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This is our Select CBD vape pen review.

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Updated on: August 30, 2019

Our team had the privilege to test several products from Select CBD, and this is our Select CBD vape pen review. Vaping with CBD is quickly becoming a popular way to take the potent cannabinoid because of its quick onset time and high bioavailability. We were thoroughly impressed by the quality of the pen and the liquid inside. All of the pens were flavorful, effective, and easy to use. Select CBD provides an excellent vaping experience that will keep you coming back.

Here’s one of our favorite Select CBD vape pens:

recommended product select cbd peppermint vape pen

Note: As of late August 2019, Select CBD has undergone a name change to become Social CBD. In an email sent to customers, Select CBD said, “Don’t worry, every reason you’ve come to trust and love our products will stay the same.”

According to the new website, the brand wanted to distance themselves from the cannabis scene, because “hemp and cannabis play very different roles in our lives, and we felt it was in everyone’s best interest that we stayed true to our mission that’s singularly focused on delivering pure, powerful, and most of all, trusted hemp products to people who care about their health.”

Select CBD Vape Pen Review

general info about select cbd vape pens

For our Select CBD pen review, we tested all six flavors of Select CBD’s vape pens:

  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit

All of the vape pens contain .5 ml (.018 oz) of vape liquid with 250 mg of CBD (50% of the liquid).

The vape pens are further split into three groups: Focus, Relax, and Revive.

The Focus pens (Peppermint and Spearmint) are intended to give you energy and boost your productivity by enhancing your focus.

Relax pens (Lavender and Cinnamon) were formulated to promote calmness and sleep.

Finally, the Revive pens (Lemon and Grapefruit) provide a balance of stress relief, focus, and energy.

We review CBD vape pens based on the quality of their hemp content, CBD concentration, product packaging, ingredients, flavor and scent, value, and effectiveness.

Let’s start with the quality of the hemp extract in Select CBD’s disposable pens.

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Select CBD Hemp Quality

Select CBD sources their hemp from Oregon farms licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

“Our brand differentiator lies in our completely legal supply chain,” said a brand representative for Cura Cannabis, the parent company of Select CBD.

The hemp material is transferred to Select CBD in a chain of custody with a certificate of authenticity.

Select CBD uses ethanol to extract the oil, one of the most efficient and safe extraction methods.

The oil in all of Select CBD’s products is CBD isolate, which contains no THC.

All of the products are then subjected to stringent testing standards such as pesticides, residual alcohol, heavy metals, and microbes.

Each lab Select CBD uses for testing, such as Pixis Labs and Lightscale Labs, is accredited by the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.

“We’re also very focused on safety, and here we are proud to put all our CBD products through the most stringent testing standards in the country,” said the brand representative.

These third-party results are available on Select CBD’s website here.

Products are manufactured, packaged, and shipped in a facility also licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.


Select CBD’s pens contain 250 mg of CBD isolate in .5 ml of liquid, which lasts around 125-150 puffs (1-2 mg/puff).

Compared to other CBD disposable vape pens around the market, Select CBD surpassed all other brands in concentration.

Most brands peaked at 200 mg per .5 ml of liquid, while one reached 225 mg.

Several others held 100 mg or less, down to as low as 30 mg.

With such low concentrations, it’s difficult to see how useful these types of pens can be.

With 250 mg of CBD, users of Select CBD’s vape pens can consume a substantial amount of CBD, giving them the best chance to feel the effects.

While little research has been done on the bioavailability of inhaling CBD, we do know it’s much more efficient than oral or sublingual applications.

According to one study, the bioavailability rate seems to range from 34-46%.

Assuming a conservative bioavailability rate of 34%, a user can expect to get at least 85 mg of CBD over the lifetime of a Select CBD vape pen.


select cbd vape pens we tested
learn more about select cbd vape pens

Select CBD has some of the most professional packaging our team has seen in the CBD industry.

It’s simple, modern, and instantly recognizable as the Select CBD brand.

The vape pens come in a small box with a sticker that says the flavor name.

Every box also has a brief summary of the third-party lab results.

Select CBD is one of the few companies that attach these results directly to the products.

Albeit, these are not the full results, but it’s a nice addition.

The vape pen itself is shaped like a typical disposable pen, wrapped up in Select CBD’s signature teal color.

A light at the end of the pen shines when you take a hit.

After a few hits, the mouthpiece can become a bit warm, but it was never so warm that it became uncomfortable or dangerous.

Our only quibble with the pen is that you cannot gauge how much liquid is left.

How Select CBD Vape Pens Work

The wicks in the Select CBD vape pens are made with unbleached, organic, Japanese cotton, commonly believed to be the best material for vape wicks.

Cartridges are made with a ceramic core that maintains an even temperature, preserving taste.

The cartridges are also air-tight and tamper-resistant to prevent leaks or damage to the pen.

All Select CBD pens go through seven levels of quality control before shipping out to dispensaries and consumers.

During this process, the pens are cured for 24 hours.

According to Select CBD, they have a less than 1% failure rate with their disposable pens.


The ingredients in the vape pen include: Hemp-derived CBD Extract, Natural Essences, and Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT).

