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If you want to try a real high-potency product, you would love our Deal Of The Day: 30% Off High-Potency Gummies, made from an effective blend of strog cannabinoids.

With 175mg in each of these tasty high-potency gummies and 20 gummies per jar (that’s 3500mg total!), you don’t need to take much in-order to feel the effects. Evolving from the previous popular 2000mg lights out collection, Delta Extrax made an extra effort to come with even better flavors, such as Blackberry Acai, Wedding Cake, Mango Coconut, Sour Peach, Root Beer and Kiwi Watermelon.

Each one of these high-potency gummies was created by an effective blend of 87.5mg Delta-8 THC, 70mg Delta-10 THC, 5mg THC-JD, 5mg Delta-9 THC, 5mg THC-H and 2.5mg THC-P. Looking on all these strong ingredients, melded together for an effective outcome, no suprise the lights out collection has become a top-selling line.

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Learn more about High-Potency Gummies and Edibles

What are high-potency gummies?

High-potency gummies (in most cases THC gummies, as this term usually refer to cannabis products) are candies with high levels of THC. Such gummies are often used for recreational purpose, but also for medical and medicinal. Using them properly can produce desirable effects such as euphoria, relaxation, focus, mental alertness, increased appetite and other feelings, usually associated with being ‘High’.

As High-potency gummies have high level of THC, they can be more potent than ‘regular’ cannabis products, with average levels of THC, so consume them in a responsible way, to avoide having negative effects if consumed in excessive amounts.

While you can find THC gummies with anywhere between 5mg and above, high-potency gummies usually have up to 100mg THC (Delta-9 THC) in each. Any products with more than 100mg Delta-9 THC is considered to be very high-potency and should only be taken by experienced users.

Examples of other high-potency edibles

Other examples of high-potency edibles may include any product that is eaten, such as: Cannabis-infused brownies or cookies, Cannabis-infused chocolate bars, Cannabis-infused tinctures or oils, Cannabis-infused butter or oil, Cannabis-infused honey, etc.

It is rare to find edible with over 100mg Delta-9 THC in each and as discussed before, unless you are an experienced user, you should always ‘Start low and grow slow’ to find your own perfect spot.

Risks of using high-potency gummies

The use of high-potency gummies may lead to a number of risks associated with it. Rare as they are, you need to be aware of the risk and consume THC in a responsible way.

Some of the potential risks include: Overdose (which can lead to unwanted symptoms such as anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, and in very rare cases, even worse), Dependence (which can make it harder for you to stop taking THC), Impaired judgement (which can lead to accidents or injuries, especially when driving or operating heavy machinery) and Interaction with other substances.

Best practices when using high-potency gummies

When using high-potency gummies, it’s important to follow a few simple guidelines:

Start low and grow slow: Unless you have prior experience with the product, start with a relatively small amount and wait for a while before consuming more. It is especially important when using edibles, as they need much more time to take-effect.

Be aware of the legality: Be aware of the laws and regulations regarding these specific products in the area you are currently medicating. While using hemp-derived THC products are usually safe in the US, you should use common-sense and avoid medicating near kids, in schools, etc. Generally speaking it is also unwise to solisitate solicitate to other people… Try not to it.

Don’t mix high-potency gummies with other products or even worse, with other psychoactive substances. No really, don’t! Mixing any drug with another might end bad to you. High-potency products are strong enough, trust them.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. No furthere explanation is needed here, just don’t fo it. Ever.

Store high-potency gummies properly: Keep them carefully secured in an airtight container and in a cool, dry place. As before, try to move it as far as possible from the reach of children and if possible, use child-safe mechanism to avoide unwanted small hands reaching these gummies.

Consume responsibly. These are high-potency products, so act accordingly.

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