Basic Vaping Equipment



Vaping may seem like a new development, but it has been around for centuries in one form or another. The recent surge of people vaping and in vaping products can be attributed to many things such as a move away from analog cigarettes and more customizable and mobile technology. To get started in this hobby, you will need juice and a vaporizer mod.


Vape juice, or e-cigarette juice, is primarily made of propylene glycol, PG, and vegetable glycerin, VG, with added flavorings and sometimes nicotine. You can buy a variety of flavors from high-quality e-juice British Columbia companies for a different taste every time you vape. Sometimes you can find kits to make your own vape liquid, complete with the tools, components and formula charts you need to design your favorite flavors or strengths.


Vaporizer mods consist of a case, a heating element, a battery and a way to get the liquid in contact with the heat. You can find drip mods, where you drip the liquid onto cotton in the heating element or tanks which hold a reserve that is wicked into the cotton as you vape. You can find almost any shape, size or color of mod you want and choose from features such as a digital display, comfortable grip and locking activation button. There are even some custom mods designed to look like tobacco pipes or featuring themes from popular tv shows and art genres. Most vape shops will help you choose the right mod for your needs and aesthetic as well as answer any questions you have about maintenance or features.

Getting started in vaping can be as easy as heading to your local vape shop for a simple mod and juice in your favorite flavor. You can learn how mods are designed, find custom ones and decide which juice blends are your favorites with a little research into the hobby.

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