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There are seemingly countless places to hire cannabis and CBD SEO expert blog writers for your business, but how do you know you found a qualified writer? 

Expert CBD blog writers must pass the qualified parameters such as criteria (compliance), quality, turnaround time, price, edits, SEO theory, and timely communication. By reviewing these, you know you’ve found the best writer for your business. 

When researching a writer’s background, you are in a better position to succeed. Today, we’ll look at the best CBD and cannabis SEO content writer to help you scale your business within the industry. 

Hemp Writer’s UpWork cannabis and CBD writing profile featuring their hard-earned TOP RATED PLUS badge.

1. Hemp Writer – Cannabis SEO Blog Writer

Hemp Writer has qualified writers producing CBD content for all topics that are compelling and informative. The company has 10+ years of experience within the cannabis and hemp industry which shows how well-versed they are in the content they create. 

Criteria: Hemp Writer ensures all content adheres to regulatory standards while keeping it attractive to the reader. 

Quality: All content is completed with 100% original material and polished with precision. 

Turnaround time: Hemp Writer has a 10-day or free policy assuring you of the content they craft. With a 10-day policy turnaround time, you won’t worry if the article or blog will get delivered to you on time. 

Price: Discounted subscription service pricing of $900 – $1,512 per month for 4 articles with the subscription word count ranging from 1,000 – 2,000 words. They also have a one-time article price of $150 – $570, depending on word count. The cost per word ranges from 19 to 30 cents.

Edits: The content they create runs through three rounds of edits before you see the final product. They have an extensive in-house editing process that uses writing assistant tools including Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid, plagiarism detectors, keyword density tools, text compare, and a final flow check using the Read Aloud: Text-To-Speech Voice Reader to catch the tiny details that are easily missed by software editing programs.

SEO theory: All their blogs and articles utilize best SEO practices and procedures to ensure the content gets traffic for keywords at the level of the funnel that makes sense to target for your company. They assert that every SEO expert has slightly or radically different theories. While there are many cannabis SEO theories, Hemp Writer focuses on the fundamentals by taking full advantage of Google and third-party SEO tools. 

Communication: They have timely communication through email with quick responses to all customer concerns or questions. 

Owner of Pisgah Peaks Ventures featured on Marketing Champions discussing their cannabis, hemp, and CBD marketing strategy and tools for success.

The company caters to small to medium-sized cannabis businesses looking to enhance their digital marketing performances that include SEO, content creation, social media, PPC, and much more.

Criteria: They create content using strict methods that incorporate technical processes to ensure they give their clients more traffic. By hiring a winning team, Pisgapeak Ventures has established itself as an industry-leading cannabis and hemp marketing agency.

Quality: They have standard operating procedures for the CBD content writing services they offer clients. Their full in-house agency team are industry experts with extensive experience in marketing cannabis products and services in every area of the industry.

Turnaround Time: Pisgah Peaks has a fast turnaround time and keeps their customers up to date on projects, deadlines, curve balls, and more.

Price: Their affordable pricing varies based on numerous factors. They’re a full-service cannabis marketing agency that creates custom packages to suit the individual needs of any sized company at any phase of growth.

Edits: They have an editor conducting the majority of the final round of edits needed to give you a finished article or blog post. 

SEO Theory: They have an on-staff SEO expert to optimize the content you order to boost rankings. 

Communication: Their communication is through email, phone, video conference calls, etc. They deliver quick responses during normal business hours.

3. UpWork – Hire Your Own CBD Content Writer

UpWork is an online freelancing platform for general freelance writers to begin contract relationships with businesses. They’re a great platform used to hire individual freelancers who have general skills in many areas. 

Criteria: To hire writers, you will need to set up a business profile to use their platform. They have millions of users all across the world and are a great starting place to post your job description and manage your hires and projects directly on their platform. 

Quality: Most writers have different rankings, but the ones with top-rated performance badges have quality work completion. Upwork ensures the highest quality writers get rewarded to ensure businesses know the best ones to hire. 

Turnaround Time: By researching the writer’s background, you can see how fast they can whip up a content piece for you. 

Price: A pricing between $5 – $500+ per article depending on the freelancer writer. They also charge clients and freelancers up to 20% per transaction on every project, making them an expensive payment processor. 

Edits: Some will edit using their methods and others skip the editing process. Depending on who you hire and from what area of the world, some drafts will require heavy editing, while others will need very minor edits or none at all.

SEO Theory: When finding CBD writers, some will use SEO techniques within their content to ensure the content gets ranked. Each individual freelancer may or may not have cannabis SEO skills.

Communication: Most season writers on the platform will have timely communication through the Upwork messaging section. Other newer college students on the platform may take several days or up to a week or more to respond to your communications. 

4. Fiverr – Onboard Cheap Cannabis Blog Writers

Fiverr is another freelancing platform for freelancers and businesses to work together. 

Criteria: They have security and safety measures in place to protect sellers and buyers at all times. They require businesses to set up a profile before hiring and allow a wide selection of freelance to review. 

