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If you want to use a real high-potency product, you should try the new THCA diamonds, a 99% pure THCA extract, that will make you look for more, always. Currently, as part of the deal of the day, there is a 25% discount on all live-rosin THCA products, such as: THCA carts, THCA diamonds and THCA flower.

What are THCA diamonds?

THCA diamonds are a highly concentrated form of THCA extract that are usually used for dabbing. THCA diamonds are known to be a highly purified and potent form of THCA, sometimges be as much as 99% pure.

As THCA converted into THC when heated, THCA diamonds are equally compared with regular THC diamonds. However, as this product is sold online, without additional state taxes, etc. you can usually get the same product with a big discount.

Our deal of the day allows you to source high-potency THCA diamonds with an extra 25% discount, using the Delta25 coupon code.

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Live Rosin THCA Diamonds

(25% Discount using ‘Delta25’ coupon code)

25% discount on THCA diamonds with Delta25 coupon code
25% discount on THCA diamonds with Delta25 coupon code

If dabbing is your thing, you must try these high-potency live-rosin THCA diamonds, which provides a great experience, compared equally to dabing Delta-9 THC itself. This superior product uses quality 99% THCA distillate, paired with live rosin cannabis terpenes.

Each product contains 1500mg hamp-derived THCA which converted to Delta-9 THC when heated. In-fact, as THCA is converted to Delta-9 THC, THCA diamonds have exactly the same potency and effects as Delta-9 THC diamonds. They just cost less as they sold outside the dispensaries…

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Learn more about THCA Diamonds

What is THCA

THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is a non-psychoactive compound found in raw and live cannabis and hemp. THCA is the precursor to Delta-9 THC, the compound that is responsible for making us high. When heated, like when you smokd, vaporize, cook or dab, THCA is converted to THC.

What are the effects of using raw THCA?

In its natural form, THCA is a non-psychoactive compound, so using it won’t make you “high”. However, when heated, it it converted into THC and can produce psychoactive effects.

It is believed that THCA has several medicinal properties and potential therapeutic benefits, including: anti-inflammatory effects, neuroprotective effects, anti-emetic effects and analgesic effects (pain-relieving properties).

When heated, what are the effects of using THCA?

When heated, THCA is converted into THC and as such has psychoactive effects that may or may not include the following:

  • A pleasant and relaxing Euphoria or “high” feeling.
  • Increased appetite (stimulate the appetite).
  • Pain relief.
  • Enhanced Creativity.
  • A new kind of focus.
  • Altered self-perception.
  • Anxiety and paranoia (negative effect) after taking high doses of THC.
  • Dry mouth, AKA cottonmouth (negative effect).
  • Red eyes (partly negative effect).
  • Short-term memory impairment (negative effect).

Please be aware that the effects of THC vary between individuals and may depends on the dose consumed.

What are other side effects of using THCA

In its raw form, THCA is considered a safe compound with minimal side effects. However, as with any substance, it’s possible to experience some side effects when using THCA.
Some possible side effects of using THCA include: drowsiness, dry mouth, digestive upset and allergic reactions.

What are the risks of using thca

While THCA is considered safe for most people. However, there might be some risks associated with using it, particularly when it comes to drug interactions and contraindications with certain medical conditions (for example pregnancy and breastfeeding). If you suffer from a mental health conditions, you should use caution before using any mind-altering substance. Lastly, it’s not always good to use these kind of compounds if you are driving or operating heavy machinery. It’s might be better to avoid these activities until you know how exactly THCA affects you.

What are THCA Diamonds?

THCA diamonds are a highly concentrated form of THCA extract that are produced through a process known as cryogenic ethanol extraction. This process uses extremely cold temperatures to freeze and isolate the THCA from the other compounds in the cannabis or hemp plants. The result is a highly purified and potent form of THCA ‘dab’ that can sometimges be as much as 99% pure.

THCA diamonds are known for their high potency and are mostly used eather for recreational, or by medical patients, who are looking for a more potent form of the compound.

It’s important to note that this product, as a highly concentrated form of THCA, can be quite potent and are not for new-comers… When used for the first time, it’s better to start with a low dose and gradually increase it to find the right amount for you. As THCA converted into THC (Delta-9 THC) when heated, it can result in a very high-potency product…

How do you use THCA Diamonds

THCA diamonds are a very high-potency product when used properly. Here are a few ways to use them:

Dabbing: THCA diamonds are most often used for dabbing, which is a method of consuming cannabis concentrates using a dab rig or portable dab pen. To do this, you take a small amount of this concentrate and place it on a specially-designed heated surface. The vapor is inhaled through a water pipe or inhalation device and the result is very intense.

