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You just can’t cease individuals from finding large. The Aztecs had psilocybin, the Siberians experienced the Amanita muscaria, the Druids experienced Soma (exact matter, though– truly), and the historical Sumerians had opium. All people experienced something– a thing to have pleasurable with, one thing to take the edge off, a thing that assisted alter one’s condition of consciousness, a little something mysterious to revere and explore. For the historical Egyptians, they experienced the blue lotus, a sweet-smelling aquatic plant believed to have been all around considering that the dawn of time, used as both of those a narcotic and a sacred plant.

What is it?

The Egyptian blue lotus, or the Nymphaea caerulea, is a blue psychoactive water plant identified about freshwater lakes and ponds in Egypt, japanese Africa, and parts of Asia. It thrives in deep, damp, muddy soil and tends to bloom in the spring. Simply because the blue lotus “wakes” and “sleeps,” that means its petals open and shut with the sunrise and sunset, the historic Egyptians connected it greatly with the sunlight, and considered it to be connected to the sunshine god Ra, as perfectly as the entire principle of development, and consequently fertility.

It has a robust, sweet floral odor, apparently identical to ylang-ylang, with a warm spicy tone. Drawings, carvings, and representations of the blue lotus can be identified in several historic Egyptian artworks, even on the tomb of boy king Tutankhamon, whose “tomb contained a gold-plated shrine embellished with a bas-aid of a pharaoh keeping a massive Nymphaea and two mandragoras in his still left hand.” 

How was it applied and how does it come to feel?

The blue lotus experienced numerous uses for the historic Egyptians, together with that of a normal aphrodisiac, when it was employed in sexual ceremonies, as an anxiousness reliever, and, most importantly, as a sleep support. It doesn’t bring hallucinations like other psychedelics this sort of as psilocybin, but it does present a delicate, dreamy substantial that provides about an increased mood and sleepiness. The blue lotus contains three alkaloids that have psychotropic effects: Apomorphine, aporphine, and nuciferine. These alkaloids have compounds that give the shopper an opioid-like influence, mild euphoria, bring them into a trance-like point out and assist induce lucid dreaming. Inside the human body, aporphine is transformed to apomorphine. Apomorphine is also acknowledged to have a Viagra-like influence, serving to with indicators of erectile dysfunction– therefore its use in sexual issues and ceremonies. Apomorphine is also utilised nowadays as a drug to help handle Parkinson’s ailment and drug habit.

The blue lotus was generally offered at functions to woo ladies, who loved its powerful, floral scent. To provide, it was brewed up into a tea that had calming consequences, and was used to elicit lucid dreaming from the drinker. In accordance to Tripsitter“[i]t doesn’t get substantially of this stuff right before consumers commence sensation the insurmountable urge to shut their eyes and drift off to rest.” Several images also depict Egyptians dropping the flower into a glass of wine, then drinking the wine and consuming the flower, elevating its outcomes.

The blue lotus can also be smoked, its dried petals rolled into cannabis or tobacco or smoked on its have for a calming, relaxing outcome that is apparently considerably stronger when eaten this way than in a tea variety.

In the United states, blue lotus is only readily available in the variety of an extract, oil, or tincture. The tea has not been authorized for human consumption. On the other hand, the blue lotus is not a controlled material, this means that it is technically wholly authorized to mature, promote, and eat the flower (apart from in Louisiana). In the Uk, blue lotus would technically be unlawful beneath the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, specially if bought for human consumption, but dried flowers can be discovered quickly on the internet. In general, the blue lotus flower is commonly authorized in most parts of the planet, other than Poland, Latvia, and Russia.

It is nevertheless around right now, and in North The us, primarily in Canada, wherever the flower is legal and not acknowledged as a consumable, it can sometimes be located in health and fitness food items shops, in metaphysical substitute life style retailers, and on the internet. Regrettably, this could not last long, as the blue lotus is getting to be endangered, obtaining virtually wholly disappeared from wherever it has traditionally been found– along the financial institutions of the Nile. Also observe: It’s important to not confuse the Egyptian blue lotus with the sacred lotus, also recognized as the Indian lotus or sacred lotus flower— the Nelumbo nucifera. These crops are really distinctive, and absolutely really don’t have the very same results.


The blue lotus is a psychoactive water plant uncovered in Egypt and all around lakes in japanese Africa. It held deep significance for the ancient Egyptians, and was employed as a medicine and software for a amount of conditions and scenarios– it was utilised as a sexual and a snooze assist, a worry reliever, an stress and anxiety soother, and much more. It presents a mild psychoactive superior. It is acknowledged to be temper-boosting, slumber-inducing, and desire-inducing. The plant is frequently legal in most places (save for Poland, Russia, Latvia, and the state of Louisiana), though is commonly not controlled as a foodstuff. It can be organized and served as a tea for final aspiration state consequences, smoked for more intense results, dipped in wine, drunk, and eaten.

The Egyptians revered the flower, offered it at functions and utilized it for numerous ceremonial and medicinal purposes, and even used it to beautify tombs. However, the plant is now turning out to be endangered, and when it is even now readily available for the curious to get and eat, the marketplace may well quickly tighten up, making blue lotus more durable to get than ever– so if you are on the lookout to replicate the large of our ancient Egyptian ancestors, maybe it is greatest to try to get your hands on the blue lotus plant sooner somewhat than later. Sweet dreams!

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