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Yup, this is heading to be just one of all those super intellectual content. Proper on par with no matter if you can smoke a mushroom, which we got to the bottom of not that very long back. It is a valid issue, of system, and I think it is vital for readers to know. So nowadays we assault the very-significant query of, can you snort kief?

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What is kief?

If you are cigarette smoking some reduced quality, twiggy, entire of seeds ditch weed, you are possibly not concerning by yourself with kief. But for people using tobacco the fantastic stuff, the kief is the cherry on prime of the cake. Some folks accumulate it by employing grinders with an entrapment on the bottom to capture the powder, or stash containers with the very same selection repository. Some men and women like to sprinkle the kief on cannabis or tobacco, or to help you save it up and compress it into hash. If vital, kief is usable in put of weed, if you operate out of that to start with.

So, what is the things? Kief is the powdered trichomes that appear off of the bouquets of the plant, usually identified as pollen, or resin glands. The trichomes are the chemical developing structures that dwelling the cannabinoids like THC, and terpenes like linalool so if you have a bunch of superior-excellent hashish kief, you’ve fundamentally bought a bunch of substantial high-quality cannabinoids and terpenes also.

The kief, therefore, is a concentrated kind of the cannabinoids liable for the health care and head-altering results of the cannabis, as properly as the terpenes which are dependable for the flavor, colour, and scent of the plant.


Kief is the starting off place of hash. Hash is built of the compressed resin glands of the plant, AKA, trichomes, or kief. Just like kief is a concentrate simply because its comprised exclusively of trichomes, hash is a concentrated version of these trichomes, as effectively. Hash is made rather only by squeezing the kief collectively until it will become a strong. This does not demand more than rolling kief in the hand, or smashing it in a plastic bag. For some people, the entire point of saving up the kief, is to transform it into hash.

If you’re using tobacco the lower-grade, twiggy, total of seeds ditch weed, there won’t be kief, or not as substantially. The plant will nonetheless have cannabinoids, but significantly fewer, which is why this sort of weed isn’t known for developing a superior large. The much more kief there is, the stickier the plant feels, the brighter the shade, the much more pungent the odor and flavor, and the larger the results. Have you ever experienced weed so strong that you could scent it even right after wrapping it in two plastic luggage and sticking it in a backpack? That is the kief!

Kief is powdery by mother nature, which is why there’s confusion around how its probably made use of. Just after all, we snort other powdery substances, like cocaine and ketamine, correct? Is it that significantly off to talk to, can you snort that kief, as well?

Realistically, kief capabilities likewise to cannabis bouquets. It can be smoked, eaten in edibles, vaped, used in a tincture, or applied to skin lotions and salves. Commonly, we do not think about snorting weed, but kief is these a concentrated part, and so powdery by nature, that the problem does appear up. Sad to say, the concern ‘can you snort kief’, may well not come with the reply you desire.

Can you snort kief?

We’re a environment of folks who like to self-experiment. Possibly this is a signal of widespread boredom, or merely a constant desire to test to thrust the boundaries of what makes us truly feel good. The rationale I’m crafting this post right now, is mainly because the problem ‘can you snort kief’ is a somewhat widespread 1, and an straightforward-plenty of experiment, that quite a few have tried. Any individual who has, probable came to the same final result.

There are two factors to don’t forget about cannabinoids and your nose. The to start with is that the mucous membranes of your nose will not take up cannabinoids in their pure sort, considering that you are drinking water-based mostly, and they are oil-soluble. When a particular person utilizes a THC nasal spray, they’re applying a sort of hashish which has been emulsified to make uptake through the nasal passage achievable. This process turns a little something oil-soluble, into a thing drinking water-soluble. This doesn’t happen naturally, though. If it did, it could be commonplace to see folks with the plant shoved up a nostril, and let us be trustworthy, no a single does that.

Can kief be snorted
Can kief be snorted

The other thing to remember? Even if you could shove it up there, it would have to be decarboxylated to start with in purchase to obtain any psychotropic consequences. It is nevertheless weed just after all, and if the THCA isn’t remodeled into THC, there is no superior to entry in the initial area. For anyone considering they want to go decarb their kief to try snorting it that way…just don’t forget the initial stage, that it will not make any difference considering the fact that marijuana is not h2o-soluble. Sorry, fellas!

In addition, if you want a couple far more reasons not to endeavor this experiment, right here are a couple extra factors to think about. Kief is coming off a plant, it’s going to be combined with filth, and other undesired particles that may possibly not be ideal by the inside of of your nose. The cause individuals use nostrils for medication uptake is mainly because there are a large amount of blood vessels, but this indicates its also effortless to get negative microbes up there.

Snorting a thing filthy and unrefined is a good way of acquiring an infection. The other aspect of this? It possibly will not experience excellent. That is a sensitive area that doesn’t want these kinds of particles coming into it. Snorting kief will result in no superior, but distress in your nostril. Something like cocaine numbs the inside of your nose to make it a pain-free working experience, but kief can’t do this if you pick to experiment in this way, be expecting to really feel the burn off.

If you Actually want to snort weed, there might be a way…

Alright, so if you cue up that kief line, and snort your way by means of it, you’re almost certainly heading to irritate your sinuses, and not significantly extra. What if you are not snorting kief, though, but an isolate as an alternative? There are some fascinating tales about persons acquiring very messed up from blowing as a result of traces of isolate.

Very well, according to Marijuana Mommy Founder, and RN, Jessie Gill, nostrils don’t deliver adequate bioavailability for isolates considering that cannabinoids are extra fat-soluble, not h2o-soluble. Considering the fact that mucous membranes are comprised largely of water, this does not get all around the exact same uptake issue earlier outlined.

Even with this, Gill notes that “it’s effortless to about-take in.” And specifically about CBD, “Consuming higher doses of CBD by means of any method can lead to overstimulation, which some men and women could interpret as a ‘buzz.’” When there nevertheless isn’t significantly backing up this process of shipping and delivery, there are a couple personal stories out there. In all circumstances, nevertheless, what other medications the user may possibly have taken, was not accounted for. It also cannot be ruled out that individuals who declare a large from this knowledge, have been genuinely just experiencing the placebo impact.

Marijuana pollen
Marijuana pollen

Lookups in online discussion boards switch up combined success, but way more on the facet of no effect. At the time all over again, when seeking by way of reddit or Quora, it is extremely hard to know the specific conditions, confounding components (like other medication), irrespective of whether there was a placebo impact, or if the man or woman just needs to spin tales. The common consensus meets the science, in that while a person can snort kief, they are just not going to get large.


So, there you have it. In reply to the dilemma, can you smoke kief, the answer is a resounding ‘well, it won’t eliminate you, but it won’t do something for you possibly.’ If you want to make great use of that kief, sprinkle it on a bowl, smash it into hash, or use it for your edibles. But if your aim is to snort it, all you are doing is squandering some tremendous fine bud concentrate.

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