The Cost of Getting Caught with Weed in Ireland



As the cannabis legalization movement spreads across the world, standard users are having caught in the crosshairs of authorities desperate to hold on to the outdated regime. Ireland is a country that lags way guiding its European neighbors in phrases of creating a new authorized framework for the legalization of hashish. John O’Regan is an Irish citizen who has expert firsthand the value of obtaining caught with weed.

His operate-ins with the legislation began seven a long time ago, and have resulted in a range of expenses, including cultivation, possession and trafficking. In November 2022, he was cleared of trafficking but was billed with possession and cultivation. He’s presently awaiting sentencing, which may perhaps include a custodial sentence. Sadly, his tale is not distinctive, but it also clearly illustrates the trauma inflicted on standard users when they are taken care of like criminals.

Concern: Can you make clear what 1st introduced you to the consideration of the Irish Gardaí (the police force in Ireland are regarded as Gardaí)?

In 2015 I was knocked off my bike, and the officer who questioned me about the incident, a pretty pleasant dude, claimed he’d do all the things in his power to find out who did it. Six months later, he resolved to simply call spherical to my flat to update me on the scenario. Now, the only motive he termed to my residence was for the reason that he was a awesome guy and preferred to exhibit he was getting the circumstance very seriously. So here we are, six months later and there are three officers knocking on my door at six in the night.

I’d just had my supper and was having a smoke. I couldn’t open the door because they would have gotten the whiff of weed. They twigged some thing was up. The up coming working day, the Gardaí arrived again, this time with a warrant, and that was the to start with time they raided my flat. That was the commencing of seven many years of hell for me.

Issue: What was it like remaining raided the first time?

Awful. Once more, they called all around to my flat about six in the night, and this time I’d been in bed all afternoon. So when they referred to as all around, I stuck my head out the window to permit them know I’d open up the doorway. The important was on my nightstand so I experienced to go again inside of to the room to get it, and I told them so. After they read that, they shed it, commenced shouting up at me, telling me to open up the door quickly or they’d split it down. I was telling them I could not open up the doorway without a key. At one particular point, one particular of the officers picked up a rock and aimed for the window. The blood drained from my face. As quickly as that took place, the officer smiled, like he was satisfied to see how worried or unnerved he’d produced me. I had about 8 plants at the time, 4 flowering, and four in vegetative condition.

Query: When you’d arrive to the focus of the law enforcement, why did you keep developing?

The way I compute it, it expenses me about 40euro to grow 1 plant, maybe a little bit far more now that electricity price ranges have gone up, but all over that. Of course, that is not how the police glance at it. They price each individual plant at 800euro on the assumption there’s a produce of 40grams from every plant. So when they caught me with the four flowering crops, they claimed my improve experienced a worth of a lot more than 3,000euro. They’re contemplating about potential gain whereas I’m wondering about how a lot I can help you save.

Issue: Why were being you charged with cultivation and possession?

In 2018, I was heading to a 420 function in Dublin, and resolved to get some t-shirts printed up with The Irish Hashish Celebration brand on them. I’m not sure what took place precisely but reckon that somebody in the sorting business must have seen the symbol via the packaging, and noticed the term “cannabis.” I bought dwelling one particular working day on a Tuesday and five minutes later, the Ennis Drug Squad was in my flat expecting to come across a drug haul. When they saw the t-shirts they were fuming. I’m not certain what they were anticipating?

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Who would send a supply of hashish with the phrase “cannabis” clearly visible on the package deal? Anyway, they did not obtain any medicines in the postal deal but they did obtain the crops that I was increasing in my spare place. I experienced 16 plants in the place and they calculated the total dry excess weight to be in excess of the restrict of 13,000 euro. If the Gardaí uncover an total increased than that, they immediately think you’re working.

Concern: Did they charge you straight absent?

Basically no, that took a couple of years. When they came all around to the flat that day in 2018, they took my telephone, a ballast, a reflector and two followers. In 2020, extra than eighteen months later on, I happened to be conversing to a retired police officer, and I questioned him if the statute of constraints experienced passed on the scenario? He explained they must have billed me within a yr. Because they hadn’t issued any expenses, I sent a registered letter asking for the return of my machines. That introduced me again to their notice, and eventually, practically two a long time later, charges were issued.

