FAB CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Review



FAB CBD CBD Oil review

Welcome to our FAB Full-Spectrum CBD Oil review!

Known for their supplement-style, highly synergistic hemp formulations, FAB CBD lets the cannabinoids do the talking in their Full-Spectrum CBD Oil.

Our review team found noticeable relief from stress and discomfort that lasted for longer than usual in this tincture, though our dosage (80mg) may be on the larger side for less experienced CBD users.

We recommend this tincture for anyone looking to directly access the many benefits of hemp.

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FAB CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil


  • 300mg/30ml
  • 600mg/30ml
  • 1200mg/30ml
  • 2400mg/30ml


Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract (aerial parts) CBD, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Natural Flavors. 

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Table of Contents

  1. Pros and Cons
  2. Quality
  3. Concentration
  4. Value
  5. Packaging
  6. Ingredients
  7. Flavor and Texture
  8. Effectiveness
  9. Conclusion

Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • High ratio of supporting cannabinoids (to CBD)
  • Effective for discomfort and stress

And now the cons:

  • Flavoring doesn’t effectively mask the bitterness
  • Lack of non-hemp botanicals


More than what’s observable to the everyday consumer (taste/texture, effectiveness, packaging, etc.), to provide a deeper and more comprehensive assessment of the quality driving a brand’s products, we also review testing protocols, sourcing, manufacturing/extraction methods, and more. 

FAB CBD sources their hemp from Colorado farms that use USDA organic methods.

The hemp is extracted from the plant biomass using CO2, which is considered the industry gold standard for its safety and efficiency.

FAB uses real sugar in their gummies, and their all-organic hemp topical products steer clear of harsh surfactants or preservatives.

Though the tincture we are reviewing today doesn’t contain them, many of FAB’s products have organic turmeric, L-theanine, Ashwagandha, and other functional ingredients.

All FAB products are tested for cannabinoid potency and potential contaminants by ProVerde, a reputable third-party lab.

Finally, the FAB product catalog contains various targeted formulations (“relief,” “active,” etc.), and both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum extracts are well-represented throughout this selection.

Overall, we have very little room for serious criticism on the quality front, both for FAB and their Full-Spectrum CBD Oil.


We sampled the 1200mg/30ml concentration of FAB Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, which comes available in four concentrations total:

  • 300mg/30ml
  • 600mg/30ml
  • 1200mg/30ml
  • 2400mg/30ml

Here are the cannabinoid potency highlights from the certificate of analysis for our sampled product’s batch:

  • CBD: 44.7mg/ml (1,341mg total)
  • D9-THC: 1.93mg/ml (57.9 mg total)
  • CBG: 0.425mg/ml (12.75mg total)
  • CBC: 1.18mg/ml (35.4mg total)
  • CBN: 0.163mg/ml (4.89mg total)

The CBD is significantly over-delivered, the THC remains firmly within the legal threshold, and the ratio of non-CBD cannabinoids to CBD is roughly 1:12, which is slightly above average. 


This is what FAB charges for the various concentrations of their Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture:

  • 300mg: $39.99 ($0.13/mg)
  • 600mg: $59 ($0.10/mg)
  • 1200mg: $99 ($0.08/mg)
  • 2400mg: $129 ($0.05/mg)

Thanks to a significant slimming down of the per-milligram price at the higher, but still realistic concentrations (don’t need 2000mg+ to see a decent price), we consider this to be close to the average for a high-quality CBD brand.

If you’re new to CBD and looking to sample around with smaller concentrations from multiple brands, FAB might not do you any favors, but if you’re sold on the quality and committed to a larger tincture bottle, a 1200mg or 2400mg bottle is reasonably priced.


Our FAB Full-Spectrum CBD Oil tinctures arrived in darkly tinted bottles (housed in boxes).

Each bottle came with a matte white dropper lid, and both the lid and bottle worked effectively without any issues throughout the sampling period.

As for the labeling, we were able to quickly glean all the major points a consumer would want to know with the addition of a “Why FAB CBD?” blurb, which added a personal touch.

Here’s a quick rundown of the items we encountered on the labels (accounting for both the bottles and boxes):

  • Concentrations 
  • Ingredients
  • Certifications
  • Use instructions
  • “Why FAB CBD?” blurb

Importantly, both the tincture bottle and the outer box displayed QR codes that successfully brought us to the lab reports certifying the tincture’s cannabinoid potency and safety.

All this considered, we consider the packaging quality befitting of a top-tier brand.


Here is the ingredient list for our citrus-flavored FAB Full-Spectrum CBD Oil:

Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract (aerial parts) CBD, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Natural Flavors. 

While there are plenty of opportunities throughout FAB’s product catalog to access functional/herbal non-CBD ingredients, this isn’t one of them.

For both the CBD beginner and the more committed purist, this focus on hemp alone is likely a plus, as it allows the hemp to confer its benefits clearly and effectively.

Moreover, the diversity within the hemp extract itself (referencing the above-average proportion of non-CBD cannabinoids) still allows for synergistic benefits, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Departing from the hemp from a moment, we find a high-quality carrier oil, natural flavoring, and no harsh additives or added sugar, so it’s top marks for ingredient quality. 

Flavor and Texture

For most of us, “citrus” flavoring brings to mind the acidic bite of fruit juice; a sharp and fruity flavor that often lands on the tongue with a tingle.

However, this tincture was significantly less citrusy than expected, which, while still enjoyable, may pose a problem for those averse to the hemp taste.

The texture was thick and viscous as usual, and overall, we enjoyed the mild citrus taste despite the hemp bitterness clearly poking through.

We will say that the flavoring was surprisingly effective in covering up the hemp aftertaste.


Knowing from experience the difference between botanically enhanced CBD products and hemp-only tinctures, we primed ourselves for the latter and were pleasantly surprised with the potency.

Granted, it did require a somewhat large dose (80mg) to experience significant improvements in stress and discomfort, but to FAB’s credit, many less seasoned hemp users will probably see these benefits at lower thresholds.

Within about two hours of using this tincture, we noticed significant improvements in perceived stress as well as physical discomfort, applying to a wide range of stressful situations, old injuries, and other fun attributes of mortality.

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised both with how potent these effects were and how long they lasted (half a day or longer in some cases).


It’s not loaded with bells and whistles, but what it does, the FAB CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil tincture does very well.

If you are particularly put off by the hemp taste, you may find the tincture ineffective in masking it, but for those who don’t mind it as much, there’s much potential to be realized in this cannabinoid-dense extract.

Value goes from humdrum at the lower concentrations to above-average at 1200mg or more for this tincture, so if you’ve made up your mind on FAB Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, we recommend buying in “bulk.”

Finally, FAB signals trustworthiness with high-quality sourcing, manufacturing, and third-party testing protocols, all of which point to a well-made product in the case of this tincture and others in their catalog.

We came away with an overwhelmingly positive impression of this tincture and the brand behind it, and will recommend it to others.

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FAB CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil


  • 300mg/30ml
  • 600mg/30ml
  • 1200mg/30ml
  • 2400mg/30ml


Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract (aerial parts) CBD, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Natural Flavors. 

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