Vaping: THCA diamonds can also be used for vaping by mixing it with a vape-specific carrier oil, then placed in a vape cartridge, and used with a vape pen. This method requires some prior experience as you need to properly mix the two withour damaging the products.

Infused products: THCA diamonds can be used to make infused products such as edibles, tinctures, and topicals. In order to do so, you will need to mix it with a carrier oil. Please note that unheated THCA is not psychoactive.

Sublingual: THCA diamonds can be consumed sublingually (under the tongue) by placing a small amount under the tongue. However, please be advised that unless you heat it, THCA won’t get you any high…

Live Rosin THCA Diamonds

(25% Discount using ‘Delta25’ coupon code)

25% discount on THCA diamonds with Delta25 coupon code
25% discount on THCA diamonds with Delta25 coupon code

What are the main methods of dabbing THCA

Dabbing is a method of consuming cannabis concentrates, such as wax, shatter, and live resin. These concentrates typically have a higher THC content than traditional flower, and can produce stronger and more immediate effects.

Here are a few of the main methods of dabbing THCA: Dab rig (a water pipe that is specifically designed for dabbing), E-nai (an electronic device that is used to heat the nail on a dab rig), Portable vape pen (a battery-operated device that is specifically designed for vaping or dabbing) and Dab straws/dabbers (a small glass, metal or ceramic tool to scoop the concentrate onto the heated surface).

As discussed before, dabbing THCA concentrates, such as THCA diamonds, can produce more intense effects than smoking traditional cannabis flower. Beside the wanted effects, it may also increase the risk of overconsumption so do it with cation.

What other tools do you need for dabbing THCA diamonds

Here are a few of the main dabbing toold that can be used with concentrates:

  • Dab Rigs: A specifically designed eater-pipe that was created for dabbing.
  • Nails: The actuall part of the dab rig where you place the THCA diamonds, or other concentrates.
  • Dabber tools: Specialized tools created in order to handle and place the concentrate onto the heated surface.
  • Dab Mats: Used to hold the dab rig and other accessories needed for dabbing THCA diamonds, or other concentrates.
  • Torches: Torches are used to heat the nails for vaporization, as regular lighters are not strong enough.
  • E-nails: If you don’t want to use a torcher, you can use these electronic devices to heat the nail on a dab rig.
  • Vape pens: Vape pens are battery-operated devices which can also carry and heat concentrates. A few of them were designed in a way that they can also be used for dabbing.
  • Cannabis concentrates, such as THCA diamonds in our case.

Other than Diamonds, what cannabis concentrates are there?

Cannabis concentrates are very concentrated cannabis products that have been processed inorder to remove most of the plant material and only keep the most potent compounds. As a result, they are typically much more potent than traditional flower.

Here are a few of the main types of cannabis concentrates: Wax (soft, pliable concentrate that has a texture similar to lip balm), Shatter (hard, glass-like concentrate that is known for its transparency and high THC levels), Live resin (made from fresh, frozen cannabis plants that are harvested at peak maturity), Oil (can be used in vape pens or as a tincture), Rosin (made by applying heat and pressure to cannabis flowers or kief), Hash (a traditional concentrate that is made by separating the trichomes from the cannabis plant).

How do you store THCA Diamonds

High-quality THCA diamonds should be properly stored sto ensure that the product maintain its potency and quality.

Here are a few tips for storing THCA diamonds:

  • Keep them in an airtight container
  • Keep them in a cool and dark place
  • Keep them away from moisture
  • Avoid handling them with dirty or wet hands
  • Keep them away from kids and pets
  • Check for the expiration date and don’t use expired products
  • Don’t let unexperienced users play with them or ‘try’ them. It is a high-potency product!

What are the risks of dabbing

As dabbing typically results in a higher THC content than smoking traditional flower, it may also come with some risks, including:

Overconsumption: Dabbing concentrates can produce stronger and more immediate effects than traditional flower. If you arew not an experience user, and even if you are one, it can lead to overconsumption.

Inhalation of harmful substances: When they are not pure enough, or when they were sourced from the wrong supplier, dabbing can release harmful substances when they are heated.

Risk of burns: That what happens when you give stoners a torch…

Risk of explosions: Poorly made concentrates might end with a very unwanted results…

Legal risks: Try Dabbing in-front of a kindergarden and see what will happen next…

Can you develop tolerance to THCA diamonds

To develop a tolerance means that you would need to consume more of the substance to achieve the same effects. While THCA tolerance have been studied much, Tolerance to THC (what THCA is converted to when heated) has been extensively studied and it is known that overuse can lead to tolerance. As a result, we can assume that you can develop tolerance to THC when using THCA diamonds.

While it is a safe assumption, it is important to note that THC tolerance to THC is not a universal phenomenon and it can vary depending on genetics, usage pattern, etc.

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(25% Discount using ‘Delta25’ coupon code)

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