Hashish Slang Through Background: Portion 2



Cannabis Slang Throughout History Part 2

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Hi there and welcome back again to Hashish Slang All through History. If you haven’t read through section a person I undoubtedly advise you go again and have a seem. There are so many slang conditions that I possibly hadn’t listened to in advance of or just didn’t realise how previous they were being. Drug slang has usually been a prosperous space, partly because of folks seeking to chat about drugs subtly and also just mainly because it’s fun to come up with nicknames for matters so folks imagine you’re a great male. Previous time we remaining off in the 60s via to the 80s so that’s where by we shall get started. 


1960s – 1980s (Ongoing)


So previous time we began talking about how the 60s was a real renaissance for hashish. The hippies ended up coming out in whole pressure and the standard social mindset in direction of weed was starting to be much more and extra well-liked. This came with some a lot nicer slang. I pointed out past time that this was when grass came about, celebrating the pure facets of hashish. This also gave increase to terms like flower and herb. In this article we also see a return to the extra medicinal facets of weed and it remaining highlighted in this terminology. 

This was also when cannabis cooking obtained in level of popularity owing to a reprint of the popular cookbook by Alice B. Tolkas that contained a cannabis brownie recipe. The first time the book was printed in the 50s the cannabis brownies were being actually still left out of the print. Not only was the reprint produced in the 60s but the film ‘I Like You Alice B. Toklas’ spread the phrase in 1968. 

Hashish was also starting to be generally extra current in well-liked media which is where by the slang name Wet Day Female came from. It’s the title of a Bob Dylan track thanks to the line about everybody obtaining stoned. Finding stoned was in fact a rather modern principle when it came to meaning smoking weed. Whether or not the tune was really about cannabis or not isn’t definitely applicable I suppose. Younger people today latched onto the term and I truthfully think it’s 1 of the prettiest colloquialisms so considerably. 

Let’s transfer on to the 1970s when hashish lovers turned interested in the origin of the plant as effectively as cigarette smoking it. This is where the phrase ‘Kush’ came into perform many thanks to the hippies obtaining definitely into Indian Hindu Kush strains. Far more and more strains were coming into The us now that people today were being less aggressive about the plant. A journey labelled the ‘hippie trail’ grew to become well known and was dependable for several of these strains getting common. The trail wound its way through India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. It grew to become a issue of delight for individuals in the hippie group to have done the path and knowledgeable all of these amazing hashish strains at its source. 

Around this time we also got the phrase “wacky baccy” which is fairly self explanatory. However, it is one of my absolute favourites as now my flat mate and I can have this exchange every single time I smoke


“Is that wacky tobacky?”

“The wackiest!” 


Which if you are not acquainted is from that episode of the Simpsons the place Homer untangles a repressed memory about getting a corpse. That exchange is quite important to me so many thanks the 70s. 

I know it is not a term for hashish but the really well recognised ‘420’ actually appeared in the 70s. I seem to don’t forget writing an report about the origin of the time period but let’s have a recap. It is considered that the phrase came from a fun coming of age design and style high school caper involving a group of teenager boys. They heard inform of a plot of weed crops that experienced been left unattended and they met at 4.20pm each working day following faculty to research for it. This is the greatly accepted story, I have no concept how legitimate it is but it confident is pleasurable. It quickly could have just been slang the boys utilised due to the fact they just achieved at that time to get high. 


1990s – Present 


Apparently this time period of time isn’t rife with exciting new conditions for weed. It was really the eras in which it was very illegal and extremely socially taboo that individuals required all the mad slang to cover what they were chatting about but definitely we’ve reverted back to ‘weed’ for the most component. The 90s actually brought the word weed again and also pot which had been floating all around without having remaining that well known for a handful of many years. Pot was a quite major 1, specially with Us citizens. You can convey to mainly because so quite a few elder stoners continue to use it unironically, sorry if that applies to you I love you and you are incredibly vital. 

Some new slang arrived with new procedures this sort of as ‘dabbing’ or ‘hotboxing’ but we truly didn’t get a great deal far more creative than that. 


Funniest Slang 


Okay you’ve all been quite fantastic and now you get a record of the silliest slang words and phrases for weed. 


  • Devil’s Lettuce – Very self explanatory from around the 60s – 80s era. I just consider they are super lovable. 
  • Burning Bush – This is seemingly Snoop Dogg’s favourite phrase and I’m quite into it. Nonetheless, I’m a little one and usually discover the word bush amusing. 
  • Doobie – This is a adorable vintage but the origin is what I love. Apparently it came from Scooby “Dooby” Doo for the reason that the character Shaggy was naturally constantly substantial. 
  • High-quality Things – Alright, listen to me out, think about somebody saying “Excuse me sir could I perchance order an eighth of the wonderful stuff”. Can make me happy anyway. 
  • Ham – Not a clue about this just one but it seems to be serious, and I like it. 
  • Jazz Cabbage – When yet again you can see exactly where this came from but it may be my favorite. It is cute and absurd, which are two of my favourite things. 
  • Sin Spinach – Oh my, I was incorrect, this is my favourite. I like it so considerably I want to cry. 
  • Magic Dragon – Possible for the reason that of Puff the magic dragon who lived by the sea. This is good for the reason that I like equally magic and dragons being associated with obtaining stoned. 



Prepared by Tasha Porritt


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