How To Light a Joint



We’ve all been there, but do not worry due to the fact we’re below to aid exhibit how to light a joint the suitable way so this comes about a lot less usually and you really do not conclusion up hitting or passing a joint that is “canoeing”.

Keep examining to discover out how to light-weight a joint correctly.

How to gentle a joint adequately

When it will come to lighting a joint, there is definitely a right way and a completely wrong way to do it. The erroneous way, which you’ll see happen much more generally than you’d consider, is to put the joint in between your lips and inhale as you mild it up. 

This can final result in all types of difficulties, from setting your eyebrows on fire to an uneven burn up. Not only is this way of lighting a joint inefficient, but it can also be rather uncomfortable. 

The suitable way to gentle a joint is the following:

  1. Keep the roach (or filter) conclude of the joint in between your thumb and index finger at a slight angle.
  2. Spark up your lighter and little by little provide the flame toward the finish of the joint.
  3. If your joint has a little bit of twisted paper at the end, burn that away first right before moving the flame nearer. 
  4. Roll the joint about, back and forth, between your thumb and finger, so that the flame connects with all sides of the joint as it lights.
  5. Consider a couple of very tiny puffs to get your joint likely gradually and easily (do not inhale at this place as it is almost certainly all paper in any case).
  6. Look at to make confident that the joint is lit on all sides effectively and is burning evenly. If it’s not, then apply the flame again to parts that are not burning so well.
  7. Only when the joint is thoroughly lit, provide it to your lips and get gradual, gentle puffs at initially to assure the burn up stays even. 

This process of lighting a joint may well take a minor extended, but I assure it will produce a substantially smoother and extra even smoke!

Tips for an evenly using tobacco joint

In get for your joint to light-weight and smoke properly, you also will need to make guaranteed you roll it properly in the very first put and hold an eye on it whilst it’s using tobacco, fixing any challenges as before long as they present by themselves.

How to roll a joint - prepared paper with flower

Assemble the suitable provides

The to start with factor you will need to do is make confident you have all the materials you have to have. This incorporates weed, a large grinder, rolling tray, and a gentle resource. Joints can be rolled with just about anything—a dollar invoice, business enterprise card, or even your bare hands—but we advocate making use of a rolling tray and grinder for the very best effects.

How to roll a joint - grinding the flower

Grind the weed properly

After you have collected your supplies, it is time to get started grinding up your weed. All over again, a grinder is not strictly required, but it will make the process a ton less difficult and give you a additional even melt away. When you’ve obtained your floor-up weed, it is time to commence rolling your joint.


Examine the joint

Once your joint is rolled, it is time to light it up! But in advance of you do, get a search at the joint and make positive that it is rolled evenly. It should really be firmly and evenly packed all the way from 1 conclude to the other.

Repair the joint

I’d appreciate to faux that my joints come out best each time, but that’s just not correct for the wide the vast majority of men and women, myself integrated. Consequently, a quick period of time of correcting is typically concerned immediately after rolling to make certain an even smoke.

Keep the joint loosely in your fingers and give it a couple of company faucets on a difficult surface area (by the roach end) to help pack the flower down into the joint much more firmly. You can also use a pokey resource to assistance drive the flower down the joint if desired, but be mindful not to make it far too restricted as it won’t smoke.

One of my good friends usually produced his joints as well tight at university and we made use of to joke about them remaining like McDonalds milkshakes (you must never ever have to suck on a joint this really hard!). 

CBD pre roll 1536x1026 2

Inhale appropriately

When you inhale, recall to choose limited puffs so you really don’t end up having in much too considerably smoke at the moment. Smoking the joint too promptly can make it very very hot and this can also make you cough and may well even make you dizzy or lightheaded.

Rotate the joint and regulate the uneven places

Preserve an eye on the joint as you’re cigarette smoking it and at times rotate it so that all pieces of the joint get smoked evenly. This will enable avert all those pesky uneven burns.

