Best CBD Tea in the UK: 10 Tasty Products Reviewed in 2022



Nothing beats a warm cuppa tea, whether it’s to refresh yourself, get some energy for the day, or relax before bed. And with CBD tea, you can take that experience to a whole new level

CBD-infused teas can help you regain mind and body balance and feel more grounded and focused. 

But which is the best CBD tea in the UK

To help you decide, we’ve scoured the internet for the 10 best CBD tea UK brands and reviewed some of their tastiest teas, ingredients, and CBD content. We’ll also answer 5 FAQs related to CBD tea as a bonus. 

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Let’s go! 

10 Best CBD Tea UK: Brands, Ingredients, Value

Here are 10 awesome CBD tea brands and their best products:

1. Gibsons Goodology CBD Drinks Taster 3-Pack (£14.99) – 5/5

Gibson's Goodology CBD Iced Tea

Looking for a yummy CBD tea but don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing a brew?

Then Gibson’s Goodology is just what you’re looking for! 

This delicious vegan-friendly product comes in three refreshing flavours: shiso tea and blueberry, jasmine tea with rhubarb, and green tea and passion fruit. 

All you have to do is pop open a can and explore the divine flavours!

  • Branding: Gibson’s Goodology is a London-based CBD brand proudly producing some of the best CBD isolate-based drinks in the UK.
  • CBD Content: 25mg per can
  • Ingredients: Besides their unique flavouring, every tea can contains just five natural ingredients, including agave, lemon juice, and CBD isolate
  • Value: At £4.99 per can (25mg CBD), this product may be on the pricey side. But it has a significant advantage — it’s ready to drink! Plus, you get the highest strength of CBD along with three natural, tasty flavours.

2. Buddha Teas CBD Chamomile Blend (£16.54) – 5/5

Buddha CBD Tea

The nourishing CBD-infused Buddha tea is a great option if you want to unwind after a long day.

In addition to 5mg of CBD, every CBD tea bag contains a premium blend of soothing chamomile (anti-inflammatory properties), healing lemon balm, and calming lavender. 

This makes it a great vegan potion to help you drift off into a good night’s sleep. 

  • Branding: The Buddha Tea UK-based company has been producing various teas with quality ingredients since 2009. They offer a wide range of CBD, herbal, flower, black, green teas, and more.
  • CBD Content: 90mg CBD (5mg CBD tea bag)
  • Ingredients: Chamomile, lemon balm, lavender flower, broad spectrum water-soluble cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Value: £0.91 per serving — this relaxing tea blend has competitive pricing, but on the downside, it offers a lower CBD dose. So we think it’s a good option for first-time CBD users looking for a high-quality CBD-infused tea blend.

3. Honey Heaven Detox Herbal CBD Tea UK 50g Loose Leaf Tea (£15) – N/A

Honey Heaven CBD Tea

This organic tea is a blend of pure Hungarian herbs and Irish hemp. 

So, if you don’t mind making tea with an infuser and insist on quality, this tea blend is a great choice. 

The CBD concentration per serving is in the mid-ranges, but you can always put a bit more/less tea in the infuser to modify the dose. 

  • Branding: Honey Heaven makes 100% natural, organic products. Besides their CBD product range, they also offer organic honey and herbal tea.
  • CBD Content: 300mg CBD (about 20mg CBD per serving)
  • Ingredients: Apple pieces, elderflower, rosehip, ginger, cinnamon, mix spice, organic hemp leaf
  • Value: £1 per serving — this vegan-friendly product offers decent value, considering the high CBD content and natural ingredients. Plus, it’s certified by third-party labs, ensuring high quality, so you can’t go wrong with it. 

4. Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Jasmine Green Tea (£9.99) – 4.8/5

Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Tea

Feeling like you need an energy boost? 

This vegan CBD tea is rich in antioxidants and terpenes. It can provide pain relief and increase your focus so you can tackle your to-do list effortlessly.

Its jasmine green tea blend can make you feel refreshed and energetic, while the added organic hemp can give you a sense of balance. 

  • Branding: Body and Mind Botanical is a UK CBD manufacturer that produces full spectrum CBD oil and other CBD products. They are also certified organic and SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) accredited.

To ensure superior quality, they are closely involved in every step of the production process — from seed selection to manufacturing and packing their range of CBD oil, tea, chocolate, and CBD capsule supplements.

  • CBD Content: 560mg CBD per pouch (40mg CBD per serving)
  • Ingredients: Organic hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) (60%), Jasmine green tea (35%), hemp seeds (5%)
  • Value: £0.71 per serving — this tea offers a great quality-price ratio for those looking for a cuppa that will restore their energy and provide a higher CBD dose.  

