Know What Has Made Vape Juice Head Salts Highly Popular?



Whenever we talk about enhancing the vaping experience, juice head salts have always been a topic of discussion. Basically, they are mainly known for their refreshing taste and intense boost of flavor. Most likely, you will find them online or at local stores in fruity or citrusy flavors. They usually have a percentage of nicotine in them which definitely adds more clouds to the whole experience. 

Talking about the options, then you will surely get to see a myriad of flavors in it which are enchanting and seductive. Mainly, premium sellers like Flawless Vape Shop have brought some trending juice head flavors like Peach Pear, Strawberry Kiwi, Pineapple Grapefruit, Watermelon Lime, Guava Peach, etc. Thanks to their quality standards and techniques that have given us some amazing juice salts to try on throughout the year. 

Let’s take a quick look at this rundown to know how these juice salts help achieve that buzz in no time. 

juice salts

Basically, the salt comes in its natural state with nicotine in tobacco leaves. They are found to be more stable and less explosive as compared to the freebase nicotine. So which one is the best among the freebase nicotine or nicotine salt? 

Initially, vapes were introduced with freebase nicotine-based as an only option. No doubt, they literally were known for giving a similar feeling to a cigarette. But the fact that most of the consumers are still not aware of is that it has got high alkalinity and pH levels, which ultimately gives the throat a harsh hit. Yes, probably much more than a beginner smoker can expect. 

Subsequently, juice head salts came into play with benzoic acid, providing a more rich vaping experience. Even if one has consumed higher doses of juice salts, their throat will feel smooth, and they get satisfied nicotine levels. For this reason, e-juice salts have been highly popular among smoking enthusiasts to date. And guess what is more surprising? They literally have the potential to help you get off the addiction to traditional cigarettes. 

What would be the best nicotine strength to have in your juice head flavor? 

Well, it varies according to your preferences. Normally, if you consume less than a pack in a day, buy a juice salt with a nicotine strength of 25mg. While heavy smokers are always good to go with 50mg of nicotine strength in their vape juice salt

vape juice salt

In the end, whatever nicotine strength or flavor you choose, don’t forget to decrease your nicotine strengths with time. So what flavor would you like to enjoy this time? A perfect lemon or watermelon mix for that nice summer day or Pineapple Grapefruit for that slight tart and intense boost? Have you ever tried any juice head salt and experienced that slow, smooth hit? If not, then hop on, and enjoy something refreshing and less harmful! 

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