Hemp Forecasts for the Year 2021



Hemp forecasts for the year 2021 are good for the majority of the industry. The acreage planted is increasing and the products make from hemp and the extracts are increasing their production because the demand is there. People are searching for help with an ever-increasing number of chronic conditions. The benefits keep growing even in the medical community. 

Hemp Forecasts for the Year 2021 – Hemp the Fiber

Fiber is going to come out this next year in a way that is shocking for most in 2021. The acreage is increasing and the number of products you can make out of it. The durability is extremely attractive to many but particularly sailors use it on their ships for rope and canvas because it is amazingly resistant to salt water. 

Hemp forecasts for the year 2021 include the estimate between 350,000 to 400,000 acres of hemp fiber to be planted and grown in 2021. The hemp fiber uses are growing almost as fast as the medicinal. In fact, the forecasters are predicting the acres planted for hemp fiber will increase profusely in 2021 as the demand for clothes, rope, canvas, paper and much more grows.

Hemp Forecasts for the Year 2021 – Hemp Cultivation

The hemp crops are growing profusely and yearly the acres planted is increasing. There are large scale cultivators in Texas, Kansas, and Montana, Oregon and other states.  Hemp will continue to grow because it is economically sound for farmers and tobacco fields are changing to hemp because the benefits are more. 

Hemp forecasts for the year 2021 have great benefits in farming. Hemp is environmentally sustainable and it leaves the soil in nutrient rich condition. The hemp plants clean the soil from pollution by phytoremediation.

Hemp Forecasts for the Year 2021 — Fewer Brands Because of More Regulations

It is required that hemp is grown under strict conditions in rich pollutant-free soil and undergo multiple testings for THC content and degree of pesticides or lack thereof.  It a CBD company is a start-up or small, they do not have the wherewithal to grow, cultivate and pay for the various products to be produced for hemp. 

Because of higher standards and new regulations, there could be a massive drop in the variety of brands for sale in 2021.  Anti-hemp individuals have a friction with the lack of federal regulation of the CBD industry because they believe the quality of the ingredients has too much room for contaminants.  There is also the possibility that the brands can make unverified claims about their products. 

For this reason, some are predicting there will be an influx of FDA regulations in 2021. Medically-speaking, CBD cannot be considered a remedy for any health conditions even though research supports its use for a plethora of chronic conditions with which many people suffer from on a daily basis. 

Hemp Forecasts for the Year 2021 – Research, Education More Products

As the history of hemp is showcased to the public and the many times was illegalized then legalized and back and forth, it proves it stands the test of time and the rigors of legislation. When President Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act into law in 1970, he put hemp in the same category as cocaine which was inaccurate, but it took some time for the lawmakers to figure it out. 

Hemp endured stigma and criminalization until finally in 2014, researchers were given the green light to, under supervision of a state university research, grow and produce a variety of products. In the Farm Bill of 2018, the Agricultural Improvement Act provided regulations for the growth and cultivation of hemp. 

But the researchers and the scientists are not done with CBD research because there are too many good reports about the plethora of benefits for chronic conditions.  Fortunately, the research is only going to increase and expand for the CBD industry in 2021. This will continually help to prove that hemp is not harmful but rather highly effective in the human body. 

As the product diversification continues the believers in and out of the hemp community will see new products give birth. To date, there are a variety of CBD tinctures, CBD oil capsules, gummies chewing gum and mints.  The topical solutions include topical ointments, facial lotions and lip balm. The smokable hemp flower market is expanding in many states even though some states are regulating it. 

Education brings awareness and that is one of the things we are trying to do with Dr. Strains CBD blog. Many times, people are not resistant to the use of CBD hemp but rather they do not know. Many reputable CBD companies are dedicated to educating the public about the use of CBD and the explanation of how CBD works. Currently there are more than 40 health challenges which individuals suffer with that research and even clinical trials prove CBD can correct.  

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