Quality: Their platform ensures the highest quality writer gets noticed by ranking them with different tier levels. 

Turnaround Time: They have a range of CBD writers with quick turnaround times. 

Price: The pricing ranges between $5 – $200+ per article depending on the freelancer. 

Edits: It varies on the freelance writer since it depends on the performance when writing blogs or articles. 

SEO Theory: There are writers with SEO knowledge who use it in their content pieces, but some have zero knowledge about SEO. 

Communication: You can set up a profile and have instant communication within the platform’s messaging area to contact freelancers. Their on-time support gives you the ability to ask all questions you may have about their platform. 

5. Guru – Hire Freelance Weed SEO Expert

Guru is a job board for freelancers to begin contracts with businesses in all areas. 

Criteria: The platform gives you access to set up a profile and start hiring writers. 

Quality: Guru showcases qualified writers that are authorized and credible for you to begin working with them. 

Turnaround Time: Guru has a workroom database where you choose the deadline you want a project completed. 

Price: Pricing ranges from $10 – $1,000+ based on the writer you hire. 

Edits: Various CBD blog writers edit and some don’t.

SEO Theory: Some CBD writers will showcase their SEO skills within their profile so you can pick from a list of qualified candidates. 

Communication: Guru has 24/7 support for any questions or concerns about working within their platform. If you’re wanting to communicate with CBD writers, there’s a special messaging board to communicate with them directly on Guru. 

Here are some FAQS about finding good hemp content writers for your business. 

Now we’ll dive into some of the more frequently asked questions about cannabis content writing services.

How Do I Find A Good Cannabis Blog Writer?

By reviewing freelancing websites with high-ranking writers and searching through various writer websites, you can find the best ones to create content for your niche sites. 

Before hiring a CBD, hemp, or cannabis writer, we recommend you review their recent publications and testimonials from previous clients.

How Do I Hire A Freelance Cannabis SEO Blog Writer?

You can hire freelance CBD writing experts by reviewing several freelancing websites and looking at their previous articles or blog samples to get a good idea of their writing style. 

Any company we reviewed on our list above are excellent ways to hire a freelancer or team of freelancers.

When Should I Hire A CBD Content Writer?

You should hire a CBD content writer when you can no longer do the grunt work yourself to create content or if you’re unable to create and scale top notch quality content for your business. 

A CBD writer makes the entire process much more smooth and easy for you by relieving the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on other areas of your business that requires your attention.

Can I Hire Someone For Content Writing CBD Oil?

You can hire a person to write content for your website, but the writer must have all the necessary qualifications to give you quality content embedded with SEO and copywriting techniques. 

When hiring a cannabis or CBD writer, you want to make sure they understand they are not allowed to make medical claims.

Even though your cannabis and CBD content writers are not allowed to make a medical claim, you can make structure & function claims.

Structure and function claims on how CBD and other nutrients within cannabis refer to how the specific molecule impacts/interacts with the structure and function of the body.

What you want your CBD writers to avoid is making a claim that CBD has an impact on any disease.

A few examples of what your CBD writer can say about the structure and function include.

  • CBD boosts your overall mood and sense of well-being.
  • CBD prompts regular normal sleep patterns.
  • Delta 9 THC give you an uplifting head buzzing sensation that elevates you when the mid-day crash happens.
  • Cannabis offers many nutrients that optimize the normal function of your endocannabinoid system (ECS) that’s responsible for homeostasis and balance throughout your entire mind and body.

In general, you want your CBD and cannabis writers to avoid any disease-based words.

What Is The Role Of A CBD Content Writer?

A CBD content writer must create content abiding by the FDA’s dos and donts of things to write about in the cannabis industry. 

The writer you hire must use appropriate language to ensure your business doesn’t get into trouble with the FDA. 

On top of this, a CBD writer has to craft compelling content with SEO in mind to give your business traffic that results in bottom-line sales via boosting organic search engine traffic to your website. 

Where Can I Hire Cheap CBD Freelance Writers?

There are many places to hire low-cost CBD freelance writers, but discovering the cheapest ones from freelancing websites can point you in the right direction. 

Here are a few places to hire discounted cheap freelance writers overseas where English is their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th language. 

These are a few places to find cheap writers that won’t break the bank. 

The qualified ones we selected above are pricer and will have a higher quality work performance. 

Cheaper CBD writers can work out, but they can be hard to find. 

Even if you find a super cheap overseas writer that appears to have impressive qualifications, we’ve noticed they produce content that feels a little off and can require full re-writes to give it an authentic American English as your first language fluent flow for high-level enterprising companies.

Who Are The Best CBD Content Writing Companies?

The companies we listed above are known to have the best content writers due to their vast experience and clear-cut standards they set for every writer they bring on board their company. 

You will uncover a lot of CBD writers on the internet with extensive knowledge of their writing skills, but finding a CBD blog writer with SEO knowledge in mind can give you a leg up in the competition. 

Our carefully vetted list of top-rated cannabis SEO companies provides the knowledge gap many outside writers have since they produce content with the mechanics of SEO, all while staying true to their client’s wishes. 

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