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Our team at The CBD Insider is devoted to informing consumers and helping them find the best possible CBD products. We vet several companies and only the elite receive thorough, in-depth reviews like this one.

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Here, we’re reviewing Panacea Life Sciences.

Updated on: January 24, 2022

One of our favorite products at Panacea was their F.A.S.T. 25 mg Hemp Oil Tablets. We primarily found relief from stress and a boost of energy to help us get through the tiring parts of our days.

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F.A.S.T 25mg Hemp Oil Tablets

This was our team’s favorite product.

These tablets live up to their name by quickly delivering CBD’s benefits. The price is also difficult for other brands to beat without cutting corners.

Panacea does it right and has created an excellent product that we found most helpful for relaxation and boosting energy levels. Although we didn’t experience it, the tablets may also reduce discomfort.

Another great product is Panacea’s DAILY THC-free Softgels 10 mg. Perfect as a daily supplement, the softgels provide a THC-free dose of hemp oil that improved our mood and gave us a heightened sense of general well-being.

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Daily 10 mg THC-Free Softgels

This was nearly tied with the F.A.S.T product for our favorite item.

Easy to take with no taste or smell, and offering a cannabinoid-rich, THC-free option, Panacea’s DAILY Softgels are a great way for anyone to get a serving of broad-spectrum hemp oil and CBD.

They seem to work as the softgels improved our mood and brought a calming sense of well-being to our bodies. The softgels may also help with soreness and discomfort.

Panacea Life Sciences is based in Louisville, CO, where it conducts its entirely US-based operation to achieve its company goal: to improve the health and well-being of patients by reintroducing hemp-based therapeutics.

The company sources organic hemp from farmers in Colorado, the leading state in the nation for hemp production.

Panacea specializes in premium extraction techniques and uses ethanol—a safe solvent used to preserve the terpenes in hemp—to create the oil used in their products. The company plans on including CO2 extraction for products containing only CBD isolate.

Each batch of products is tested by a third-party laboratory, providing confidence to consumers that each product contains exactly what Panacea says it does. Certificates of Analysis are available upon request.

While Panacea does not have a Good Manufacturing Practice certification with the FDA, Panacea’s president assures us that each and every product is manufactured to GMP standards.

Panacea Life Sciences Brand Review

How a CBD brand operates is extremely important to the quality and efficacy of its products. As a consumer, you should expect nothing less than the best.

At The CBD Insider, we measure the excellence of a brand by four primary criteria:

  • Where and how the company sources its crop
  • The extraction methods used
  • The extent to which their products are tested by independent, third-party laboratories
  • A current Good Manufacturing Practice certification with the FDA

We also look at some secondary factors, such as the user experience provided by the company’s website, their online consumer reviews, the organizations and groups the company is associated with, what research it conducts, and more.

Panacea Life Sciences Coupon

We negotiated special deals through Panacea, including a 20% Panacea coupon off their entire store: CBDINSIDER20.

You can use this code to get 20% off all products from Panacea.

Panacea’s Hemp Sourcing Methods

Panacea sources all of its hemp from four different Colorado farmers who use organic methods and do not use herbicides or pesticides.

Colorado is a great place to grow hemp because of the state’s climate, and since hemp requires minimal interaction, herbicides and pesticides are not necessary.

The company thoroughly vets each potential partnership, and if they are pleased with the quality of a farmer’s operations, they write up a contract.

Panacea also conducts a sample extraction test, and if any toxic elements are found, particularly heavy metals or pesticides, then the contract is canceled.

Panacea’s CBD Extraction Methods

Currently, Panacea uses ethanol to create their hemp oil, which allows the company to safely preserve the terpene profile of hemp for cannabinoid-dense, full-spectrum CBD products. 

“Our guys here make some really, really good oil,” said Baumgartner. “We’ll stack that up against anybody else’s product.”

In addition to ethanol extraction, the company will start using CO2 for their CBD-focused products once 2019 begins.

Third-Party Testing

Panacea uses a third-party laboratory to conduct testing for each batch of its product, measuring for concentration, toxin levels, and more.

“The testing that we do for each product is more extensive than you’ll see with any other operation,” said Baumgartner.

“We’re also one of the only companies that I know that does stability testing,” said Baumgartner.

Stability testing provides the assurance that a product will remain safe and effective over a long period of time.

In addition to their commitment to extensive testing, Panacea is also working on making the results easily accessible to consumers.

Eventually, the goal is to have QR codes on each product that can be scanned using a smartphone, which will immediately deliver a certificate of analysis (COA) for that product’s lot number.

In the meantime, while COAs are not accessible through the site, they should be available upon request.