If you discover that your joint is starting up to burn up unevenly despite your very best attempts, blow on the sluggish-burning side or use a poker to even items out.


When you are completed cigarette smoking, be sure to dispose of the roach in a safe and sound and suitable way. We advocate an ashtray or an additional risk-free receptacle.

Cigarette smoking a joint does not have to be sophisticated. Just follow these basic measures and you’ll be properly on your way to taking pleasure in an evenly burning joint in no time! 

Blunts and bowls

At the time you have mastered rolling, lights, and using tobacco a joint, how about blunts and bowls? Listed here are some basic ideas to assist you look more qualified when working with blunts and bowls.

How to roll and gentle a blunt

Most individuals know how to roll a joint, but there are a several uncomplicated suggestions that can enable you roll and light a blunt that is a lot less susceptible to aspect burning. 

  1. Use a rolling tray as this will support keep your weed from going everywhere you go, sticking to your fingers and making a mess. 
  2. Generally use a grinder as this will create an even regularity that will make it easier to roll your blunt and prevent runs. 
  3. Spend in substantial quality rolling papers (aka wraps) that are designed specifically for blunt rolling and can guidance a substantial amount of hashish. Ordinarily hemp rolling papers or hemp wraps can enable. 
  4. Lastly, when lighting your blunt, be sure to use a sluggish and continuous tactic. This will enable avoid canoeing and make certain that you appreciate every last puff.

How to maintain a blunt

A good deal of persons request us how to hold a blunt because they are so much bigger than joints, making them a great deal additional difficult and weighty to tackle.

If the blunt doesn’t sit in between your index and center fingers easily, then hold it in amongst your thumb and index finger as an alternative. Flicking the ash from this place will feel a bit unusual at initial, but as with anything in everyday living, you will get applied to it with practice!

Even though blunts are entertaining, several people who smoke, especially new people who smoke, underestimate the sizing of a blunt relative to a joint. So, the best suggestions we have listed here is to gradual down, take your time, and love the experience.

how to light a blunt

How to mild a bowl (pipe)

Very first cease, study how to pack a bowl right here. If you are new to smoking cigarettes weed, you may well also be asking yourself how to mild a bowl the appropriate way. Lights a bowl effectively, observing prevalent bowl sharing etiquette is primarily critical when you’re cigarette smoking with others. 

The first stage is to discover a very good lighter. Any kind of lighter will perform, but it is finest to use a single that is specifically built for cigarette smoking and that has a good sized flame. 

The moment you have your lighter, keep the bowl amongst your thumb and index finger. Spark up the lighter and carry the flame down on top rated of the bowl. Having said that, if you’re sharing a bowl then you ought to master how to corner your bowl.


Cornering consists of lighting just a tiny area of the flower, so that when you move it to the upcoming individual, there is continue to new inexperienced flower noticeable on the leading of the bowl.

You can nevertheless get a genuinely first rate hit by executing this as the flower will nonetheless burn down the bowl, but it is a lot nicer to give another person a “fresh” strike of a diverse corner than an ashy-seeking mess.

It is critical when lights a bowl to also opt for the finest quality bowl. The difference in between a minimal finish smoking bowl and a substantial excellent bowl can make a substantial variation in the bowl cigarette smoking expertise.

How to light-weight a bong

Cigarette smoking out of a bong is a single of the most common strategies to take in weed. Bongs arrive in all designs and sizes, but they all do the job in essentially the similar way. At the time your bowl is completely packed (see how to pack a bowl in this article), place your mouth on/inside the mouthpiece and then mild the bowl as earlier mentioned, inhaling bit by bit though you do so. 

The drinking water in the bong will filter the smoke as it pulls by, making it much easier and smoother on your lungs when you inhale.

Do you have any other tips you can share with persons? What is your favorite method to light-weight a joint, blunt, bowl, or bong? Allow us know in the responses underneath!

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