Cannadips Constrained Version Pouches Overview



I previously reviewed the main selection of CBD pouches introduced by Cannadips just in excess of a 12 months in the past, which provided refreshing wintergreen, pure mint, tangy citrus, tropical mango and American spice.

I’m now delighted to receive their new constrained version flavours, which certainly includes some appealing and unique flavours, so study on if you want to obtain out more.

What Can You Count on In Every single Pouch?

No matter of the flavour you pick from, every pack includes 15 pouches and each and every pouch has 10mg of CBD, indicating you will get 150mg of CBD for every can.

This is a CBD isolate, this means you won’t come across any other cannabinoids present within just the pouch.

Just about every flavour has its very own PDF lab report, readily available for each and every batch, which you can find from the top rated navigation menu on their web-site, titled ‘lab reports’. It’s generally truly worth double checking this in advance of building an purchase with any CBD manufacturer.

Pancho’s Horchata

I did not recognise the flavour title, so believed I would attempt it prior to reading through a lot more and possessing a guess. My first taste guess was Chai Tea, which I guess wasn’t a million miles away.

The important term in the title is Horchata, which is a Mexican consume that contains white rice soaked in h2o, as nicely as cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. So the cinnamon was the flavour that created me immediately imagine of chai tea. I won’t lie, Horchata sounds wonderful!

So what about the Pancho? From what I realize, this is named right after the lovable pooch they have in the workplace, the formal ‘Dip Dog’. As a person who has just bought a pet, I can respect the temptation to title a flavour right after a pet!

Blue Razz

This is the blue raspberry flavour, not a flavour I’m overly common with, but it was an incredibly pleasant shock, a really scrumptious taste, bursting with flavour.

From what I fully grasp, the blue factor is just for the colors to differentiate when making use of purple fruits, e.g. cherry and strawberry, so this is essentially a raspberry flavour.

I do eat a good several raspberries myself, which can occasionally have a marginally tart flavor, nevertheless this was undoubtedly much more on the sweet aspect, which is a beneficial for me.


This one should not be too surprising what to be expecting, ideal for supporters of tropical fruits, such as myself.

This flavour is attained from their collaboration with Cali Kosher on their Papaya strain. They have also put together this with 2 of their core flavours, mango & citrus, to make a lovely tropical-citrus flavour.

You can see how this would be an award profitable pressure, it preferences remarkable, you overlook you’re getting this for a cause, I had to quit myself from biting into the pouch.

Grand Daddy Purp

Grand Daddy Purp, or Granddaddy Purple, must need no introduction to any individual with a prior awareness of the hashish plant, remaining a person of the most illustrious strains.

An Indica mix of Mendo Purps, Skunk and Afghanistan established a sweet and citrusy flavour closely linked to grape and berries. Grape is just what I’d join this flavour to, but with earthy undertones.

Ice Product Cake

These names are not plucked out of no where by, this is an additional Indica strain which is developed by crossing Wedding ceremony Cake with Gelato. I mean, even the terms should give you a clue of the flavor!

Irrespective of currently being sweet (certainly), it also has a larger existence of limonene, developing a bit of a lemon style, so I’d set it nearer to a lemon drizzle cake, but with a a little bit nutty undertone.

How Do You Choose A CBD Pouch?

Pop open the lid and pick up a person of the pouches, just before sliding into your mouth in one particular of two positions. You can both insert it involving your upper lip and your gums, or you can place it underneath your tongue, no matter what you want.

The saliva in your mouth will assistance it to obviously secrete the substances, under no circumstance should you bite into the pouch.

You do not want the pouch to tear and open up, so try not to transfer it to substantially close to your mouth, it will normally slide close to a tiny but try out to quit the temptation to go it with your tongue.

The best time to maintain the pouch in your mouth is between 30-45 minutes. I was also curious all through screening about making an attempt all the flavours, so I only manufactured it 15 minutes involving each and every, but this will establish high-priced if you’re scheduling on getting them often, so try out to adhere to 30-45minutes.

Considering each individual incorporates 10mg of CBD, you can have a utmost of 7 pouches in a 24 hour period, heading by the FSA greatest recommendation of 70mg of CBD for every day.

Wherever Can I Invest in These From?

You can get these on-line from the Cannadips web-site for €11.50, or you could get the Constrained Edition set, which will cost €49.95, a preserving of €7.55. They also have a Go Gasoline collection, but you’ll uncover out additional about all those very soon…

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