5. Canndid English Breakfast Tea Bags (£13.99) – 4/5

Canndid CBD Tea

If you’re a fan of English breakfast tea, you’d love this upgraded CBD-infused version. It’s the perfect cuppa you can add to your morning kick-off routine!

The best part? 

It’s super easy to make and offers a precise CBD dosage. 

  • Branding: Canndid creates CBD health and wellness products and focuses on serving the needs of people with active lifestyles. Besides their exciting range of CBD teas, they also offer yummy CBD coffee, hot chocolate, CBD gummies, and CBD tincture products.
  • CBD Content: 200mg CBD per pouch (10mg CBD per serving)
  • Ingredients: Black tea, Ceylon tea, premium quality hemp plant
  • Value: £0.70 – This product offers competitive pricing and awesome classic tea flavour with the added benefits of CBD.


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6. Amma Life CBD & Mint Tea (£11.25) – 4.8/5

Amma Life CBD Tea

Every cup of this tasty tea delivers a refreshing minty flavour and 30mg of CBD.

Even better, it’s a great caffeine-free pick-me-up tea you can drink any time of the day. And since peppermint is known to ease digestion, it’s especially good to drink after a meal.

Fun fact: this CBD tea was a finalist for the 2020 Nourish Awards for Best Health Drink in the UK

  • Branding: Amma Life is a CBD brand producing superior-grade CBD tea. Its CBD product range also includes CBD patches, CBD oil, and CBD capsule supplements.
  • CBD Content: 600mg CBD per box (30mg CBD per serving)
  • Ingredients: CBD extract (from the cannabis plant), peppermint leaves
  • Value: £0.56 – This is the most affordable tea on our list, delivering great value for money. So, if you love peppermint tea, it’s one of the best options.

7. The Brothers Apothecary Sensualitea CBD Infused Tea (£12.66) – N/A

Brothers Apothecary CBD Tea

If you’re looking for a CBD hemp tea with a higher CBD concentration and rich flavour, this tea might fit your needs. 

The Brothers Apothecary offers this sensual infusion of CBD, rose, lemon balm, and peppermint tea.  

It has a delicate floral aroma and a delightful sweet but slightly spicy flavour — an irresistible treat for anyone who wants to try a calming-down, yummy drink.

  • Branding: This Portland-based brand was established in 2015 by the brothers Shane and Jesse. Besides tea, the company sells CBD hemp flower products, capsules, and honey. Their products are third-party tested (by ORELAP-accredited labs), and all results are easily accessible on their official website.
  • CBD Content: 600mg CBD (around 70mg per serving)
  • Ingredients: Hemp (cannabis plant), peppermint, ginger, lemon balm, rose petals, rosehips
  • Value: £4.22 – This is the most expensive product on our list. The hefty price tag, however, is justified by the product’s quality and the amazing flavour infusion that just makes this authentic, highly-potent CBD tea stand out from the rest.

Note: Hemp flowers can be brewed to make tea. However, CBD hemp flower products are illegal in the UK

8. Purity Hemp Company Tranquillity Hemp Tea (£16) – N/A

Purity Hemp Co CBD Tea

This mild relaxing tea has a minimum amount of CBD, making it an excellent choice for first-time users.

It’s also packed with ingredients to help you release tension and get into a calm state of mind.

  • Branding: The Purity Hemp Company produces CBD tea, CBD gummies, CBD coffee, full spectrum CBD oil, and CBD skincare products. All products are 100% THC-free, no GMO, kosher and halal certified.
  • CBD Content: 30mg CBD (3mg CBD per serving)
  • Ingredients: CBD extract, pure hemp plant seed, ginger, marigold, lime blossom
  • Value: £1.60 per serving – This CBD tea is pricier than some other products on our list, but its carefully selected ingredients make it truly special. However, this might not be the best option if you want stronger CBD drinks.

9. Rokit CBD Matcha Green Tea Blend (£16.99) – N/A

Rokit CBD Tea

Packed with water-soluble CBD and matcha sourced from Japan, this uplifting tea can give you extra energy throughout the day. 

And with its dominant earthy flavour notes and sweet undertones, it makes for the perfect coffee substitute.

  • Branding: Rokit offers a few flavourful CBD tea options, but the company also produces non-CBD tea, coffee pods, and superfood pods. 
  • CBD Content: 90mg CBD (5mg CBD per serving)
  • Ingredients: Japanese Sencha green tea, Japanese matcha green tea, water-soluble CBD hemp extract
  • Value: £0.94 – WIth its reasonable pricing, rich flavour, antioxidants, and the added benefits of CBD, this tea is a great choice for any green tea lover.

