Growing Cannabis? It All Starts with the Seeds



Growing cannabis, and DIY projects in general, have spiked in popularity over the last few years. Not to say that this is a new trend, because people have been quietly growing pot in private for ages, but now that regulations are loosening up in the US and rest of the world, it’s much easier, safer, and cheaper to establish a good set up in the comfort of your own home. But where do you start? Aside from organizing a space and gathering the correct equipment, arguably one of the most important steps in the process is choosing the right seeds. This will determine what strains you grow and, to a certain extent, the quality of your flower. And to get proper seeds, you need to choose wisely when it comes to what seedbanks you use.

To celebrate Labor Day, we have a handful of deals on cannabis seeds from a variety of different seedbanks. Scroll down to learn more about growing weed, what seedbanks are, and to access the deals. Happy Labor Day Weekend!  

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Growing Cannabis  

A survey published in 2020 by Statistica’s research department found that more than half of respondents (54 percent) aged between 18 and 24 years old said they would “definitely or probably” grow cannabis if it was legal in the United States. Conversely, only 21 percent of participants over the age of 65 were interest in cultivation, (which could be related to man different things including a lack of disposable income to buy equipment and products, minimal expertise, and the fact that it can be time consuming and labor intensive). 

A solution to the latter problem, is using an automated growing system, but they do come with a hefty price tag for their convenience. Although data and research is sorely lacking on this subject, it does seem the most common method for growing weed is the traditional way, by planting germinated seeds in nutrient-rich soil either in a grow tent within a small room or closet. Greenhouses are becoming more sought-after as well, but still more of a niche market.  

In total, roughly 6% of cannabis consumers grow their own flower, as per another survey from New Frontier Data. Among those polled, 60% of the homegrowers were men, it was mainly consumers under the age of fifty-five. Nearly 31% were aged 18-34, and another 49% were between the ages of 35-54. More than 67% live in a legal state – either medical or recreational. Just over 56% state they grow indoors and another 31% grow outside. The remaining 13% percent are doing greenhouse grows.  

Almost half of the survey participants claim to have been growing for less than one year. About 25% are growing two plants, and another 35% are growing 3-6 plants (6 being the legal limit in most states, sometimes this is 6 plants per patient, other times it is 6 plants per household, regardless of how many patients/consumers live there). It should come as no surprise, but people who grow their own weed, typically do so because they want to smoke – 72% reported using their own flower exclusively.  

People grow for a variety of reasons, but statistically most of them do it for convenience (52%), or because it’s cheaper (46%). Another 35% do it so they can grow rare strains they can’t find at dispensaries, and an additional 32% reported growing to avoid pesticides and other contaminants that are prevalent in commercial flower. All that said, regardless of the reason, most homegrowers truly enjoy the art of growing weed. Roughly 70% said they enjoy growing weed as a hobby, obvious perks aside.  

What are Seedbanks ? 

A seed bank is an organization that collects, stores, and sells cannabis seeds. Seed banks often purchase seeds from several breeders and sell them to customers. Seed banks play an important role in preserving and distributing cannabis genetics. They collect and store seeds from various cannabis breeders, which helps ensure that these strains are available for future generations. 

Not to be confused with cannabis breeders. A cannabis breeder is an individual or company that creates new cannabis strains and preserves old ones. Cannabis breeders use various methods to develop new strains, including crossbreeding and inbreeding. Cannabis breeders spend a lot of time developing new strains and often have many years of experience. Therefore, they typically have a deep understanding of cannabis genetics and how to manipulate them to create new strains. 

Some seedbanks breed but many do not – and out of those that do, many times it’s just to mass produce and not to cultivate top shelf genetics. A lot of seeds banks simply act as resellers – buying seeds in bulk at a low price then passing on those savings on to the consumers by offering low prices for individual products.

Labor Day Seedbank Deals 

In honor of Labor Day this upcoming Monday, we have some BOGO deals from six different seedbanks so you can stock up on a huge variety of different strains. Between the sites below, you should be able to find whatever flower/s best fits your growing needs.  

Rocket Seeds 

Rocket Seeds is the fastest growing cannabis seed bank in North America with an established online presence alongside stores in 45 states and 2 US Territories. All of our partner brands offer an 80% germination guarantee, 24/7 LIVE customer support Chat and over the phone, and worldwide shipping.

Buy 10 seeds and get your choice of 5 seeds for free – OR – Buy 25 seeds and get your choice of 10 seeds for free. Use the coupon code RKSFREE and follow the link below to claim this deal. 

Click here for Rocket Seeds BOGO

Crop King Seeds 

Crop King Seeds has been in the industry since 2005. In the last 17 years, they have expanded from a single-employee business working out of a small apartment to a leading seed bank with over 700 strains on the market. They have a huge variety including new-age hybrids, CBD, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, and regular seeds.

Buy 10 seeds and get your choice of 5 seeds for free – OR – Buy 25 seeds and get your choice of 10 seeds for free. Use the coupon code CKSBOGO and follow the link below to claim this deal. 

Click here for Crop Kings BOGO

Sonoma Seeds 

Vancouver-based Sonoma Seeds offers more than 500 organically-driven, terpene-rich strains. In deference to it’s “Valley of the Moon” heritage, Sonoma Seeds follows lunar grow practices to ensure quality and consistency across its offerings.

Buy 10 seeds and get your choice of 5 seeds for 50% off – OR – Buy 25 seeds and get your choice of 10 seeds for 50% off. Use the coupon code SNM50 and follow the link below to claim this deal. 

Click here for Sonoma Seeds BOGO

Sun West Genetics 

Sun West Genetics has a strong focus on preservation of strains compared to other seedbanks. But they don’t just preserve them, they also aim to improve the strains by continuously breeding to find unique varieties. They are based out of Canada with an office in Michigan and they ship to all 50 states, and globally as well.

Buy any pack and get another one of the same quality for 50% off. Use the coupon code SWGBOGO and follow the link below to claim this deal. 

Click here for Sun West Genetics BOGO 

Beaver Seeds

Beaver Seeds is a Canadian based seed bank that sells premium yet low-priced cannabis seeds. If you are looking for high-quality marijuana seeds at a reasonable price, then you will enjoy shopping with Beaver. They offer a wide selection of strains, discreet shipping, and delivery worldwide.

Buy 10 seeds and get 5 seeds for free. Use the coupon code BVR5PK and follow the link below to claim this deal. 

Click here for Beaver Seeds BOGO

Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme is currently offering what they’re calling the “Judge Jenny’s BOGO” sale, which features three different late season auto strains. Buy 8 seeds, get 8 more seeds on the following stains: Zkittlez Autoflower, Blue Cheese Autoflower, and Critical Autoflower.

Buy 8 seeds and get 8 more for free. No limits and no coupon code needed. Just follow the link below to claim this deal.

Click here for Seed Supreme BOGO

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to growing, it all starts with the seeds. Save big this weekend with deals from the above seedbanks, and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Although we only listed a few resources in this article, we always love to learn more about different companies. If you have a favorite seedbank that wasn’t listed here, or if you know of any fun deals, drop us a line in the comment section below!

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