Good Manufacturing Practice

A Good Manufacturing Practice certification with the FDA shows a company complies with industry standards and safety regulations.

Panacea is not presently certified as a GMP facility with the FDA, but the company, which already adheres to GMP regulations, has plans to be certified in 2019.

“We spent the first six months of our operation establishing the GMP process, so everything we do is governed by standard operating protocol,” said Baumgartner.


A user-friendly website also contributes to a brand’s excellence and must contain certain aspects—like functionality and mobile friendliness—to produce a positive user experience.

User Experience

Overall, the site is clean, easy to navigate, and simple.

However, many of the photos are of low quality and grainy, while some of the text does not seem to be accurate or up to date (the mobile experience is more visually appealing, so we preferred mobile browsing in this case).

For example, the ingredients on the F.A.S.T. 35 mg Hemp Oil Tablets product page differ from what is on the bottle. The bottle says the product contains coconut oil, while the product page does not mention coconut, a potential allergen.

Other than these few inconsistencies, Panacea’s site shouldn’t cause you a problem.

Customer Service

The shopping experience is straightforward, and Panacea charges a $5 flat shipping rate to anywhere in the United States (Panacea does not currently ship internationally). Free shipping can be obtained if you purchase $100 worth of products.

Orders are usually delivered within seven to ten business days.

Panacea also offers a 7-day customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, you can return the unused portion of the product. The return policy requires the consumer to submit a claim within 48 hours of delivery.

When contacting Panacea’s regular customer service (i.e., not contacting the higher-ups we spoke with directly), we found response rates to be slower than we would like. This contrasts from our generally positive experience with the brand, so we hope to see an improvement here. 

CBD Associations

Panacea is not currently a member of any associations or groups, though the company was formerly a part of the International Hemp Research Foundation and may pursue membership once again in 2019.

Online Consumer Reviews

Not many products have been reviewed, but those that have are receiving glowing remarks.

Most reviewers say Panacea’s products have helped them mentally and emotionally, while others have found relief from severe, chronic pain.

Pet owners saw an increase in energy and activity from both dogs and cats that were dealing with various causes of pain, indicating the products provided significant relief.

Science and Research

As the name suggests, Panacea Life Sciences is serious about scientific research, conducting and sponsoring several studies, a major distinction among other CBD brands.

The first study Panacea conducted was a canine study, testing the efficacy of Panacea’s own canine softgels on osteoarthritis.

The results showed a 36% improvement across the patient cohort, according to Baumgartner.

Panacea also conducted a study on 60 horses, and early results show that CBD hemp oil helped improve gait and anxiety in 8 out of every 10 horses.

The company is also currently conducting six other studies with CBD hemp oil, including studies assessing the impact of CBD on sleep, CTE (a traumatic injury often found in the brains of deceased, former football player), PTSD, and currently incurable glioblastoma.   

“For those patients who are diagnosed with that type of tumor growth, it’s essentially a death sentence,” said Baumgartner. “So if we can help benefit their lives, I think that would be very worthwhile to try and address in the next few years.”

Best Products for Common CBD Benefits

Before we get down to the details of the products we tested from Panacea, here are some of the best products you’ll find for common CBD uses.

Best CBD Product for Anxiety: F.A.S.T. 35 mg Hemp Oil Tablets

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F.A.S.T 25 mg Hemp Oil Tablets

This was our team’s favorite product.

These tablets live up to their name by quickly delivering CBD’s benefits. The price is also difficult for other brands to beat without cutting corners.

Panacea does it right, creating an excellent product that we found most helpful for relaxation and boosting energy levels. Although we didn’t experience it, the tablets may also reduce discomfort.

Many people deal with debilitating anxiety and stress, causing them distress and anger. Fortunately, Panacea’s F.A.S.T. tablets have utilized the power of CBD’s anti-anxiety benefits.

With 35 mg per serving, these little tablets pack a potent dose of CBD, and they seemed to help smooth out our days.

Best CBD Product as a Dietary Supplement: DAILY THC-free Softgels 10 mg

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Daily 10 mg THC-Free Softgels

This was nearly tied with the F.A.S.T. product for our favorite item.

Easy to take with no taste or smell, Panacea’s DAILY Softgels are a great way for anyone to get a serving of broad-spectrum hemp oil and CBD.

They seem to work as the softgels improved our mood and brought a calming sense of well-being to our bodies. The softgels may also help with soreness and discomfort.

While everyone would love to simply pop the non-existent “cure-all pill” for their myriad of maladies, Panacea’s DAILY softgels seem to have the potential to help a lot of them.

