Drug Law Power and the Pointlessness of the Monarchy



On the 8th September, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom handed absent from previous age. She experienced attained the impressive age of 96 and had reigned for 70 yrs and 214 times. This solitary woman had ruled as queen through several crucial times in British background, and many mostly dodgy primary ministers. It was a unhappy day for plenty of persons, with close to 2 million folks lining the streets to present their respects to Queen Elizabeth II. However, as a Uk citizen, I could not enable but observe the proceedings and believe: what did the Queen truly do? Other than supposedly bringing in millions of lbs via tourism.

The loss of life of any individual – other than most likely a cruel dictator – is often a unfortunate prevalence, but I have under no circumstances really recognized why the monarchy exists in the Uk and what powers they in fact have. Right now, with respect to her majesty herself, I want to delve into the law powers the royal family possess – specifically on the lookout at no matter if they have the capacity to adjust drug legislation. The issue is: is there any place to the monarchy, or are they simply just the previous remaining piece of proof that the Uk clings on to show that they were being after a worldwide empire?

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Queen Elizabeth II

Right before we get started, I to start with want to take take note of how remarkable a existence Queen Elizabeth II had. While I myself am section of the instead big minority that thinks that the monarchy should be abolished, It does not imply that I do not respect a lady who, in a lot of means, could have performed a whole lot worse. On the 6th February 1952, just after the death of her father, King George VI, Elizabeth II grew to become Queen of Excellent Britain and Northern Eire.

Total, she was the next-longest reigning monarch in background, as nicely as becoming the longest-lived sovereign ever – which is a substantial triumph in by itself. Before using the crown at the younger age of 25, she in fact insisted on executing her bit for the war work. At only 18, she joined the Auxiliary Territorial Provider – discovering to push and gaining talents in auto maintenance. Having said that, whilst it was a humble conclusion, the encounter she had was far from a person of a frequent human being. Added History writes:

“Elizabeth’s attendance was to some degree circumscribed – she was driven residence to Windsor Castle each individual night and was taken to the officers’ mess for meals – but it was at minimum an opportunity to test herself in opposition to a lot less privileged contemporaries for the first time in her lifestyle.”


However, there were being many positives throughout her reign. In 1965 she visited Germany for 10 days to symbolise the alliance of the two nations 20 decades on from the second world war. In relation to global and domestic appearances, her majesty was a person of the most effective. She comprehended her purpose, as very well as her reputation, and several instances she went out of her way to stop by locations that had not been frequented by a royal before. She was a personable queen, even appearing in Hollywood films, these as James Bond and Paddington.

Even so, the popularity of the royal family members has been slowly but surely lowering for a long time and this are not able to be overlooked. What at the time manufactured Britain what it was, now seems like a pointless leftover of a country that can’t appear to conditions with the new world. The Guardian writes: 

“Currently, only 47% of 18- to 24-year-olds say Britain must go on to have a monarchy, compared with 86% of Britons aged 65 and over… Such disillusionment is a rather new growth. As a short while ago as 2015, 69% of 18- to 24-year-olds claimed that Britain should stay a monarchy.”

But to realize why some people imagine that the monarchy ought to no for a longer period exist, we to start with want to realize the power they actually

What Power Does the Monarchy Have? 

The moment on a time, the British isles was an empire that dominated above numerous nations in several continents and the monarchy was a huge explanation for this. Having said that, now we dwell in the 21st century with democracy, nation independence, and common sense. The belief, among numerous in the Uk, is that the royal spouse and children now exists – neutrally – in the history. They act like a nice china set of plates that you may well carry out only on distinctive events – like when your manager or mother comes for meal.

Most of the time they are pointless but, often, you like to clearly show them off. This is someway ample of a cause for them to still remain there. It is believed that the monarchy provides in close to 50 million on a yearly basis to the Uk economic climate by way of tourism. Having said that, it is also believed that the royal loved ones expenditures the British folks all around 102 million pounds just about every yr. In point, the House of Windsor is estimated to be well worth 19 billion pounds, in accordance to Forbes.