Concern: Why mature 16 plants, why not expand much less and remain under the radar?

It was purely experimental. I’d really just bought a different reflector and wished to see if I could make greater use of the room I was working with to grow. I did not spend a lot income on the equipment, in fact, I was working with the most economical stuff I could come across. I also have a good friend with MS, and experienced it in the back of my intellect to start out supplying him flower to assist him out. But to be genuine, there was nothing expert about this expand place. All the crops had been at distinctive heights, some flowering, some not. The Gardaí known as it “a sophisticated operation,” which was laughable. The home was a mess.

Dilemma: Why did you mail that letter?

For the reason that I’m also intrigued in transforming the legislation, and know there are certainly hundreds of people in Ireland waiting around for the working day that they can gentle up in peace at dwelling without having acquiring to worry about that dreaded knock on the door. Plus, I considered it was harmless. But I was completely wrong. They could however prosecute me, and they did.

Problem: Your court scenario came up in November 2022. What was it like?

What really struck me about the courtroom proceedings was the way the Gardaí manipulated language when presenting proof. For example, one particular of the officers referred to my timer as a “thermostat,” and the lamps as “heaters,” and named the improve, “sophisticated.” In reality, I experienced a few of LED bulbs and crops in pots dotted all around the space, but they produced it seem extremely various to the decide and the jury. I suggest all people is familiar with what bulbs are but if you get started calling them “heaters,” and calling timers “thermostats,” it’s heading to confuse men and women.

Problem: What is your sentence?

I was located guilty of possession and cultivation in the circuit court. There’ll be a listening to in December, and at that hearing they make your mind up the day for sentencing, which could be some time up coming spring. I have no thought if it will be a custodial sentence, but I have to be well prepared for that chance.

Problem: What are the diverse means this circumstance has affected you?

I don’t get stopped all the time but from time to time it feels that way. At this phase, my flat has been raided 6 or seven times, and I have been picked up off the road twice. Now, each individual time I depart my flat and place a cop auto on the avenue, I freeze. Which is what happened Christmas 7 days 2020. It was about half earlier 9 in the early morning and I was heading into city to do some purchasing. The Gardaí station is future doorway to the grocery store. A Garda motor vehicle came racing all around the corner with three officers, pulled up together with me, a single of them jumped out and started out shouting: “You’re underneath arrest.” It was like staying in a movie.

They retained asking for my title, but I wouldn’t give it. And when they advised me to get into the auto, I asked what I was getting arrested for? At the time, they reported it was drug-linked. Later, I discovered out I was arrested under Section 20, which is Public Buy Offense, and apparently if you’re arrested under this section, you’re obliged by law to give your name and handle. I signify, it was half nine in the early morning, I wasn’t drunk, was not bothering any person. They introduced me down to the station, strip-searched me, and put me in a mobile. And when I was in the station, a single of the officers who realized me arrived in and asked what was heading on, why they’d picked me up? They replied it was something to do with the way I was searching at them. And this Garda replies: “He was seeking at you mainly because we maintain arresting him.”

When I lastly spoke to my solicitor about it, he mentioned I’d have to plead responsible since it’s an offense not to give your name below Part 20. As before long as I pleaded responsible in courtroom, the choose roared at the best of his voice, “Drugs!” He would not enable my solicitor apply for everything, held chopping him off, repeating the word, “drugs, prescription drugs,” and fined me 200euro. So, not only did they spoil my Christmas, they managed to get a conviction out of it. Now, which is on my history, and I’m certain it impacted the outcome on this circumstance.

If a choose seems at a situation and see just cultivation, for case in point, it is one particular thing, but lined up subsequent to a Public Get conviction, of training course, he’s going to assume this individual is a nuisance. It seems compact but all these things increase up, and actually choose a toll. Right now, obtaining caught with weed in Eire has a price, mentally. I’m on a waiting checklist to converse with a counselor.

This job interview has been edited and condensed.

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