The 10 mg softgels are easy to take and are more easily absorbed into the body, thanks to bioavailability enhancers.

We experienced improved mood and a general feeling of well-being throughout the day after taking just one a day.

Panacea Products We Tested

We try products to ensure they are made just like a company says and to help you make the best purchasing decisions.

Our team decided to try three products from Panacea:

  • F.A.S.T. 25 mg Sublingual Tablets
  • DAILY 10 mg THC-free Softgels
  • Soothing Salve

Why We Chose These Products

We chose these products because each one represented the main categories of Panacea’s offerings for humans: sublingual tablets, softgels, and topicals.

F.A.S.T. Hemp Oil Tablets

We used the 30-count, F.A.S.T. 35 mg sublingual tablets.

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F.A.S.T. 25 mg Hemp Oil Tablets

-Affordable, but need 2 bottles to last a month.

-Decent, faint citrus taste; lingering aftertaste

-Seems best for calming anxiety and providing energy

Concentration and Value

Each tablet contains 25 mg of hemp oil extract, which is an ample dosage considering the sublingual administration, one of the more efficient methods for taking CBD.

The 30-count bottle includes 750 mg of CBD total and comes in at about $0.09/mg, an affordable rate that ranks well among other brands.

If one tablet is taken twice daily, this will last a user 15 days, requiring two bottles to cover an entire month.

Thankfully, Panacea offers a monthly subscription service that discounts the price by up to $20 if you decide to receive 2 bottles each month.


Sporting a sleek, simple design, the labeling on the F.A.S.T. bottle is attractive and professional. The bottle is made of black polyethylene terephthalate plastic and has a black screw top lid.

Quality of Non-CBD Ingredients

The F.A.S.T. sublingual tablets also include Starch, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Natural Flavors, Magnesium Stearate, Rebaudioside A (Stevia Extract).

All of these ingredients are food-grade and considered safe by the FDA.


The scent smells similar to the flavor, which is best described as faint citrus.

Overall, the flavor is fine, yet we found it slightly bitter. Since the tablet is administered under the tongue, tasting it can be somewhat avoided.

However, the flavor subtly lingered up to an hour after the tablet had dissolved.

The tablet usually dissolved within ten minutes.

What We Used it For

We took two tablets daily, one during the day and one in the evening, to test their effects on anxiety and energy.


Overall, our results indicated that the tablets were effective.

One of our team members said the tablets helped his day go more smoothly, while also helping improve mood and calm the anxiety of a friend.

The tablets also seemed to help relieve afternoon fatigue by quickly providing a boost of energy that allowed us to push through the rest of the day’s tasks.

Baumgartner said the F.A.S.T. product is his personal favorite, using it to help with aches and pains. He also pairs it with the Soothe Salve before exercising

“My workout is ten times better,” said Baumgartner. “It’s like night and day.”

Potential Uses

In our experience, it seems the F.A.S.T. tablets are best used as daily aids for calming anxiety and boosting energy.

However, reviews for the tablets on Panacea’s website and Baumgartner’s testimony shows they may also help ease the pain, so that may be another potential benefit.

Soothe Salve

We tested the 1 oz, 250 mg Soothe Salve.

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Soothe Salve (1 oz., 250 mg)


-Expensive, but may last a while

-Contains premium non-CBD ingredients

-Soothing to skin, but did not seem effective for pain or soreness.

Concentration and Value

This 1 oz salve features 250 mg of CBD and other phytocannabinoids, a moderate concentration for a topical product.

The cost is not moderate, however, coming in at a hefty $0.28/mg. The price could also be contributable to the other premium ingredients, but it’s still a high ask.

The salve could last a while since it doesn’t take too much to be effective.


The salve is contained in a 1 oz jar made of amber glass with a black, screw top lid.

Quality of Non-CBD Ingredients

The Soothe Salve includes Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Hemp Oil, Calendula, Arnica, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Camphor.

All of these ingredients are all-natural and organic, increasing the potential potency of the product.

Scent & Texture

The salve smells most strongly of Lavender with a hint of Eucalyptus. The scent is relaxing and not overly pungent.

The product itself is pliable and easy to use, soaking into the skin.

What We Used it For

We used the salve on sore muscles, bug bites, and for moisturizing skin.


Soothe Salve truly is soothing, relieving the itch of bug bites and even helping heal the skin.

Dry skin was also left feeling healthy and moisturized.

However, the salve did not seem to be useful for relieving muscle soreness.

Baumgartner recommends the salve for inflammation, and he also uses it to target aches and pains such as knee pain.

Potential Uses

We believe the best uses for the salve are for soothing and moisturizing skin.

