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1. CBD and THC overview

CBD and CBD based mostly items are nicely identified between modern day men and women, cannabidiol (CBD) is derived straight from hemp flower, or cannabis – famed ‘getting you high’ kind of plant. Having said that, the most crucial difference concerning CBD and the said drug is the fact that CBD has no trace of THC, the tetrahydrocannabinol, which is accountable for psychoactivity when it was used. 

Consequently, answering this necessary issue, no matter whether CBD will be proven on any drug take a look at: no, it will not. There are handful of moments about that subject that require to be elaborated, which this article will include. 

Commonly drug exams are made to show traces of THC level in blood, but if you use CBD merchandise and especially CBD merchandise by Marry Jane, you can rest assured that THC traces won’t be found. 

There are a number of items with <0,3% of THC, which is considered to be legal in most European countries and won’t be shown on drug tests, or make you feel drowsy, dizzy or anything like it shouldn’t feel like after taking CBD, however, not all European countries are allowing even these type of small amounts of THC. You can check the list of countries where CBD is illegal here.

For some people, even <0,3% of THC contained in CBD may be shown in the end on drug tests, but Marry Jane always has a trick up their sleeve to avoid any uncomfortable situations. 

Let’s dive into the deeper and learn how and why some CBD products may show a bigger amount of THC on any drug tests, and how to not be trapped by drug tests results. 

2. Premium CBD for powerful relaxation

Marry Jane’s products are made from best organic and indoor grown CBD, not only lab tested but a third party lab tested too. The range of products includes different CBD oils, from a full-spectrum to water soluble, topicals, flowers and joints and many more.  

There are only so many ways to relax and become anxiety free by using CBD, but will the mental healing process be interrupted by drug tests, let’s find out.

Using CBD, especially the one from an unreliable manufacturer may actually lead to a positive drug test result, showing traceable amounts of THC in your blood system, because the products may have a bigger amount of THC than it is stated on the label. 

You see, to produce high quality pure CBD takes a lot of effort and energy, so for some unscrupulous manufacturers it is easy and cheaper to put misleading information on the label, and in the end – no one wins. 

Therefore, if you use CBD products by an unreliable manufacturer, you may get in the ‘risk zone’ that their products may contain unpleasant ingredients that may trigger drug tests to show a positive result. 

CBD isolate products are less likely to show a positive for THC drug test reaction, than, for example a full-spectrum CBD oil, because sometimes it may be ‘contaminated’ with more than 0,3% of THC, while CBD isolates are usually absolutely THC free or guarantee the amount of THC to be less than 0,3%.

3. How can I be sure that this exact CBD product is THC free?

If you get your CBD from a reliable company, they are supposed to have third party lab tests that are proving the facts of everything that is listed on the label. This procedure is happening to ensure the customer, that these products are of same quality as the brand states them to be, and this is confirmed by the third side. 

However, most CBD users are not always too careful about the CBD’s origin and whether the brand they purchase is reliable or not, therefore they may actually get caught in a very unpleasant type of situation. 

Do not hesitate to request the COA (certificate of analysis) or find one on brand’s website, that way you will learn about the compounds in the particular product. If the company refuses to provide COA, you can either let it slide and still purchase with them, or go to a reliable company that stands tall on their reputation and won’t allow bad quality products to their shelf.

4. Does CBD oil relate to THC?

As we already learned above, CBD has slightly traceable amounts of THC, the amount is so low that it most usually won’t be shown on any drug tests or make you feel like something unwanted aka ‘high’ and so on. 

CBD unlike THC doesn’t intoxicate your body with psychoactivity and not making you feel slower in your daily life, doesn’t trigger stress or anxiety. On the other hand, good quality CBD and CBD oil are interacting with the endocannabinoid system, influencing receptors responsible for performance of the several important roles they ought to play in the human body, those are CB1 and CB2. 

These receptors are responsible for our immune system, coordination, movement, anxiety, fear, appetite and so on, therefore CBD forces our body to be maintained and ‘work’ better, feel calmer and be mildly relaxed at the same time. 

5. All you need to know of CBD Oil by Marry Jane

At Marry Jane you can find both CBD full spectrum oils with bigger THC traces, as well as fully THC free isolates and tinctures. 

CBD with or without THC traces is proven to help you relax, feel better, fix your appetite and sleeping schedule and other beneficial qualities. You must always listen to your body on what kind of CBD, what % of concentration and so on makes you feel better or calmer or reduces your anxiety. 

You can check CBD full spectrum oil, this item has 5 bottles of CBD oil of different CBD concentration.

These oils are guaranteed to be of a very high quality, just slowly change the concentration or increase the amount of drops used. Traces of THC are less than 0,3% here, so if you follow up the instructions these types of oils won’t give a positive drug test for THC. 

Sometimes there are some situations when you can’t afford to have any risks whether THC will or will not pop up on the drug test, so Marry Jane offers a wide range of products that are guaranteed to be THC free, like this water soluble CBD extract option. 

If you still have drug testing soon and you wish to use products with bigger THC amounts, please note that drug tests can detect THC for three days after a singular use, and up to thirty days for numerous usage.

6. How to not fail a drug test if you use CBD

Whatever the reasons are for your drug test, the fact is you need to pass it, and nobody wants to deal with any kind of consequences that may follow if you fail your drug test. 

There are a few basic reasons why drug tests may trigger positive results after taking CBD products. Let’s learn them quickly and then move onto how to avoid positive drug testing.

Firstly, it’s using CBD products with highest THC content. 

This may happen if the product is already stated to have a specific THC amount bigger than 0,3%, or if the CBD supplier sells bad quality products and doesn’t provide reliable information. Therefore, always make sure that the CBD you are buying is from a reliable supplier and corresponds to the declared THC level.

CBD products by an unreliable supplier may be cross-contaminated with THC. And while the supplier states that the product is THC free or THC is less than 0,3%, it may still have been cross-contaminated and the needed tests weren’t executed. 

Another way for a positive drug test is a second hand exposure to THC. So you may be using good quality CBD that is THC free, but let’s say you’ve been all night partying in the room with THC-containing heavy smoke, then the possibility is still quite low, but pretty much possible to have unwanted test results. 

You can follow the below rules to make sure that your intake of CBD won’t trigger a positive drug test. 

  • Make sure to only order CBD products from reliable suppliers and brands 
  • Get the good quality CBD oil and tinctures, best if the hemp was indoor grown and third party lab tested
  • Ask the seller about possibility of cross-contamination and do not be shy to request COA’s 
  • Do not smoke joints and flowers at least a couple of weeks before drug testing
  • Use vape in case you want to puff CBD, with a THC-free E-liquid.

7. Summary

Always get your THC from a reputable supplier, with provided documents and a third party lab test. There is always a chance of a false positive drug test, in that case just redo the test and you are in the clear. 

Be careful, and use CBD wisely, to achieve a stress-free, relaxing and wondrous experience of highest quality CBD with Marry Jane. 


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