Tibetan Goji Berries – Himalayan Tremendous Meals Record & Advantages



 A Powerhouse of Pure Healing: The Tibetan Goji Berry

Are you acquainted with the antioxidant and vitamin-wealthy goji berry? Over the earlier 20 years, they’ve turn into a well-known superfood observed at most grocery retailers and smoothie outlets. Even Costco carries baggage of the dried berry.

There are truly two varieties of Lycium berries getting marketed. A single is the Tibetan goji berry, and the other is the Chinese wolfberry becoming offered with the similar title, “goji”. The identify Goji was hardly ever even listened to of in China just before 1995. 

Chinese Lycium wolfberry growers and brands acquired wind of the Tibetan identify ‘goji berry’ and liked the name. As they have taken around Tibet and rewritten its heritage, they have also usurped the identify goji. About 1996 they started making use of that identify to consider over the goji market place and improve their wolfberry distribution as goji. 

Goji Berry or Wolfberry?

Both equally are Lycium berries and offer you nutritional added benefits, like antioxidants and natural vitamins. Having said that, the Tibetan goji berry has distinctive neutral and sweet energetic attributes, generating it a powerful and valuable component in Tibetan healing formulation for generations. The wolfberry shares some of the identical therapeutic rewards, but its energetic mother nature is sizzling and acrid alternatively than neutral and sweet.

Goji berries grow in nutrient-loaded soil in the same harsh climates the place they’ve been cultivated for hundreds of years: Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, and areas of what is now China that made use of to be Tibet, like Amdo.

Professional Chinese wolfberries have been grown on professional farms making use of DMT and over 35 different chemical pesticides for about in excess of 70 yrs. About 12 several years in the past they began a green challenge that was their equal of organic standing. Quite a few Chinese commercial goji and other agricultural farms that have been employing chemical compounds in their soils for around 70 yrs have now adopted the new environmentally friendly prepare and are now labeled natural.

Special Accessibility to Pure Goji Berries, Handpicked in Tibet

The Tibetan goji berry is indigenous and organically grown on farms in the identical wild areas they have been expanding for generations. About fifty years ago, the Tanaduk Investigation Institute of Tibetan Drugs initiated plant cultivation applications.

They taught farmers how to wildcraft, working with wild plant starts to cultivate semi-wild organic and natural goji berries, cost-free of pesticides and substances, on farmlands in the same region. Jampha’s goji berries come right from these wild and in a natural way organic and natural lands of Amdo, Tibet. 

When you order goji berries as a result of us, you help Tibetan farmers. You also access one particular of the world’s leading superfoods for health and fitness and vitality.

Jampha is in a position to offer U.S. buyers with these scarce goji berries shipped right from Tibet since of our collaborations with these organic goji farms.

Dietary Composition of Tibetan Goji Berries

Goji berries have held the title of superfood for hundreds of years but have only not long ago turn into well-liked in the west. They are nutrient-packed, exceeding the diet of virtually any other fruit. Here is a brief look at someof the nutritional benefits of goji berries.

Vitamin C

Goji berries are an abundant source of vitamin C. Whilst the actual quantity in the berries can range, they generally have far more vitamin C by pounds than oranges. 

It is certainly important to have Vitamin C in your eating plan since our bodies are not able to produce it. Vitamin C is needed for wound therapeutic, collagen generation, iron absorption, and healthful bones and teeth. It is also a powerful antioxidant that helps fight cancer

Carotenoids, Such as Beta Carotene

Carotenoids are a primary supply of dietary Vitamin A and the purpose that goji berries are so plentiful in this crucial nutrient. 3 tablespoons of Jampha’s goji berries supply 140% of the RDA for vitamin A.

Carotenoids secure and assistance protect cells and tissues. They support battle most cancers and coronary heart illness and help eye overall health.


Often known as “the red diamond” for its anti-ageing houses, goji berries are plentiful in organic antioxidants. Antioxidants remove absolutely free radicals from your entire body that can normally contribute to cancer, heart disorder, or other conditions.

All-natural anti-oxidants, like these identified in goji berries, are extra effective than synthetic antioxidants. Organic antioxidants are much more secure and a lot more probably to produce the ideal health and fitness advantages.

Natural vitamins B1, B2, B6

Goji berries are a abundant supply of B vitamins, which includes B1, B2, and B6. B nutritional vitamins support mind and mobile purpose. They aid enzymes do their work, which include breaking down carbohydrates and transporting them throughout the overall body.


Polysaccharides are prolonged chains of carbohydrate molecules that are useful to digestion. Unlike monosaccharides that crack down quickly and can result in glycemic spikes, polysaccharides are fibrous. They feed the microbiome and aid mobile well being.

Amino Acids & Fatty Acids

Goji berries are a resource of equally necessary amino acids and fatty acids. Amino acids preserve your immune system potent, enable create potent muscle tissues, and support digestion. Fatty acids retain your hair and pores and skin nutritious. They help control hormones, blood force, and inflammatory responses.