10. Edensgate CBD Turmeric & Ginger Tea (£16.99) – N/A

Edensgate CBD Tea

This smooth CBD tea blend is crafted with the purest ingredients, providing the perfect flavour combination of turmeric and ginger with hints of fig and orange. 

What’s more?

It’s a caffeine-free herbal tea that can improve digestion and boost your immunity.

Plus, every cup contains 20mg broad spectrum CBD that’s triple tested for purity and potency, so you get the best quality.

  • Branding: Edensgate offers unique CBD products (tea, coffee, gummies, creams, capsules) with various CBD strengths, so there’s a little something for all CBD lovers.
  • CBD Content: 300mg CBD (20mg CBD per serving)
  • Ingredients: Turmeric, ginger, fig, orange, broad spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) 
  • Value: £1.13 per serving – This CBD tea can be slightly expensive, but the price is justified. You get a product with a good amount of CBD, irresistible flavour, and guaranteed purity of all ingredients.

Note: CBD-infused tea is different from hemp tea. Tea containing hemp often has almost no CBD, and so no health benefits. So, you should always read the full ingredients list and check the CBD content before purchasing.

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5 CBD Tea FAQs

Here are the answers to five commonly asked questions about CBD tea:

1. What are the benefits of CBD Tea?

Here are a few health benefits CBD tea offers:

  • Has a relaxing effect: CBD tea contains different cannabinoids and terpenes, known for their anxiety reduction and pain relief properties. Moreover, a warm cup of tea before bed can help you get into a calm state of mind, ensuring you get a restful night of sleep.
  • Tastes better than other CBD products: If you’re not a fan of the natural CBD taste most CBD oil, tincture, and paste products have, opting for a CBD tea is a great solution.
  • Can help with digestion: Like any other warm beverage, CBD tea can promote better digestion, especially if you have it after a meal. 

2. How to choose the best CBD tea?

Here are a few factors to consider when selecting a CBD tea product:

A. Loose leaf vs. tea bags

Loose leaf tea usually comes in a bag containing a blend of CBD-infused tea leaves and herbs.

The pros of this type of CBD tea are:

  • It produces a richer flavour.
  • It’s usually a higher quality product.

The cons are:

  • It’s more expensive.
  • You need a strainer or infuser to prepare this tea.

On the other hand, tea bags usually contain tea and herbs grounded into finer pieces and packed into paper bags. 

The pros of this CBD tea type are:

  • It’s the cheaper option.
  • It’s easy to prepare.

On the downside, you can expect a weaker, less potent brew.

B. CBD Concentration

Always check the CBD content per serving before making a choice. 

Some teas might come in exciting, tasty flavours but have very low CBD content (5mg or less per cup). Others might have too high of a dose, so you may get more CBD than required.

C. Caffeine Content

If you’re looking for calming teas to help you sleep better, avoid green and black tea blends since they contain caffeine. Instead, aim for chamomile and herbal blends. 

But if you’re craving an energy boost, you can opt for matcha green tea or a classic English breakfast tea. 

D. Bulk Deals

Some tea brands offer discounts if you buy in bulk. 

So, if they offer many different flavours, you can get a good variety at a pretty decent price.

E. Lab Report

While CBD tea brands might not display the lab reports directly on their product pages, any reputable brand should be able to provide a full report upon request.

These reports are useful to check what cannabinoids the tea contains and ensure the product doesn’t have pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents.

3. When should I drink CBD tea?

You can drink CBD tea any time of the day. 

If you prefer green and black tea, these can be the perfect substitute for your morning coffee. On the other hand, a soothing herbal blend can be a great way to end the day and get into a relaxing mood before hitting the bed.

4. What is the difference between CBD and hemp tea?

CBD tea is tea soaked in CBD oil (so it has all the benefits of CBD.) 

In contrast, hemp tea is made from hemp seeds or hemp leaves and may contain no CBD at all.

5. How long does it take to feel the effects of CBD tea? 

You may feel the effects of CBD within 30 minutes to 1 hour (a bit longer than if you take CBD oil or CBD tincture sublingually.) 

However, for some, it might take longer than that since the time range depends on various factors like your metabolism, how much CBD you’ve ingested, and at what time of the day.

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Excited to Try A Yummy CBD Tea?

CBD infused tea is a great (and tasty) way to get all the added benefits of CBD in your daily routine.

If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend giving Gibson’s Goodology teas a try since they’re ready to drink and offer good value for money. 

Just head over to GreenBox to grab a pack of Gibson’s! We also offer other CBD products like CBD oil and CBD skincare products from reputable brands like Love Hemp and Vitality CBD.

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