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CBD Overview

CBD is in a natural way deprived of hashish plant extract. Both equally CBD and THC can be identified in the hashish plant, even so, the THC is viewed as to be the psychoactive part, even though CBD is incredibly useful to our overall health – equally actual physical and psychological. CBD does not possess any psychoactive properties thus is safe to use. You can find out additional about the variance and whether or not it is harmless to use CBD on a every day foundation below. 

Some CBD products producers declare their goods to be safe and analyzed, whilst in actuality, it may be much from reality. Make absolutely sure to normally purchase your favorite CBD goods from a dependable corporation, and do not wait to inquire for any certifications, the pretty ideal if the CBD product or service was third-party lab examined. Marry Jane has all the certifications required and is examined by a 3rd celebration that means its products are according to the claims and are unquestionably harmless to use. To find out about CBD use in your country simply click here.

CBD is introduced by Marry Jane in a couple of kinds, as follows:

  • Total spectrum CBD – is made up of all the compounds of the hashish plant, but the THC containment is small <0,2% for Europe (THC <1% for Switzerland) 
  • Broad spectrum – products as such contain only CBD and no THC
  • Terpenes – aroma compound found in the cannabis plant, no THC containment.

Alcohol use disorder 

Such a disorder is becoming more common in recent decades, and more people all over the globe suffer from this very hard-to-cure illness. Triggered by mostly psychological issues, and considered to be real if the person is consuming alcohol more frequently than once a month in any type of dosage. There are stages of this disorder, however, they are hard to trace and label, so if you consume a bigger amount of alcohol than you should, most probably you do have an alcohol disorder. Alcohol abuse in long term leads to irreversible inner organ damage, changes in the brain, and over time lead to death. 

According to recent data, more than half population in the world is suffering from alcohol disorder, in light and severe forms. The age gap for alcohol disorders starts from 12 years old. 

To a person who suffers from alcohol disorder, it may be hard to realise they need help, therefore many people who often intake alcohol aren’t feeling like they need help. To learn whether you need help or not please schedule a visit with your doctor. 

In case you’re aware that you are suffering from AD or you feel like you want to start drinking less or quit drinking at all but feel like you just can’t make it on your own, intaking CBD will be a safe resolution. Not to worry, switching one addiction to another isn’t the case, because, unlike alcohol which is quite literally breaking your body and picking it apart piece by piece, CBD is designed to piece it all together softly, mildly, and safely, helping you let go and finally be free. 

CBD and alcohol

All of us have the ECS – endocannabinoid system, responsible for keeping the balance within our bodies. Naturally occurring cannabinoids in our bodies – endocannabinoids are the ones responsible for pain relief, which can be stimulated by the intake of CBD, therefore CBD brings almost immediate relief to any sort of pain you may be experiencing. We have more info about migraine and arthritis

A long period of intake of alcohol leads to the centers that produce endocannabinoids being destroyed, therefore a human may start feeling the chronic pain of unknown origin, and the hormones responsible for joy and happiness aren’t produced leading to depression. In that case intake of CBD starts to look more like a logical solution. 

It was declared after 2015 research that CBD has shown successful influence on people with different drug addictions to be helpful. CBD also helps to prevent withdrawals, and actually treats any type of addiction, without being an addictive substance. 

However, mixing alcohol and CBD isn’t the greatest idea, since CBD doesn’t help you feel less intoxicated. CBD on the other hand helps you to feel the need for alcohol intake to a minimum, leading to a safe way of quitting drinking at its core. 

A 2021 study has shown that a group of people who added CBD to their daily routine, started to drink less and were drawn to alcohol less too. Therefore, CBD is almost a guarantee for you to start drinking less or quit alcohol intake. 

  • Please consult with your doctor about CBD intake and alcohol current use I

If the doctor’s visit sounds too troubling and triggering it is advised to start visiting the AA groups or consulting with your therapist 

Here are products by MJ that will help you overcome your alcohol addiction. Please go easy on yourself and do not expect immediate results, it takes time for your body to interact and switch from alcohol to CBD. 

CBD by MJ to help cure AD 

If you are smoking then switching or adding CBD flowers to your daily routine may be the first step in handling your AD. Choose various flavours from the MJ store for your benefit.

CBD Flowers

The citrus flavour will take your mind off things since smoking is the fastest way to deliver all the benefits of CBD right into your bloodstream.

In case you are not a big fan of rolling and grinding please feel free to use pre-rolled joints with different flavours too. Fruity and bubblegum notes are mixed in a floral pattern, a very unique cascading taste of first-class CBD flowers.


Vaping is another way of CBD intake, very delicate and rich smoke is hard to resist. Vape 2-3 times a day for 1 puff to feel all the CBD’s benefits reach your system leading to a feeling of inner peace. 

CBD oil

If you’re just starting to add CBD to your daily routine, the best way to do so is with CBD oil. MJ offers oils of different concentrations, so it is better to start with 1-2 drops a day any way you see for of lighter concentration. 

Over time gradually increase either the % of intake or the number of drops. Add it to your body lotion aroma lamp, take a nice chilling bath, or with your morning glass of water.  It is going to be very obvious after a short period of time that the need to drink alcohol slowly fades away.  

You may also consider trying ur the THC-free forms of CBD oil:

It is recommended to order several CBD oils to try out and find your favourite one. 


CBD has no psychoactive properties whatsoever and therefore has no risk of being addicted to it. Whether you are looking for a safer way to relax than alcohol or trying to overcome addiction, CBD is the safest way to do so. Do not worry or overthink, AD is hard to cure but is possible to overcome and be successfully sober for a very long period of time. Many people noticed how helpful CBD is in terms of quitting alcohol for good. 


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