Psilocybe: The Mom of All Magic Mushrooms



Though psilocybe is not basically the mom of all magic mushrooms, it is the most popular genus of magic mushrooms, the mushrooms most involved with a psychedelic significant. Study on to locate out a lot more about these mushrooms, and what the heck is in them.

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An overview of psilocybe mushrooms

When we listen to the conditions ‘magic mushrooms’ or ‘psychedelic mushrooms’ the quick association is with ‘psilocybin mushrooms’. Fact is, there isn’t just just one type of psilocybin mushroom, and they come from various genera. The most common genus is the psilocybe grouping, however there are other genera, like Panaeolus and Conocybe.

Psilocybe mushrooms arrive from the Hymenogastraceae family of fungi, and were split at first into two big teams, that were being not very well linked to every other. A person group for hallucinogenic species, and one particular group for non-hallucinogenic mushrooms. This was up to date later with the hallucinogenic mushrooms keeping beneath the Hymenogastraceae relatives identify, and the non-hallucinogenic mushrooms (mostly) becoming recognised as the Deconica genera, underneath the Strophariaceae family members.

The identify Psilocybe arrives from the Greek text for “bare” or “naked” (psilós), and “head” or “swelling” (kúbe), to build a meaning of “bare-headed”. This is in reference to the loose pores and skin over the cap, which is detachable, and which seems to be like a bald head. The mushrooms seem pretty regular for magic mushrooms, possibly since they are the most popular, and consequently pictured most often. They are very long-stemmed brown mushrooms, with a smaller, commonly umbrella-wanting cap. The spore-prints array from a lilac-brown to a darkish purplish-brown.

Psilocybe semilanceata
Psilocybe semilanceata

These mushrooms occur from the standard Mesoamerica space which has the widest variety. But they can be identified in numerous parts of the entire world, with lots of species located in much more temperate temperature ailments. This genus incorporates species like: P. cubensis, P. subcubensis, P. cyanescens, P. Mexicana, P. Semilanceata, P. Aurescens, and P. Pelliculosa, but there are hundreds of diverse species in the planet.

Psilocybe mushrooms contain a few psychedelic compounds referred to as psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. The initially two of these are frequently mentioned, although the 3rd is considerably less effectively-acknowledged. Though not all species in this genus have these compounds, the the vast majority of them do.

Psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin

When it comes to these mushrooms, there are 3 psychedelic compounds to look at. The 1st, psilocybin, is most famous, and is even employed to refer to these mushrooms as psilocybin mushrooms. The attention-grabbing matter about psilocybin? It’s regarded as a ‘prodrug’ which indicates a biologically inactive compound until finally it breaks down into a distinctive compound in the overall body. The compound it breaks down into, is psilocin, making this the a lot more intriguing of the two.

Psilocin exists as very well in these mushrooms, but in scaled-down amounts. However psilocybin alone is inactive, it’s normally the a lot more dominant compound, this means the the vast majority of the psilocin that affects us, is decarboxylated from psilocybin. It is hence psilocin that exerts its electrical power on serotonin receptors, and it is this compound responsible for the psychedelic excursion. Psilocybin has the chemical system: C12H17N2O4P, which converts to C12H16N2O (psilocin).

What about this third compound, baeocystin? Significantly significantly less is recognized about it, although it was very first synthesized in 1959 by a group like Albert Hofmann, the similar male that brought us LSD, and is acknowledged as an analog of psilocybin. Writer Jochen Gartz, who wrote Magic Mushrooms All over the Earth, contends that in a examine, baeocystin was discovered to be about as psychoactive as the very same amount of psilocybin. Gartz also self-administered 4mg as aspect of a study, stating it built for “a light hallucinogenic working experience.”

A further compound is also talked about in psilocybe mushrooms, norbaeocystin, but though there is no evidence, this compound is thought of as non-psychedelic. Potentially that tale will modify in the upcoming as a lot more exploration is completed.

Psilocybe psychedelic compounds
Psilocybe psychedelic compounds

What other exploration exists on baeocystin?

Baeocystin is exciting simply because for as much as we know about psilocybin, we know way much less about its cousin which seems in the similar places. Though Gartz talked of a hallucinogenic experience, a 2020 review Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Tryptamines Discovered in Hallucinogenic Mushrooms: Norbaeocystin, Baeocystin, Norpsilocin, and Aeruginascin, turned up that no hallucinogenic effects have been generated in a mouse design that employed a head-twitch reaction. Scientists uncovered “baeocystin was indistinguishable from the regulate mice that have been offered saline.”

