Diamond Lignum Vitae All-natural Sexual Vitality and Vibrancy.



Diamond Lignum Vitae ( lig·nuhm vai·tee)

What is chi? If you don’t forget a time when you felt vitality flowing by way of your system, you know how it feels when your chi (qi) is lively and balanced. 

Possibly it was when you were being freshly in really like and confused by sensual attraction. Potentially it was a journey journey, meeting the unfamiliar with exhilaration, or when you were an athlete at the peak of your video game.

We at times associate the healthful stream of chi with staying younger. Age, injuries, and strain can cause blockages in the circulation of chi, but these conditions are typically reversible.

To understand how Diamond Lignum Vitae provides its exceptional benefits to each guys and girls, think of returning critical chi to exceptional flow. This post describes the rewards of a purely natural vitality booster like Diamond Lignum Vitae and outlines its benefits–including and beyond bettering sexual purpose.

Infinite Chi

Chi is the important existence power that operates through all living beings. Since it is Universal strength, you have infinite obtain to it. You do not get started with a finite quantity and burn off it up, it is generally available to refill and renew you.

Having said that, injury, health issues, negativity, or strain can trigger the channels of chi that run inside your overall body to shut down. Blockages correlate to all types of health and fitness difficulties. Sexually associated facet consequences of blockages involve a lack of sexual curiosity, sexual habit, or erectile dysfunction.

For centuries, a few significant tools have helped people today restore the movement of blocked chi. They are work out and motion, acupuncture, and specially formulated herbs. Diamond Lignum Vitae is a botanical formulation that contains herbs utilised about the globe to restore overall health and vitality.

Below is a depiction of meridians in the human entire body.

How Do You Know if Your Chi Is Blocked?

Your indications of stagnant or blocked chi will count on the place it is not flowing. Chi can stagnate in any of the organs, which include the lungs, heart, and liver. Some  popular warning symptoms of blocked or stagnant chi contain:

  • Depression
  • Temper swings
  • Inappropriate anger
  • Discomfort or discomfort in the abdomen
  • Very poor digestion
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Lower or no hunger
  • Asthma
  • Weakened immune procedure
  • Weak circulation
  • Hair Reduction
  • Fat problems
  • Mental fog
  • Sexual dysfunction

Proven Herbal Remedies to Restore Chi

Occasionally we feel of prescription drugs and natural treatments as totally different. Forty % of available prescription drugs, including the best-selling top rated 20, are derived from herbs that had been applied for hundreds of years.

Whole-plant or less processed formulations in some cases supply much better results than their very manufactured counterparts  mainly because elements of the vegetation interact to supply more powerful positive aspects. 

Herbs made use of in Regular Chinese (TCM) and Standard Tibetan Medication (TTM) to take care of erectile dysfunction have  held up beneath the scrutiny of western scientific investigation.

The Romance In between Chi and Sexual Functionality

In western phrases, your  food plan, work out, and health and fitness can all affect sexual functionality. Gentlemen and women of all ages who do not physical exercise, smoke, take in unhealthy fats or have a issue like diabetic issues are extra probable to expertise sexual dysfunction.

All of these things to do impression your chi.  Increasing your wellbeing, vitality, and the stability and circulation of chi in your entire body is element of protecting or restoring healthier sexual functionality

There are even  acupressure strategies you can use at dwelling to encourage precise details on your meridians to assist restore chi stream and sexual vitality. 1 of the most effective components of addressing your well being holistically, which include way of living choices and natural solutions like Diamond Lignum Vitae, is you improve your total wellness by addressing the root bring about of your ailment.

The Draw back of Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra

A lot of guys use Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra devoid of any adverse outcomes, but they are not a holistic remedy for sexual problems, just a short term fix. They do the job by obtaining much more blood to the penis by calming muscle tissues and arteries within of it. 