Select CBD sources cold-pressed or highly refined essential oils (“Natural Essences”) from locally grown Oregon farms that adhere to the same quality standards that Select CBD does.

MCT oil is used as the thinning agent in the vape liquid, which is a much safer alternative to more common substances such as propylene glycol (PG).

A study found that PG can produce harmful levels of formaldehyde exposure.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, formaldehyde is a class I carcinogen, meaning it is a known carcinogen to humans.

Flavor and Scent

In our Select CBD pen review, we found most of the vape pens to possess bold flavors and scents.

The Peppermint, Spearmint, Lavender, and Cinnamon vape pens are the most potent, while the Lemon and Grapefruit pens are milder.

The pens were so flavorful that we started to enjoy them more for the taste than the benefits, which were equally strong as we’ll explain below.

As each of the pens neared the end of their liquid, they each had a slight burning taste to them.

It wasn’t noticeable enough to ruin the experience, and since there are no visual indicators for when the pen is low on liquid, it let us know it was time to use a new pen.


select cbd peppermint and spearmint vape pens
learn more about peppermint select cbd vape pen

All of the Select CBD pens cost $45.00 ($0.18/mg).

We compared the cost of several other CBD vape pens from a variety of brands with the Select CBD pens and found Select CBD to be one of the more competitive options.

Some CBD vape pens are marked at $15-20, but that’s only for 30 or 50 mg of CBD, which clocks in at a whopping $0.40-0.50/mg.

If you plan on using CBD regularly, that’s likely not a sustainable route.

Others cost around $25-30 for 200 mg ($0.125-15/mg), striking more of a balance between price and concentration.

Select CBD hovers just above this point at $0.18/mg and can justify a higher price premium because of the quality of their vape pens, their ingredients, and their brand’s air of luxury.


select cbd vape pen effectiveness

We tested the effects of the Select CBD vape pens according to the benefits which Select CBD intended for them.

For the Focus pens (Peppermint and Spearmint), we tested them on anxiety/stress, energy, and focus.

The Relax pens (Lavender and Cinnamon) were tested for their effects on anxiety/stress and sleep.

Finally, we used the Revive pens (Lemon and Grapefruit) for anxiety/stress, energy, and focus.

Typically, the pens needed just a couple minutes to take effect (Select CBD gives them an activation time of 15 minutes), and the effects lasted for around two to four hours.

Our team members used the vape pens on an as-needed basis and took about 5-10 hits per session.

Anxiety and Stress

We tested all of the Select CBD vape pens to see if they would help relieve anxiety and stress.

While all of the vape pens were sufficiently effective, the Peppermint vape pen was the best for anxiety in our opinion.

Team members often used the vape pen in the evening to find relief from the day’s stressors.

Some team members also used them during working hours to get through stressful times of the day.


We did not plan on testing any of the vape pens for asthma; however, the opportunity presented itself.

One team member had an asthma flare-up brought on by a cold, so she used the Lemon vape pen to see if it might suppress the symptoms.

After a few hits, the vape pen broke up the mucus in her lungs and slightly improved her breathing.

Clearly, the CBD vape pen was no replacement for an inhaler, but it prevented our team member from needing a steroid to treat her asthma.


We used the Focus and Revive pens to see if they would help provide a boost of energy.

All of the vape pens were more helpful than we expected, earning 4.5 out of 5 stars on our scale.

We primarily used them during the day, and especially in the afternoon.

After about 15 minutes, we felt more upbeat, energetic, and happy.

The pens don’t get a full 5 stars here because the effects were a little short-lived, lasting about 1.5-2 hours.


Our team tested the Focus and Revive pens for how they affected our focus.

They all performed admirably, but the Peppermint and Spearmint were by far the most effective of the four pens, as we expected.

The vape pens noticeably helped us drown out distractions and improve our productivity.

We used them primarily during our working hours.


To test the effects on sleep, we used the Relax vape pens.

Both the Lavender and Cinnamon pens were excellent for sleep.

After a few hits, we felt relaxed and more ready for bed, falling asleep faster than without CBD.

We slept longer and felt more refreshed in the morning.

Our team typically used the vape pens 15-30 minutes before going to bed.

Pros & Cons

Pros for the Select CBD pens:

  • Well-designed
  • High CBD concentration
  • Noticeable effectiveness
  • Great taste
  • Competitive price

Cons for the Select CBD pens:

  • No liquid level indicator
  • Slightly burnt taste when liquid is low


Our conclusion is simple and obvious: Select CBD vape pens are some of the best on the market.

The CBD isolate used in the liquid is clean and safe, the pricing is competitive, the pen quality is unbeatable, the flavors are bold, and the effects are plainly noticeable.

It does not get much better than Select CBD’s pens, and we do not expect you will find a brand that can provide you with a better CBD vaping experience.

It may go without saying, but our team is more than happy to recommend Select CBD’s vape pens.

Want to learn more about Select CBD and what they have to offer? Then check out our comprehensive Select CBD review!

Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only. We are not medical experts and nothing should be construed as medical advice. Be sure to speak with your physician before taking CBD or any other treatment.

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