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Genetic Lineage of Cali Gold CBD

The cannabis pressure Cali Gold strain is a cross involving DS Gold and Jah OG Kush and, getting penned hundreds of pressure testimonials around the yrs, I predicted Cali Gold CBD to be a cross concerning this Cali Gold and yet another anonymous large-CBD pressure.

Nonetheless, in this circumstance, Cali Gold CBD (also recognized as Von Baren) seems to have no relationship to the large-THC wide variety. In its place, Cali Gold CBD is the spectacular and exclusive outcome of a 500+ plant pheno hunt just after crossing two common CBD strains, T1 and The Wife.

This hybrid strain is spectacularly indica-dominant and is extremely common amongst professional people who smoke and medicinal people and, as these kinds of, great harvests of Cali Gold CBD have a tendency to sell out pretty swiftly.

Cali Gold CBD Flower Pressure Overview

As with any CBD solution, you should normally verify that your CBD flower vendor is ready to deliver you with a 3rd-bash lab report that verifies the cannabinoid content material of the flower you’re obtaining.

You really should generally make confident that the Delta-9 THC proportion is underneath or equal to .3%, for the reason that any flower that checks previously mentioned .3% is thought of to be a cannabis pressure. You should really also be knowledgeable, when examining the lab success, that the overall Delta-9 THC is different from the full THC degree. Total THC can be a bit greater than .3% given that it also contains other types of THC, like Delta-8 THC.


Like its hashish counterpart, Cali Gold CBD is specially well-liked thanks to its means to make an effect on its person in a make a difference of seconds, and that incorporates the mental and bodily outcomes you really feel. When you smoke or vape this pressure, it’s challenging not to detect the powerfully sedating and worry-relieving qualities it imparts nearly right away.

Just a pair of puffs in and a wave of rest washes about you, beginning with your head, neck, and facial muscles, right the way down to your ankles, ft, and toes. 

As you can picture, this would make Cali Gold CBD an perfect pressure to smoke in the evenings and a wonderful accompaniment to your bedtime schedule. I would not want to smoke this strain through the working day until it was a blissful, motion picture and munchie-stuffed (lazy) Sunday. Or if I was receiving a massage. This pressure would just take a very good massage to the future stage.

Frequent use situations for Cali Gold (Von Baren) are

Flavor Profile

A strain’s flavor and aroma will come from the terpenes contained inside of it and some strains have more robust terpene profiles than other folks. Cali Gold is one of them.

It is not strange for this pressure to incorporate involving 3% and 5% terpenes which gets to be clear in its extremely powerful flavors of gasoline, pine, and spice. It’s a refreshing and clean smoke that helps make you want to savor the smoke in your mouth for extended than standard.

Dominant terpenes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene


That potent terpene profile also announces alone to the complete place via the aroma of the strain, as before long as you break open the seal of the bag or jar of flower. It is deliciously pungent, skunky, and somewhat sweet, and it will keep your nose locked to the jar in a extensive, blissful inhale for more time than common.


Cali Gold usually has beautiful, stickier-than-standard buds that have a rather dense composition. They glisten with trichomes and have a lot of orange and golden-yellow pistils dispersed throughout the surface providing the buds an pretty much yellowish glow.

Buy OG Kush CBD On the web

My favored vendors of Cali Gold CBD are Green Unicorn Farms and WNC CBD, but at time of publishing, Eco-friendly Unicorn Farms experienced presently offered out of their batch and WNC CBD only have this limited edition strain offered in pre rolls now.

Finest vendors of Cali Gold CBD flower



CBD Incubator rating iReviewed by our independent workforce

#1 — Most effective in course!

Eco-friendly Unicorn Farms

Eco-friendly Unicorn Farms is a single of our all-time favourite flower sellers and it’s not shocking that they ran out of their batch so immediately given that it was testing at a remarkably amazing 5% terpenes. Now that they’ve operate out, they are recommending followers of Cali Gold test out their Half Baked CBD pressure rather.

I have to concur with the staff at Environmentally friendly Unicorn Farms on this as 50 percent Baked does share likewise strong sedating effects, but the aroma and flavors are not quite as pungent. It’s also a lot less sticky, creating Fifty percent Baked significantly easier to split down in order to pack a bowl or roll a joint.

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Cali Gold Pre-rolls


CBD Incubator rating iReviewed by our impartial team

Fantastic choice


WNC also has a quite delicious batch of Cali Gold CBD that is screening at just about 3% terpenes. It is out there in packs of 5 pre rolls that contain a complete gram of flower in each individual. At the minute, they’re on sale for just $25 for every pack, so if I ended up you I’d purchase as quite a few as you can, while you nonetheless can!

WNC’s pre rolls are pretty high good quality far too. They are usually correctly rolled and they smoke efficiently and evenly from the very first to the remaining toke.

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Cali Gold Carts

In some cases I want a hit of CBD but simply cannot be bothered to roll a joint or even pack a bowl (lazy, ideal?), so it’s times like these that I reach for my CBD vape.

Cali Gold Vape Cart


CBD Incubator rating iReviewed by our independent team

#1 — Best in class!


If you’re wanting for some tasty Cali Gold terps in a vape cartridge, then head in excess of to Binoid’s website and check out out their Cali Gold HHC carts. These carts acquire their bold and fruity recipe from the cannabis Cali Gold pressure and these terpenes blended with the HHC make for a really uplifting, heady, and hazy practical experience.

These vape carts also encourage supreme leisure producing them great for relieving aches and pains, without locking you into the sofa.

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