level and allows me to think/focus. 

The body relaxation has been great for my GI issues. Incredibly balanced herb for body and mind in my specific case. Forget big pharma pills. Little triangle mints in mini doses and exercise have helped my depression immensely.

Review By Absinthian65

Wow. Just wow. Lucky me, I suffer from depression/anxiety AND muscle/joint pain. My guy said he got in Triangle Mints & I should give it a shot and damn… Pain? What pain? 

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And my brain got to cut loose to wander the room, but when I needed to concentrate, I could.

Looking forward to a pain-free sleep, and I can only imagine the dreams I’m going to have.

Review By Gusto

If you see this anywhere, GRAB it!! It’s sensational, quite literally beyond words. I cannot put into words the amazingness of Triangle Mintz. This should be prescribed for depression and chronic fatigue, even ADD…..but I am no doctor. 

Yet, as a medical user for spinal injuries, I’ve tried many strains in my days, and this tops my list…. talk about feeling no pain, being alert, and having brilliant ideas, all while feeling particularly euphoric. Perhaps it’s just me, but this compares to a hot air balloon ride!

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Alternatives To The Triangle Mints Strain

Alternatives To The Triangle Mints Strain

While triangle mints are tremendous and if you manage to get your hands on these, just grab them but at the same time, what if you don’t get your hand on them? That doesn’t mean you don’t need to try these out! In that case, it would be more reason to try these out – after all, why are these so elusive if these weren’t that great? I am curious, aren’t you? 

So, here are a few alternatives to the Triangle Mints Strain!

1. Terpee Slerpee

Terpee Slerpee
Flavor Grapefruit | Plum | Nutty
Aroma Grapefruit
Top Effect Focussed | Aroused | Energetic
Helps With Depression | Fatigue | Pain

2. Lemon Walker OG

Lemon Walker OG
Flavor Lemon | Citrus | Herbal/Spicy
Aroma Lemon
Top Effect Focussed | Giggly | Energetic
Helps With Depression | Stress | Pain

3. Lemon Trill

Flavor Lime | Lemon | Citrus
Aroma Lime
Top Effect Focussed | Creative | Uplifted
Helps With Nausea | Fatigue | Stress

4. Chiesel

Flavor Cheese | Diesel| Pungent
Aroma Cheese
Top Effect Focussed | Creative | Energetic
Helps With Depression | Anxiety | Stress

Our Verdict: You Are In For A Ride With The Triangle Mints Strain!

The Triangle mints strain has overall great reviews from marijuana consumers, and even we loved the strain. So, there’s no point avoiding this strain – instead, forget about other potent strains like the gorilla mints strain. It’s time for the Triangle Mints strain to shine. Tell us what you think.

Also, if you have some relatable experiences you can share with us, feel free to do so in the comments below! 

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