As you can see, the quantities do not seem to incorporate up. That is why it is really outstanding that the monarchy in the United kingdom has been in a position to exist for so prolonged, even with other people in Europe slipping. So if they still exist, what do they basically do? Nicely, constitutionally speaking, the royal family members has entire electrical power. They can appoint leaders, symbolize the nation abroad, amend or reject new legislation and mainly do anything at all. Having said that, they do not use these powers – primarily for the reason that if they did, the belief would be that there would be a revolution and they would no more time exist. They are informed they can only keep on being in electricity if they sit in the history – as we’ve mentioned. The Royal Family members web-site describes their job:

“The British Monarchy is recognized as a constitutional monarchy. This suggests that, while The Sovereign is Head of State, the capacity to make and move legislation resides with an elected Parliament…The Sovereign functions as a concentrate for nationwide id, unity and pride offers a feeling of steadiness and continuity officially recognizes accomplishment and excellence and supports the suitable of voluntary support.”

Hence, in essence, the king or queen of the United kingdom will stop by other nations to spotlight friendship, will meet up with recently elected key ministers, will do televised speeches at moments of hardship and will mainly drink tea and seem lovable. But not a great deal far more than that. This is why it is complicated to abolish them. How can you abolish an establishment that generally does practically nothing anyway? The time for revolution or overthrow comes when a unique leadership is overusing their ability, not when they pointlessly waving to the public from a Union Jack adorned automobile. 

Could the Queen Legalize Medications?

The authorities of the Uk is liable for proposing and managing legislation. If hashish or any other substance was to all of a sudden develop into authorized in the Uk, it would be thanks to the governing administration, not the monarchy. On the other hand, although it is thought that the Queen had no energy in any way, she did technically have to approve any new law that was passed. This did lead to some controversial times. The Boar writes:

“The Guardian‘s investigation revealed that the Queen’s Consent was utilised to effectively foyer the authorities to alter a draft law in buy to conceal her “embarrassing” personal wealth from the community.”

As we’ve talked over, the royal family members only will work if they are neutral and harmless. But if extra folks get started to notice how considerably money they receive and how a great deal they choose from the United kingdom economy, then suddenly the facade is shattered. This was why the Queen built an energy to keep away from this taking place. But did she have the electric power to also sway drug regulations? The royal loved ones have been recognized to eat tougher medication. For occasion, Prince Harry applied hashish underage and even Queen Victoria potentially made use of the compound to help with her menstrual cramps.

Additionally, the Queen was technically nevertheless the monarch of Canada – who experienced legalized the plant – building her the Queen of Hashish. In addition, when health care hashish was legalized in 2018 and esketamine certified in 2020, the Queen did not stand in the way. However, this is however the United kingdom govt accomplishing its bit, and really slowly and gradually in relation to the rest of the globe. In relation to the monarchy, the reality is that if everyone in the entire world is heading to push for drug legalization, it is not likely to be the royal relatives of the United kingdom. Merely place, their life have been way too sheltered, upper class, and ignorant to actually understand the relevance or fun of any recreational substances. In a feeling, this isn’t by any fault of their own, they have been basically born into it. 

Final Views

As a Uk citizen, I am of training course sad at the dying of Queen Elizabeth II. She appeared like a wonderful lady and I did just take some comfort and ease from recognizing that she was close to, accomplishing Queen-like issues. However, in my feeling, which is shared by a big chunk of the United kingdom, the monarchy desires to be abolished. While it may appear like they do no damage, they stand as a image of what the United kingdom at the time was: a ruthless empire that considered that simply being born into the ‘right’ relatives can make you more important than a different.

In regards to drug rules, the royal loved ones are not able to do just about anything, as they know that any type of unwelcome meddling in British isles society could guide to their eventual abolishment. Having said that, if the new king – Charles III – fancies lobbying for entire cannabis legalization in the British isles, perhaps I’ll assistance the royal spouse and children current for a few more decades. 

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