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Water and oil don’t mix. Since CBD and most of the other substances present in mature Cannabis sativa flower are lipids, CBD extract does not mix well with water-based substances. Lipids also have lower bioavailability than water-soluble compounds, giving rise to the need for water-soluble CBD extracts. Premium suppliers like GVB Biopharma offer multiple water soluble extracts making this premium ingredient applicable to a wide variety of product types. In this guide, learn which types of CBD products require water-soluble CBD, and find out why this unique type of CBD extract might be desirable for any orally ingested product formulation.

What is water-soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD is CBD-rich hemp extract that has been modified to become soluble in water. Depending on the type of extract, it may or may not be possible to achieve total water solubility. Dry CBD extracts, such as powders, can only be water-dispersible at best though some liquid-based CBD extracts can be almost entirely soluble in water.

Cannabinoid producers use a variety of different methods to make CBD water-soluble. Some of these methods alter the chemical structure of the CBD molecule, which usually requires the use of toxic chemicals. More commonly, producers of water-soluble CBD extracts encapsulate the lipid compounds present in hemp extract with special substances that provide increased solubility in water.

Some water-soluble CBD producers, such as GVB Biopharma, are capable of producing water-soluble extracts that contain the full spectrum of compounds present in hemp flower. Inferior suppliers may only be able to provide water-soluble forms of CBD isolate.

What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD?

The primary benefit of water-soluble CBD is that this type of extract makes it possible to produce water-based CBD products such as drinks. Attempting to produce drinks using normal CBD extract would result in an oily mess, but water-soluble CBD extracts disperse evenly throughout fluid volumes, resulting in a desirably usable product.

Water-soluble CBD also provides higher bioavailability than lipid-based CBD extracts. The human digestive system can absorb water-based substances more rapidly and more efficiently than it can absorb lipids, so your body uses more of the CBD you ingest when you ingest a water-soluble CBD extract.

The only significant downside of water-soluble CBD is its cost. Due to the advanced production methods necessary to produce water-soluble CBD, this type of hemp extract usually costs more than lipid-based CBD extracts. Premium suppliers like GVB Biopharma provide a lower cost water-soluble material that makes using this premium extract economical, but similar products may be hard to come by.

Which products should feature water-soluble CBD?

Water-soluble CBD extract is absolutely essential for hemp-infused drinks. The moment that the FDA provides clearer guidance on the regulatory status of CBD, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers will start producing CBD-infused drinks in mass quantities, making this product category one of the segments of the hemp market with the most investor focus. Savvy brands can anticipate this coming trend by developing water-soluble CBD products now that will eventually compete with offerings from major corporations.

From teas to sports drinks to soda, water-soluble CBD is ideal for any type of water-based drink. The usefulness of water-soluble CBD isn’t limited to the arena of drinks, however, due to the enhanced bioavailability of this type of extract.

Both new and veteran CBD consumers are concerned by the relatively low bioavailability of hemp products, so they automatically seek out products that provide more bang for their buck. Whether it’s included in softgels, tablets, tinctures, or any other conventional type of CBD product, water-soluble CBD provides enhanced value and delivers stronger effects to hemp consumers. Due to its unique properties, water-soluble CBD is ideal for any orally ingested CBD product—not just drinks.

Expand your horizons with water-soluble CBD

As the hemp market continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, diversification becomes more important than ever before. Successful brands will pivot toward product categories with impressive growth potential and low competition, and while small at present, the drinkable CBD market is set to explode over the next few years.

The increased maturity of the CBD market also means that consumers are more educated regarding this cannabinoid than they were a few years ago, placing an enhanced emphasis on products that perform the best. Regardless of which type of orally ingested CBD product it’s included in, water-soluble CBD provides enhanced value and appeals to educated consumers.

Navigating the evolving market for water-soluble CBD products is easier with the right allies at your side. GVB Biopharma produces a line of water-dispersible and water-soluble bulk ingredients that are tailor-fit to your exact specifications. Whether you want to develop a drink line with water-dispersible, full-spectrum CBD or you’re ready to take the world by storm with the most bioavailable CBG tablets ever devised, GVB Biopharma is standing by to make your dreams into a reality.

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