In this research it was concluded “…baeocystin by yourself would most likely not induce hallucinogenic effects in vivo“. This is almost certainly for the reason that “…baeocystin by itself would very likely not induce 5-HT2A receptor-mediated psychoactive results in vivo.” Researchers imagine this is simply because of MAO action. MAO molecules use oxygen atoms to just take out amine groups from other molecules, breaking them down. Baeocystin’s metabolite norpsilocin, uncovered in 2017, will get degraded more rapidly in the physique when compared to psilocin by the MAO. Researchers hypothesized that baeocystin also cannot cross the blood mind barrier.

How does norpsilocin do at the 5-HT2A receptor web-sites that are affiliated with serotonergic psychedelics? This metabolite compound (4-HO-NMT) showed to be a entire agonist, with a bigger efficiency than psilocin – Emax 93% compared to psilocin’s 73%. Which indicates nevertheless baeocystin could possibly not be psychoactive, its metabolite norpsilocin does seem to be to be. That norpsilocin has these attributes opens a complete new doorway of analyze into magic mushrooms, and their medicinal parts. Nevertheless it appears pretty attainable that MAOs continue to keep the compound from getting a probability to exert its effects.

Say the researchers, “The in vivo knowledge put together with assessment of the pharmacological liabilities suggest it is not likely that baeocystin or its putative metabolite norpsilocin add significantly to centrally mediated psychedelic outcomes, probable owing to swift degradation by MAO or lack of ability to cross the blood−brain barrier.” But went on to say, “…baeocystin could likely exert a synergistic effect with psilocin/psilocybin by competing for MAO, correctly raising psilocin concentration in the blood.”

The strategy that baeocystin alone doesn’t bring about a psychedelic response was reiterated by mycologist Paul Stamets, an expert on magic mushrooms, who also self-administered 10mg of the compound. He defined on the Joe Rogan display that he under no circumstances received a significant off the pure compound. According to Stametz, “I was completely ready for liftoff. I was hoping for liftoff, I know what liftoff feels like, and I didn’t get it.”

However, when psilocybin is straightforward to get as a pure compound, obtain to baeocystin and norpsilocin is apparently a great deal tougher, top to significantly less activities and information on these compounds, apart from the examples talked about. It suffices to say, that there is unquestionably way more to know, and hopefully in forthcoming yrs, extra will occur out.

Psilocybe cubensis
Psilocybe cubensis

Oregon and psilocybe mushrooms

Oregon was the pretty initial point out to legalize the leisure use of magic mushrooms on a point out-wide basis. In a 2020 ballot measure the state handed the Psilocybin Mushroom Companies Plan Initiative by way of Evaluate 109. 55.75% of the voting populace voted indeed to get started this grownup-use magic mushroom marketplace.

On the other hand, Oregon is in no way building a cost-free-for-all. Not only is the condition only permitting authorized use inside of specified services, and under the watch of a trip-sitter (nevertheless 1 with no professional medical/psychological teaching), it is also only allowing for just one form of mushroom for this market place. The 1 authorized species of psilocybe mushrooms is identified as Psilocybe cubensis, and is the most well-known of the psilocybe mushrooms. This position was pretty a great deal debated following draft procedures came out previously, but Oregon did not budge on this issue, reasoning:

“OPS obtained reviews requesting that the guidelines allow extra species of mushrooms and use of extra substrates. The Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board advisable restricting cultivation to Psilocybe cubensis and prohibiting substrates that may possibly pose a possibility to wellness and protection.”

And continued, “To avoid the danger associated with deadly, toxic glance-alikes and the likely for wooden lover’s paralysis and animal-borne pathogens, OPS has upheld this suggestion in closing rules… OPS appears to be like forward to thought of additional species in the potential via continued dialog with the public and suggestions from the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board.”

Realistically, while the legalization is weak at most effective, it is the start out to a thing. Irrespective of whether other states seeking to do this will grow out past that 1 species, is still to be noticed. Taking into consideration the range of states wanting into legalizations for entheogenic vegetation, it is really hard to imagine that legal guidelines will not get a minimal looser in excess of time.


Psilocybe mushrooms depict the biggest genus of magic mushrooms, which incorporates the most kinds of mushrooms with psychedelic compounds. Odds are, if you are performing magic mushrooms, you are most very likely carrying out some species of psilocybe.

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