Prospective facet consequences vary by which medicine a particular person utilizes. They include  limb pain, eyesight variations, rash, nausea, dizziness,headaches, or a stuffy or runny nose

An herbal, holistic solution might consider some effort in excess of time (or it may well work swiftly), but the added benefits are additional extensive than a brief pharmaceutical correct. You are addressing the underlying disorders that cause the difficulty.

Why Diamond Lignum Vitae is Great for The two Males and Women of all ages

Sexual vitality is magnetic. When you really feel that sexual demand – irrespective of whether in just on your own as confidence and vitality or amongst two folks as attraction – you truly feel alive.

The sophisticated formulation of Diamond Lignum Vitae combines the potent botanicals of TTM with  synergy-increased plant terpenes. It is developed to empower and ignite your sexual chi by activating and strengthening various methods of your system. Its benefits incorporate:

  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Increasing blood top quality and flow

Right here is a fast look at a handful of of the elements and how they get the job done.


Guarana is a paste made from the seeds of a Brazilian plant. It has an unusual focus of flavonoids and bioactive compounds, building it the matter of various reports.

Researchers have uncovered proof to assistance the  next well being rewards:

  • Eliminates cost-free radicals (preventing ailment and ageing)
  • Increases psychological target
  • Fights cancer
  • Improves blood stream
  • Cuts down blood clots

Sexy Goat Weed

Horny goat weed is native to Japan, China, Tibet, and Korea. The story driving the title is a goat herder recognized his flock finding aroused just after eating the weed. 

It has been prolonged utilized in TCM and TTM as a  treatment for erectile dysfunction, and pre-scientific trials replicate that application.

Having said that, it has supplemental wellness gains. Reports display it may help:

Muira Puama

Muira puama is a flowering plant indigenous to the rainforest. It has been used for generations by Amazonian tribes to encourage and assistance sexual perform.

An initial  examine showed that center-aged adult males expertise improved sexual operate with very little to no side outcomes when using muira puama mixed with three other herbs. Additional research demands to isolate the specific herbs and replicate the impact.

A  study of postmenopausal women of all ages who have been complaining of a low intercourse travel showed statistically substantial improvement in:

  • Frequency of sexual desires 
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Sexual fantasies
  • Pleasure with sexual intercourse everyday living
  • Intensity of sexual dreams
  • Pleasure of fantasies
  • Capability to attain orgasm
  • Intensity of orgasm

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng has been utilised for centuries in Russia, China, and Tibet.  Various studies over the previous several decades have shown the subsequent advantages:

  1. Boosts immune perform
  2. Aids your system cope with psychological or actual physical tension
  3. Improves memory
  4. May perhaps increase muscle energy and stamina

Quercetin Extract

Quercetin is a plant pigment and flavonoid identified in meals like berries, apples, onions, and crimson wine. Reports  show it has several overall health positive aspects, like minimizing irritation and halting free radicals from staying stolen from extra fat molecules. 

Quercetin extract also supports blood wellbeing in two essential ways. It cuts down platelet aggregation, which can assistance avoid blot clots and increase blood movement. It also can help the capillary partitions tighten up to maintain in crucial nutrition and block out most likely harmful molecules.

Clavo Huasca

Clavo Huasca is a bioactive bark extract used by Amazonian tribes.  Scientific studies exhibit that it scavenges absolutely free radicals (acts as an antioxidant) and is a impressive, cancer-battling anti-inflammatory.

These are only six of above seventeen components in Diamond Lignum Vitae. However, you can see that just about every herb is meticulously preferred to deliver specific well being advantages.

Never Settle for Less Vitality Than You Have earned

You simply cannot stop the march of time, but you can cut down the effects of aging and restore your chi at any age.  Diamond Lignum Vitae is a meticulously crafted mix of strong botanicals from close to the globe to aid sexual vitality and in general vibrancy.

Our tinctures are made in the US and composed for synergistic rewards. If you are battling with sexual dysfunction or disinterest, or are not happy with your overall vitality, give your self the gift of centuries of knowledge distilled into a single, powerful formula.

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