Can healthcare hashish be prescribed for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome?



The cannabis plant is a single with immeasurable therapeutic likely. With accumulating proof in favour of utilizing medical cannabis to manage serious agony, mental health issues, and a great number of other circumstances, researchers proceed to learn new means to harness the effective properties of cannabis medications.

The media normally overlooks strategies in which this powerful plant can help individuals living with much more underrepresented circumstances. Could Uk individuals dwelling with EDS could gain from clinical hashish? Reports suggest hashish could entirely control a myriad of signs and symptoms that would or else rely on a cocktail of therapies and meds.

What is EDS?

Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, greater recognised as EDS, are a team of ailments that have an effect on the connective tissue. They are rare, inherited ailments that are believed to influence 1 in each and every 200 to 500 individuals. Most circumstances, on the other hand, are gentle and may go undiagnosed.

EDS impacts the skin, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and bones. Of the thirteen forms of EDS, hypermobile EDS is the most popular. Many others involve classical EDS, vascular EDS and kyphoscoliotic EDS. Despite the variation in between these EDS styles, shared indicators incorporate:

  • Hypermobile joints
  • Stretchy and fragile skin
  • Popular ache or muscle tissue aches
  • Tiredness
  • Sleep difficulties

Women of all ages with EDS may also experience gynaecological problems, such as a lot more hefty, painful, irregular periods, and ache in the course of sexual intercourse.

There is at the moment no cure for EDS. As a substitute, remedies this kind of as physiotherapy and cognitive behavioural remedy (CBT) focus on symptom administration. They also goal to supply coping mechanisms for very long-time period discomfort as a indicates to make improvements to wellbeing and good quality of lifetime. 

These who expertise chronic pain with EDS may perhaps also benefit from anti-inflammatory painkillers or opioids, this kind of as codeine or morphine. If these to start with-line therapies do not obtain adequate ache management, or for those who wish to steer clear of perhaps unsafe suffering management options, health-related cannabis may be deemed as an option therapy.

Clinical hashish and EDS in the Uk

In 2018, United kingdom legislation was transformed to allow medical doctors on the Standard Health-related Council’s professional sign-up to prescribe cannabis-centered medications for a lot of qualifying health conditions. Sufferers living with EDS in the Uk are now capable to obtain medical cannabis by means of non-public clinics, but is it an helpful treatment?

Just one research, published in the American Journal of Health-related Genetics, surveyed above five hundred EDS individuals and discovered that 37% of respondents utilised cannabis for health care functions. Researchers also concluded that hashish “was self-rated as most effective” of the two traditional and complementary therapies.

A latest case report, revealed in the BMJ, also discovered that cannabinoid-dependent procedure “drastically reduced” pain and enhanced the quality of daily life of an 18-year-outdated girl with hypermobile EDS. The conclusions highlight the benefit of medical cannabis in running indicators and related issues of EDS.

Cannabinoid medication medical doctor Dr Dani Gordon states the exclusive capability of hashish is that it can take care of suffering, snooze, and persistent tiredness this multi-symptom management sets it aside from other pharmacological interventions. For case in point, common comorbidities of EDS involve nausea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal soreness, as well as stress and anxiety and depression – all of which are indications demonstrated to be improved by cannabis-based mostly medications. Similarly, healthcare cannabis is normally utilised to manage endometriosis, which might also gain ladies residing with EDS who also working experience gynaecological dysfunction.

According to Lucy, Advocacy Director at Client-Led Engagement for Access and EDS patient who makes use of health-related cannabis, her prescription not only assists to directly relieve discomfort, but also tends to make her stronger in a lot more oblique strategies. “I now do physio several occasions a working day,” she tells Job CBD. “Before hashish, I just could not engage with that at all.” 

How does it function?

A lot extra research is essential to set up precisely how hashish particularly can help to deal with EDS signs and symptoms. Current experimental analysis into the big cannabinoids in cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has demonstrated their means to concentrate on some of the suffering pathways in our nervous procedure and subsequently mitigate the feeling of agony. Although it is not however known how this instantly interprets to EDS.  

Dr Anthony Ordman, top agony expert and clinical director at Integro Health-related Clinics, says that hashish most likely will help to “settle down” ache processing circuits in the central anxious procedure that are in any other case hyper-excitable in EDS sufferers. They “re-balance them in a way most regular medications are unable to do,” Ordman tells Hashish Wellbeing News.

Is clinical cannabis secure?

As with any treatment, adverse results are not unusual with health care cannabis. Moderate aspect results have been pointed out in the majority of scientific studies, although most are usually solved with persistent use. The most widespread aspect effects incorporate dizziness, fatigue, dry mouth, appetite alterations, and nausea. Since a co-morbidity of EDS is gastrointestinal difficulties, this is a likely contraindication. That reported, clinical cannabis clinicians will help to tailor the medication to you to rectify any adverse consequences. 

Even more, there is sufficient proof to suggest that professional medical hashish is safer than current agony aid remedies. Opioids, for occasion, have an exceptionally large possible for abuse and serious withdrawal signs. The cannabis plant – when cultivated correctly, in the absence of poisonous substances – is not inherently harmful and cannot trigger an overdose. While cannabis can be abused, most people today do not develop into addicted. 

I’m suitable – what do I do up coming?

As it stands, NHS clinical cannabis prescriptions are currently reserved for individuals with the following problems: 

  • Uncommon, severe forms of epilepsy
  • Vomiting or nausea induced by chemotherapy
  • Muscle stiffness and spasms brought on by numerous sclerosis (MS)

As an alternative, any eligible clients with EDS or other qualifying circumstances may possibly be qualified for a personal prescription by just one of the Uk clinics. You can possibly apply to a clinic specifically or by means of your GP. In the preliminary consultation, a physician will appear at the patient’s health care record and what medications and treatment plans they have attempted in the earlier to assess the affected individual on an particular person foundation.

Costs will vary concerning clinics consultations commonly assortment between £50 and £200 and the regular prescription is all-around £150-£250 for every thirty day period. For clients included in techniques these types of as Project Twenty21, having said that, prescriptions are capped at £150 per products for each month in exchange for participating in ongoing medical scientific tests. 

For much more details about the procedure, just take a seem at leafie’s comprehensive guide to obtaining a medical cannabis prescription in the Uk.

If you or a beloved one has an EDS affliction and feels in will need of assistance, area assistance teams, led by Ehlers-Danlos Support United kingdom, can be found below

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