Essentials for going on a holiday!



The sun in the sky; more hours of light per day and the flowers are emerging and rising again; everyone is enjoying the spring. The sun on your skin and the fact that not every day is sweater-and-pants day anymore might give a lot of people a holiday feeling, which often results in online holiday-seeking. Did you already find out what your next destination will be? Is your mind on Spanish beaches already, or are you enjoying an Austrian hike through the mountains? Either way, you already might want to start thinking about what you would like to take with you when you are going on holiday, particularly when you want to enjoy cheap deals from drugstores and supermarkets. We would love to help you think and therefore already mapped the most important skin-care essentials which you definitely must take with you when going on a holiday! 

Protection against the sun

Prior number one. Whether you are going on holiday in June or in August, whether you are going to enjoy the sun and sea in Greece or prefer the mountains in Denmark or Austria; next to you, the sun will be there as well. And that is why you definitely should take sun protection and aftersun with you. Oh, and do not forget to actually use the lotions when you take it with you! 


However, we think that it is not necessary to take with you when enjoying a beautiful holiday, lots of women still find it a must to take their mascara, eyebrow powder or foundation with them. So, in case you would like to hop on this, do not forget your daily make-up! Since the temperatures are hot, you might find yourself comfier with the use of natural-based cosmetics, since it is often the case that those cosmetics will last longer on your skin (CBD cosmetics for example). 

A dry skin is not what you want!

When you expose your skin to the sun a lot, your skin might become drier than it was before. This could result in irritations, and it might itch a lot; very annoying! Therefore, we would suggest that you take a lotion with you that might prevent or at least help you reduce dry skin when you are experiencing symptoms of it. Lots of products can be used both on the head skin as well as on the regular skin, which is great since you will not have to take two different lotions with you; saves kilo’s in your suitcase!

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