The Soothe Salve may also be helpful for relieving pain and inflammation, but we did not experience that.

Products Sold by Panacea Life Sciences

Panacea has a moderately sized CBD product catalog that they continue to expand on a gradual basis.

The CBD product types currently available for purchase on the Panacea Life Sciences website include:

-CBD Softgels
-CBD Tablets
-CBD Topicals
-CBD Tinctures
-CBD Edibles
-CBD Patches
-CBD for Pets

Some of Panacea’s products are isolates while others are full-spectrum and may contain traces of THC, but well within the legal limit (0.3%).

CBD Softgels

Best use: The best uses for Panacea’s softgels are reducing anxiety, improving sleep, and daily supplementation.

Panacea provides various THC-free as well as full-spectrum soft gels in multiple concentrations, and they now also carry vegan soft gels.

Another later addition to the Panacea soft gel selection is the CBD + CBG soft gel, offering a potent synergy of these two wellness-affirming cannabinoids for stronger benefits.

CBD Sublingual Tablets

Best use: The CBD hemp oil sublingual tablets are likely best used for relieving pain and reducing anxiety. The sublingual aspect allows more CBD to be absorbed since it bypasses the digestive system.

One of Panacea’s best sellers – tablets or otherwise – is their F.A.S.T. (Fast Acting Sublingual Tablets) formulation, which uses a “speedy delivery system,” per the site copy, to enhance the amount of CBD that is absorbed by the body.

We also have to shout out their comically golf-themed “mulligan” tablets, which are engineered to calm nerves and ease discomfort for round improvements in your game.

CBD Topicals

Best use: CBD Topicals are best used to treat aches and pains, as well as manage inflammation. Panacea’s creams intend to moisturize and heal skin while also potentially clearing up scars.

The Panacea CBD topical selection has been among their most rapidly growing categories, bringing many different concentrations, formats (balm, gel, lotion, etc.), and targeted uses to the table.

Wherever and however you need relief, Panacea likely has a CBD topical to deliver on that need.

CBD Tinctures

Best Use: The most tried-and-true form of CBD products, tinctures provide an easy and convenient way to take your CBD drops, whether directly or with food.

Panacea is one of the few brands that offers full-spectrum CBDA (cannabidiolic acid, the chemical precursor to CBD), which bodes well for potency and absorption by the body.

They also offer a CBD + CBG tincture, a CBD oral solution, and THC-free (aka, broad-spectrum) drops.

CBD Edibles

Best Use: In most cases, CBD edibles still offer a very accurate and reliable method for measuring doses, and many find a gummy, tart, or other familiar delivery method to be more appealing.

For the time being, the Panacea CBD edible collection contains CBD gummies exclusively, but given the way their overall catalog has grown, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more options surfacing soon.

As usual, all of their gummies are top sellers, including the THC-free and vegan “cherry bomb” gummies as well as their to-go packs of full-spectrum or THC-free CBD gummies.

CBD Patches

Best Use: Similar to topicals, CBD patches allow for targeted, deep perfusion of CBD into specific areas of the body, which is ideal for addressing localized discomfort.

CBD patches are rare as it is, but Panacea just might be the first brand we’ve seen to offer CBD K tape.

The cooling and heating patches, both infused with CBD, also support a discomfort-relieving application, whether you’re highly active or more of a leisure vessel.

CBD Pet Products

Best use: Canine CBD products are best used to help pets deal with pain and inflammation caused by, for example, arthritis and cancer.

They may also improve general health by helping to balance your dog’s endocannabinoid system, the system that interacts with cannabinoids and is known to regulate various functions in the body.

Customers can contact Panacea through their contact page, via email ([email protected]), or by phone at (800) 985-0515.


At The CBD Insider, we only recommend brands that we have thoroughly vetted and personally tested, so you can feel comfortable purchasing a company’s products.

After thoroughly reviewing Panacea and testing their products, we are proud to recommend Panacea Life Sciences.

They source wisely from Colorado, use a safe extraction method, have their products tested by a third-party laboratory, and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice protocol.

The company backs up its high-quality operation with a user-friendly website and timely customer service.

Above all, Panacea sets itself apart with an impressive dedication to excellence in the quality of their products, and through their substantial contributions to CBD and hemp oil research.

Check out the products we recommend below:

We hope you found this review helpful. Our goal is to find and test the best brands so you don’t have to, allowing you to buy with confidence from trustworthy businesses. If you’ve tried a product from Panacea Life Sciences, tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only. We are not medical experts and nothing should be construed as medical advice. Be sure to speak with your physician before taking CBD or any other treatment.

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