Goji berries are a delicious supply of various significant minerals, including:

Magnesium – vital to keeping your blood force low and heart balanced and sturdy.

Calcium– needed to make and sustain solid bones, may possibly also assistance coronary heart overall health.

Potassium– helps regulate the heartbeat and supports muscle groups and nerve operate.

Copper– will help regulate blood tension, hold your immune technique nutritious, allows nerve cells communicate, retains your bones sturdy and joints healthy.

Iron– supports wholesome hormone output and the delivery of oxygen to the muscular tissues and all over your entire body.

Manganese– allows control blood sugar and calcium absorptions, supports nutritious connective tissue and bones, assists regulate sex hormones, supports mind and nerve function.

Zinc– has a sizeable influence on immune wellness, like assisting to heal broken tisssue and wholesome cell expansion.

Wellness Advantages of Tibetan Goji Berries

The contemporary earth has taken numerous of us away from the amazing healing homes that nature has to give. At the exact same time, historical therapeutic methods using offered products like goji berries ended up made by trial and error. 

Nowadays, we can confirm the abundant, ample healing attributes provided by the normal environment by means of the insights of contemporary science. In this article are a couple of of the overall health rewards of the goji berry.

Protect against Mobile Oxidation and Slow Symptoms of Getting older

Way too several no cost radicals in your system, regardless of whether from smoke, environmental harmful toxins, eating plan, or stress, problems your cells. Cell oxidation refers to the destruction caused by free radicals to cells, proteins, and DNA. They are a sizeable component of getting old.

Lycium berries have been made use of in Asia for generations to sluggish the signals of getting older and market longevity, and present day exploration is finding how that operates. Original scientific studies display that goji berry extracts secured cells from radiation-induced DNA destruction even at quite reduced doses

Defend the Mind and Fights Alzheimer’s

Conventional healers have provided goji berries in tinctures created to safeguard the brain cells and nerves from neurodegeneration. Modern day science is backing this up with first, pre-medical research demonstrating that goji berries increase cognitive functionality and protect against Alzheimer’s.

Combat Cancer

In a study on human liver cells, goji berry extract was efficient at battling most cancers. Further reports showed the very same outcomes in opposition to pores and skin cancer and breast most cancers cells.

In a preclinical examine working with mice, researchers found that goji berries may well inhibit most cancers development and reinforce the usefulness of most cancersremedies.

Bolster the Immune Method

With so lots of minerals and natural vitamins, it will make sense that goji berries would fortify the immune method and assist it purpose far better. A preclinical research in Korea uncovered that goji berries aided boost immune technique function and also aided in fatigue recovery and stamina

Defend the Liver

Your liver will work day and night to break down and build nutrition and harmony the contents of your blood, so the proper natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes attain just about every part of your system. Study shows that goji berries lessen liver toxicity and oxidative pressure and minimize the DNA problems these problems would in any other case induce.

Assistance Balanced Vision

Fashionable existence with hrs of screen time and synthetic gentle puts excess pressure on the eyes. A examine confirmed that goji berries experienced a effective impact on eye wellness and may perhaps avoid or delay age-connected macular degeneration, while members who took lutein and zeaxanthin dietary supplements alternatively of goji berries noticed tiny to no profit. 

A further research signifies goji berries may perhaps guard the retina from the ganglion cells liable for glaucoma.

Support Digestion

Researchers are discovering extra and far more connections between digestion and psychological wellbeing. It turns out that goji berries could profit both of those.

In a double-blind study that gave contributors possibly goji berry juice or a placebo for 14 days, researchers identified that people who drank the goji berry juice reported an raise in typical well-staying, enhanced neurologic general performance, and better digestion.

Goji Berry Skin Added benefits

In addition to their antioxidant and anti-ageing gains, goji berries guard your skin against UV radiation. A lot of of the components observed in goji berries, from vitamin C to necessary fatty acids, are superior for your skin. 

Vitamin C supports the production of collagen. Fatty acids reinforce the skin barrier and enable lower swelling. The anti-oxidants in goji berries help struggle skin reactions, minimize symptoms of ageing, and eliminate toxins from the skin.

In a preclinical research, scientists uncovered that goji berry juice lessened the swelling from sunburn and counteracted the immune suppression that sunburn would usually cause.

Goji berry liquid and powders are acquiring their way into far more and more pores and skin products and solutions.

Get Your Goji Berries Immediate From the Resource

If you are wanting for a tasty, potent well being complement, it’s difficult to conquer the chewy texture and sweet taste of goji berries. 3 tablespoons a working day packs several of the nutritional vitamins, minerals, and nutrition your entire body needs to locate and manage optimal overall health.

While many nations have started out growing goji berries to capitalize on their superfood position, when you invest in goji berries from Jampha, you tap into a time-honored custom. Our hand-picked and hand-dried natural and organic goji berries are shipped directly from Tibet, exactly where they have been thoroughly cultivated and applied as meals and drugs for hundreds of yrs.

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