5 Mind-Blowing Tips For Travelling With Your Vape Kit



Traveling is always a welcome treat, especially if you’ve been working or dealing with other responsibilities without taking a long-deserved break. However, before the enjoyment begins, you have to plan accordingly. You need to ensure you have everything you need, your itinerary is set, and anything that needs your attention at home is handled.

If you’re a vaper, you also need to figure out how to travel with your vape kit because it’s not as simple as throwing it in your bag and calling it a day. You need to familiarize yourself with the vaping laws in the country you’re visiting, find out if you can take your vaping kit on the plane, and how to pack your gear correctly. Here’s everything you need to know about traveling with your vape kit.

1.   Understand the Local Vaping Laws Beforehand

In the US, vaping laws are similar to smoking regulations for consumers. You can purchase vaping products from vape shops or any other place that sells tobacco products and vape anywhere where smoking is allowed.

It’s not the same in every country. Some countries have strict laws about vaping, and others are more lenient to smoking than vaping. Therefore, if you’re traveling internationally, don’t pack that Hangsen vape juice just yet. Keep the following in mind and make an informed decision.

  • Vaping is illegal in many nations: You’re not allowed to vape in countries like Thailand, India, Brazil, and Singapore.
  • Some countries allow vaping but don’t permit the sale of e-liquids containing nicotine, e.g., Japan, Norway, and Australia. However, some countries may allow you to import your own e-liquid.
  • In some countries, it’s illegal to vape in public or in cars: There are designated places where smoking and vaping are allowed.

Find out the vaping regulations in the country you’re planning to visit beforehand. This way, you’ll avoid paying hefty fines for something avoidable.

2.   Create a Packing List for Your Vaping Gear

If you’re an avid vaper, the last thing you need is to forget a crucial device and not be able to vape during your entire trip. The best way to prevent this is to create a checklist for your vaping gear. Include the following in your list:

  • Removable parts: Such as batteries, drip tips, and tanks.
  • The vaping device
  • Charger
  • Extra batteries
  • Extra coils and wicks
  • Enough e-liquid to last for the duration of your trip
  • Wipes or paper towels
  • Carrying case

3.   Protect Your Vaping Supplies

When you’re packing your vaping supplies, you should have two goals in mind; to protect your luggage from vaping spillages and keep your vaping supplies dry.

You have several options to keep your supplies dry. For starters, you can use plastic bags. Waterproof pouches are also an excellent choice because you can use them on your vacation if you plan to use the device in wet areas like the beach. Alternatively, you can purchase a vape case. These cases are often designed to match your device’s specifications.


To protect your luggage from vape spillages, you need to know how to wrap individual pieces properly. Here’s how to cover some of the delicate and often problematic parts:


If not well stored, e-liquid can ruin all your luggage and belongings. Make sure you’ve tightened the cap as tightly as possible. Next, seal the bottle opening with tape and place the bottle in a plastic bag. Next, place the wrapped bottle in a freezer bag for additional protection.

Vape Kit

Wrap the mod, tank, and other accessories in bubble wrap. If you don’t have bubble wrap, a soft piece of cloth will suffice. Next, place the wrapped pieces in a plastic bag and seal with tape.

Pod Mod Device

Wrap the device using a soft cloth or bubble wrap. Put it in your pocket or carry-on when you board the plane.

Note: These rules of packing apply if you’re traveling by bus or train.

4.   Familiarize Yourself with the Airport’s Vaping Rules

If you’re traveling by air, it’s crucial to understand the airport’s vaping rules. In most airports, the smoking restrictions apply to vaping. Therefore, if the signs say you can’t smoke, vaping isn’t allowed either. However, some airports have designated vaping zones.

Can You Vape On the Plane? Vaping on a plane is illegal. If you’re caught, you may end up paying a hefty fine or serving time in jail, depending on the country you’re visiting.

5.   Prioritize Safety


If you’re traveling by air; there are certain safety precautions you need to take before boarding the plane. For one, make sure your batteries are fully charged because most airlines do not allow the charging of vaping devices in the plane.

Also, ensure your tank or refillable pod isn’t full. The pressure in the cabin can fill the tank with air, thereby forcing the liquid out and creating a mess. Additionally, make sure you’ve turned the device off when you enter the plane to prevent it from misfiring when you’re traveling.

Wrapping Up

Understanding vaping laws and regulations in the country you’re visiting is your responsibility as a traveler. Find out everything you need to know before your trip. The last thing you need is to pay a large amount of money in fines or spend time in jail for an issue you could have avoided. Also, use the tips in this article to protect your luggage and vape kit. Safe traveling!


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